Mindful in the Unknown

The spiritual journey takes us forward through time and space as though we’re following a spiral of energy, even if we don’t know where it leads. And as we make our way along that path, we find that sometimes there’s a pause. This is when it can feel like we’re in the dark – when life doesn’t unfold the way we imagined, and especially when Divine support comes in very […] Read more »

Your Solar Power

The earth is not evolving in a way that is expected nor is it evolving in a way that will take us out of existence. What we have is an in-between. While we live our ‘everyday’, our Earth and our lightbodies are under construction and upgrades, many unprecedented. Generally, we are moving away from what was under dark force and lunar control and into solar consciousness. However, this is a […] Read more »

Prayer to End All Wars

Beloved Holy Presence of God, I thank you for the Divine Mother within me who offers me assurances of self-trust, by knowing my own heart with clarity. I thank you for the Divine Father within me who extends wisdom to my actions, to move forward with natural authority and compassion. I thank you for their sacred union within me as Christos-Sophia, anchored in the Divine love that protects me and […] Read more »

Welcoming the Authentic Masculine – no more imposters

There has been a version of the masculine principle on this Earth that has been an imposter to the authentic masculine. However, recently, the true Holy Father once again expanded his expression to extend more loving support to the Holy Mother and to all of God’s children – us. He is our protector during our ascension. The lies that we have lived by were given to us by the Reptilians, […] Read more »

Light Up the World

You cannot move forward by simply wishing it to be so without some consideration for where you are now. You cannot hold yourself where you are now and expect that nothing will change. Nor can you sit idle without some consideration of how the planet is moving ahead. You can however be present to what is forefront within you and pay close attention to what is arising and what is […] Read more »

Prayer for Our Animals

Beloved Creator of All Things, We send our love to all the animals on this Earth, who gift us with their beauty and intelligence. They bring gentleness to our difficult days, and joy when our hearts are heavy. They understand us. They love us. They heal us. They bring balance to our world. We lovingly command your graceful blessings to be sent to each every creature. Protect them from our […] Read more »


This article is intended to bring clarity to an important change taking place in the inner realms. While so much is transpiring in the outer world and in our Universal Time Matrix, there is a shift of epic proportions transpiring within. Most people will feel some rendition of this in their hearts. While others will feel it deeply and allow the changes to create a new reality. If you take […] Read more »