The 12th Dimensional Shielding Technique

The foundational tool for your ascension.


You may be familiar with protecting your body and energetic auric field by surrounding yourself with white light. While this is most definitely helpful, this 12D Shielding Technique is a magnificently more powerful tool and serves many key purposes for your ascension:

  • strengthens your aura since, in your organic state, it was a natural part of your aura
  • strengthens your body’s energetic strength to repel manipulation
  • connects you to your Source/God energy for support and inner balance
  • reconnects you to your original Divine blueprint, your spiritual-energetic foundational architecture, and progressively activates your DNA
  • uses sacred geometry to shift polarity consciousness to unity of the inner masculine and feminine
  • anchors you in unity to the core of Earth and multi-dimensionally to the heart of the Universe
  • re-builds the health of your body: realigns, revitalizes and regenerates all aspects of your physical and subtle energy bodies
  • prepares your body to receive and hold an increasing flow of higher energies for consciousness expansion
  • amplifies the results of all spiritually focused activities and healing
  • sets boundaries of your God sovereign being to avoid enmeshment, giving away your power, and taking on psychic hooks and negative forms
  • helps you to command your personal space and boundary test for uninvited energies or negative forms
  • re-awakens the knowledge of your true origins
  • keeps you sustained and protected by your own inner Light

It is ideal to use this tool twice daily; in the morning when you awaken and before sleep. Initially, the 12D Shield remains in your bio-field for only 20 minutes to an hour once activated. However continuous, repeated use has a cumulative effect through entrainment.

When your shield is up, declare” I AM God, I AM Sovereign, I AM Free” 3 times. When you make this statement 3x it clears any energy frequency that is not of 12th dimensional frequency, and that is attempting to come into your field and manipulate your energy.

Please follow this link to a video meditation, which clearly guides you through the process.