Observer Consciousness

Clearing, Balancing and Discernment Tool


  •  our Observer Self is part of our Higher Self
  • a witness that sees the truth beyond our wounded ego
  • grasps the insights of our soul’s learning and facilitates positive change by helping us to see the larger pattern
  • guides our healing journey by helping us to understand why we experienced wounding or painful events in childhood



  • helps you to live in the moment
  • aids in self-monitoring of thoughts and emotions
  • allows you to remain neutral to triggers; helps you to avoid getting caught up in emotional reactions and negative or limited thinking
  • alleviates judging, and emotionally investing in or attaching to a specific outcome
  • promotes transformation within yourself rather than repeating the old, unsupportive patterns of your ego
  • helps you to respond from choice and create what you want
  • keeps you centered in peace and unity
  • vital to accelerate your personal ascension, and in turn, the healing of the planet
  • supports you to step into your power of discernment


The Process:

  • STOP and OBSERVE: Use your conscious awareness to catch the unsupportive thought or emotion within you, or witness a situation.
  • for thoughts and emotions, with practice, you will catch your reactions earlier and earlier. If any emotion is arising, allow it* and do not repress it. Do this without self-judgment, and be compassionate.
  • Breathe and BE.
  • Imagine stepping outside yourself to witness what is taking place inside you; identify the feeling, notice what you’re thinking, and watch how you’re behaving, or simply stay present to a situation
  • When you become aware, simply acknowledge
  • do NOT engage any ego constructs as this amplifies the ego and gives it power. When you acknowledge the ego, and ONLY acknowledge the ego, you disempower it by aligning with your Higher Self.
  • DISCERN and CHALLENGE yourself to see the truth: Ask yourself, “Is this what I want?”. “Is this for the greater good?”
  • If not, let go and let it pass through you.
  • reFOCUS: Make a new choice, hold a higher vision.


“Smile, Breathe and Go Slowly”

Thich Nhat Hanh


  • With practice, being the observer in your life will come with greater ease, and the process will occur instantaneously.
  • Observer consciousness is not a substitute for inner healing, which allows you to bring consciousness to the origins of the limiting experiences or repeating patterns that create energy blockages, and release the energies much more thoroughly.
  • As you experience the planetary changes it may be easy to unconsciously step into fear or even think that something is wrong. This is especially true if you are sensitive to the changes in your body. If you don’t stay in neutral observation you will be re-engaging with old patterns that are trying to move out of the body and out of the earth’s energy.
  • * Depending on where you are in your journey, the degree to which you process your feelings may vary. For example, if you have been repressing emotions all your life and are starting to connect with those feelings/your inner child, you want to allow the emotions to come up and out and be expressed to in order to release them. Note that this still does not mean you have to wallow in them. Breathing and allowing the emotions will process them faster. Resistance will perpetuate them. However, at the other end of the spectrum, if you have done much inner work, you may simply need to briefly feel your emotions and quickly move on.


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