Clearing Negative Energies

A foundational tool for regular cleansing of your aura.


Everything is energy, and energy can hold a positive quality or the negative polarity. We interact with all forms of energies in our daily lives, and we can absorb or hold negative or interfering energies in our Lightbody from a variety of sources. Taking the time to clear negative energies from our spiritual body on a regular basis is just as necessary to our well-being as taking care of our physical bodies with daily habits.

This 20-minute audio meditation is an effective foundational tool to remove negative energies and assist ego/shadow body clearing at any time, including just before or after sleep state.

I am happy to share it with you, but it was not created by me so you can follow the link to purchase and download it: Remove the Negative Form

[if the product cannot be found with this link, go to and search Remove the Negative Form in the shop. Do not use quotations. You are looking for Soothing Meditations – Remove the Negative Form,  A community “staple” clearing tool meditation.]

Please note the download restrictions due to technology limits.

It is ideal to use your 12D Shield for protection and amplification of this clearing.

Please note that this meditation is not a substitute for deep healing of restrictions or distortions in your unique blueprint or clearing of negative ego constructs. Please see Supportive Services for my individual healing services. In particular, the AoA Hieros Gamos System is highly effective for in-depth multi-dimensional ascension clearing, and ideal for Starseeds/Indigos/Lightholders who are committed to living from their highest expression and fulfilling their soul purpose. This includes healing children and animals.