5 Considerations to Resolve the Discomfort of the Out-dated Self

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Evolutionary change always means that there’s an ending to the world as we knew it. This is happening right now, globally and beyond, and to us as individuals. Despite the fact that changes happen continuously, the ego often lives in fear of personal evolutionary change, especially those that can be perceived as leaps in our spiritual journey, where our inner world is being highly transformed! It’s uncomfortable. It’s rarely convenient. But to the soul, it’s perfection in Divine timing. If we’re willing to step out of our familiar comforts, change is a call to expand our consciousness and a blessing that unwraps the heart.

“What is an out-dated self?”

It is as it infers: you operate from accumulated perspectives, beliefs, emotions and behaviours but there comes a time when you outgrow them. They’re no longer supportive to your well-being and you can feel that disharmony. That’s what’s uncomfortable! Your body, your inner child is telling you that something doesn’t feel good and it needs to change. As an example, you develop a distaste for drinking wine, which you relied upon for comfort as an addiction but now makes you feel sick if you do. Or you may realize that you no longer like your career, marriage or in what you’ve invested a good deal of your life.

You don’t have to hang onto this out-dated self and sometimes the change will occur organically. After all, these are reflections of stages of soul development. However, as this occurs, there are sure to be an array of blockages in the lightbody that challenge the ease with which this happens. So if you feel stuck, it often helps to have support so that you can extract the deceptions of the ego mind, which your blind spots may not let you objectively see, and clear the various limiting influences throughout your 12-dimensional bodies. You can unravel the subconscious patterns and fears with energy psychotherapy and lightbody healing.

I suggest the following 5 considerations to help ease your discomfort.

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1. Recognize that change for expansion is afoot.

While this might sound extremely obvious, it’s not always easy to put a finger on what’s changing. Nor does it seem apparent that you’re expanding when it can feel like your world is falling apart. Sometimes change comes abruptly, unexpectedly and even harshly, like an illness or job loss. Other times, it can slowly develop and the pressure to change builds. I’ve also counseled individuals who felt liberated and content but were still confused by their experience because it wasn’t the way they always operated.

Some less obvious indicators of change may show themselves in:

  • how you’re responding to family and friends
  • what you no longer find enjoyable or energizing
  • pressing repetitive thoughts, and negative self-talk
  • destabilizing of emotions, or a frequent predominant emotion such as sadness or irritation
  • a feeling of inner pressure and anxiety
  • the resurfacing of long-forgotten desires
  • a change in the flow of outer supports like material wealth, circle of friends, or resources
  • a stirring of addiction behaviours, or sub-personalities you thought you had released
  • a sudden clarity about yourself to which you were previously blinded

There are a multitude of complex changes happening on Earth and it can take quite some discernment. For example, why would an addiction pattern resurface? As the planetary grids are being reclaimed to the Krystal Diamond Sun architecture, the lower 3 dimensions (chakras 1-3) are shifting and integrating through the Grail Point at the 2nd dimension into higher energies. This is stirring things up more than now than in the past. Everyone is at a different stage with this. The Grail Point serves as a central point for the transmission of Source Light to the rest of the planetary grid system and its stargates that circulate the Life Force. The negative entities are being evicted from the grids but they continue to fight for their foothold in these realities that they created with painful separation traumas, and which they have come to depend upon for their sustenance.

As the planetary healing occurs so too are you personally required to look at what remains unaddressed in your pain body. This 2nd dimensional stargate in the Earth is at Temple Mount in Jerusalem and resonates with your sacral chakra/2nd chakra, including your sexual organs. This is your instinctual ego body, which holds trauma memories, accumulated pain, instinctual drives or addictions, and your sub-personalities that have formed from core wounds such as unworthiness, shame, lack of trust/self-doubt, betrayal/abandonment, anger/rage, fear, and entrapment/enslavement. When you experience a shocking event, it will trigger into the blockages of painful cellular memory in your 2nd chakra, and then drive them into your thoughts, emotions and behaviours/impulses. This creates the spiritual catalyst for potential consciousness transformation.

While shocking events can spur change, if you exercise self-awareness, pay attention to yourself, and acknowledge the markers of change as suggested above, you can more actively participate with your Soul-Spirit to manage your healing process as the wounds surface. Hopefully more gently. That said, there are often some pivotal times in your journey when you, or those around you, will be given the spiritual push to wake up! Compassion, unconditional love, and forgiveness are immensely needed at those times.

You don’t have to grasp this entire understanding of the planetary changes, though it helps since you are the microcosm to the macrocosm of our Universe. However, knowing yourself and the content of your mind, and noticing what you’re experiencing is highly valuable. If it’s difficult to name what’s transpiring for you, it’s helpful to reach out for support. With your input, as an intuitive psychotherapist, I can discern what’s taking place at the core level to help you understand your experiences, and so that your healing occurs at the most effective level and order.

2. Be willing to feel the discomfort.

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Nobody enjoys feeling emotional pain or confronting what’s rummaging around inside. It can be like the chore of cleaning out the basement or garage – you know you need to do it, and it will make life easier in the long-run, but you would much rather do anything but that.

Resistance is quite common even if you’ve embraced your healing journey because you’re moving to the edge of your comfort zone with a particular aspect of yourself. It’s new, its challenges you to cross your barriers to truth, and it will beckon you to claim a higher self that you haven’t known. The subconscious mind senses this and can start contracting in fear even before you settle into the inner work. This is why people can sometimes feel physical pain or building fear before a session with a therapist. But that can be an indication of readiness, so acknowledge the resistance with compassion, and then accept the opportunity to truly see the limitation you’ve been living with, so that you can choose  freedom, what you truly want, beyond the pain and the problem. Now you’ve opened the door to better possibilities for you.

Facing your difficult emotions is a wise and courageous act of self-responsibility. It’s easy to think the cause of any difficulty is coming from outside of you, or to point the finger of blame toward someone else. And yet, remember, always, it’s your journey- the finger is being pointed at you. But it can still be gentle and kind.

3. Step out of the past.

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The emotional pain has a story attached to it, and it’s a story of limitation. You may perceive that there have been some benefits to the past story, but remember those benefits no longer have value. There something more valuable that’s within reach. Use journaling to help you express the story. Then look at what you believe are the advantages of hanging onto that story, and then look at the disadvantages. Reflect on these because these are clues as to why the patterns of the old self persist. Purge the blinding ideas that reduce you. You cannot know who you truly are if you hang on tight to the way things were, and much of it has all been manipulation of the matrix and negative planetary agenda: feeling small and powerless, perpetuating distraction, living by somebody’s else’s rules, disconnection from your emotions, bowing to false authorities, blindly accepting what you’re told, ‘us versus them’ mentality, playing the victim, and a survival focus.

4. Drop any expectation

…Of what you think the answer is going to be, and where you will or should be led as the new you, and when you will get ‘there’. Be wary of future-thinking and false attempts by the ego mind to create certainty. This can be a little tough because the ego mind can have all sorts of ready-made solutions and it can hardly wait to slide them into place so that you feel safe again, quickly, so that it doesn’t require lots of change, and so that it’s not uncomfortable. Of course, it’s natural to want to feel stability, and it is the intention to create a more solid foundation. The caution however, is that if you look solely to creating comfort you run the risk of letting ego run the show – still.

“It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble.

It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.”

— Mark Twain


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5. Get out of your mind and into your heart.


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You can only be lifted into truth from your vaster self. Frequently, raise your frequency and connect to your unconditional loving God-Within or 12D Christ Avatar Self. Then inquire with an open sincere heart to be guided to what is true for you. This means a great deal of self-honesty. It means courage. It means trust. It means deep listening. And it means patience and respect for Divine timing.

Creating spaciousness for the new self to unfold is an act of self-love and purest creativity. Making time can be challenging when our energies are needed in so many different places in these fast-moving days. Without space, however, how will you relax into receiving the wisdom of your Divine Inner Feminine? How will you notice what other door is opening? What gift is being offered on the doorstep of your heart?

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The question of inquiry is not “What does my ego desire?”, but rather “What does God/Spirit want for me at this timing?” “What is my Soul-Spirit calling me to at this timing as a vessel of love, in service to others?” You can also keep affirming to yourself that you are aligning to the Unity ascending timeline of your Highest Expression as One with God.

Again, asking for help is wise when clarity is elusive: I have the experience to hold space for you as you explore your inner self, guide you to your truth, and help you to see a broader perspective. You don’t have to do this entirely alone. I often have people acknowledge that just the time they devote to themselves in a healing session, to step away from all else in their life, is in itself, healing.

When your life experiences propel you into change it’s often not the way you imagined things would go. But your Soul-Spirit knows the big picture and always moves you in the direction of expanding your consciousness. That cannot happen if you try to keep everything the same. Your catalysts can stir uneasiness but still take you to freedom because it means that what was out-dated, unsupportive and illusory is being transformed to a more powerful Light. This is the unprecedented change on our planet so all of humanity can live from true love. So really, nothing could be better right now than stepping out of your old comfort zone into greater authenticity. It helps to remind yourself of that meaningful purpose, especially during leaps of change.

If you’re undergoing a transition that feels difficult, daunting or frightening, keep breathing deeply. Seek truth for your sake and our collective freedom and sovereignty. You’re Divinely guided, and one-on-one support is a phone call away.

“Your heart knows the way. Run in that direction.”


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