As you grow spiritually in these rapidly changing times, do you find yourself feeling confused, stuck, frustrated or disheartened?

Your life force is more powerful than your pain.

I can help you

  • CLARIFY the truth of your current & persisting, painful experiences
  • TRANSFORM your emotional pain
  • RECLAIM your sacred, inner balance
  • UNDERSTAND your place in the workings of our Universe

You can free yourself to be your authentic self, with purpose and peace.

It’s your birthright.


Right now you’re struggling with being at peace in your heart. I imagine you want support to unravel the confusion of what you’re experiencing, including why the pain of what you’re feeling and thinking is surfacing right now, and perhaps surfacing again with persistence.

You can’t seem to move past it. This isn’t likely the first time you’ve tried to heal what you’re feeling and you’ve helped yourself as best you can. You may have tried many healing approaches and feel stuck or frustrated. You may even be afraid that it will never change and you won’t be able to live the meaningful life that you want.

The pain may be familiar but the cause is elusive. You’re likely tired of feeling the same painful pattern in your life.

painful emotions like sadness, anger, hurt or FEAR
* battling a busy mind * can’t focus *
FRUSTRATED * difficulty making a decision
tense and anxious * feeling overwhelmed in your day-to-day life
* thinking that there’s something wrong with you *
getting triggered and reacting impulsively
* lashing out with anger * getting defensive *
tired * NEGATIVE THOUGHTS * unclear
* revert to unhealthy behaviours *
waffle between feeling that you’re okay and collapsing into feeling powerless * feel small and helpless *
STUCK * you’re hiding * you feel unsafe * feel like a child conflict in your relationship * physical pain that just won’t go away despite trying many healing approaches
* you can’t feel LOVE *
you feel unsupported and alone

Pain can be persistent until the truth of it is acknowledged.

The core of it. The emotion of it. The subconscious ego story behind it. Otherwise the issue can keep circling around in your head as your mind tries to figure it out, and your body feels heavier with the stress.

This is in your awareness now because your Soul-Spirit wants you to heal it: to move toward the love you know that you are in your heart, and the peace you want for your life.

You just want the truth. You want to know:

Why can’t I just let this go?
What’s really happening?
Why am I feeling this now?

Partnering with me will be a truly transformative experience
if you’re looking for someone who can:

  • discern the subtleties of your patterns and not just repeat the healing you’ve already done
  • really see you and listen with non-judgment to your story, even the parts that you haven’t told anyone else because they’re so painful, personal or too unusual
  • help you feel safe
  • guide you with meaningful questions to get to the root of your concern
  • connect the dots for your understanding and help you see past your illusions to the truth
  • hold compassionate space for you as you move through your emotional pain and gently release it

Offering a rare synthesis of skills and 20-years experience
to meet your individual needs to heal at the root level

intuitive guidance

energy psychotherapy

lightbody healing facilitation

mentoring for self-mastery

healing vocal harmonics

I provide an integrated approach with these services in alignment with what is most effective and supportive for you.

You just let me know what is concerning you and your experience.

99% of your spiritual growth
and return to inner harmony requires emotional healing of the ego, which impacts your thoughts, physical health and Spirit. Yet there is much more in our planetary reality that influences your experiences. This knowledge that I can share with you is key to your liberation. It also allows me to work with the purest sacred, Krystal healing frequencies possible and an intelligent healing system precise to your needs.

Wouldn’t you like to feel lighter by the end of the session?
To see things differently? * To have new choices?

You can make that choice now.

And I imagine that you want to feel empowered.
Not just in the session, but consistently in your life.

Our collaboration is about moving the centre focus of your life from the darkness and pain to the light:

  • see your inner God-Light, the foundation of your life force more clearly
  • know that your Spirit’s more powerful than your pain
  • return to the sacred balance of your inner feminine and masculine energies
  • choose to live more freely and authentically from your Spirit
  • learn to support yourself
  • be at peace in your heart again
  • feel love for yourself and be love for humanity,
  • help heal the planet in its return to Unity consciousness

With gentleness and respect, I meet you at the level of your consciousness, so that you can participate in a way that’s meaningful and effective for you at the time of the session.

Even when you’re in pain, or your life takes a dramatic turn, I can often see how gracefully the Divine is holding you up, giving you every opportunity to heal and know the truth of who you are. I would be deeply honoured to witness and support you in your courage.

Invest in yourself now

so that you can feel this too.
Live from your power, not your pain.
From your love, not from your fear.

Does this resonate? Do you feel understood?

Support has always been available in person or by phone/skype,
they’re equal in effectiveness.
Currently, due to the circumstances, it’s available by phone/skype

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May you experience deep inner peace in your heart, and clear stillness in your soul. May we all wake up to be in awe of the peace everywhere,

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