Does This Describe You?

You’re a spiritual being who cares about the planet and wants to make a difference. You’re a change-maker, healing facilitator, world server, conscious leader, Earth steward, peace holder, Starseed/Indigo, or Light Warrior. Most of all, you know that change begins with you.


Anyone can benefit from transformational counseling and multi-dimensional healing. However, it’s important that you take responsibility for yourself and be willing to do the inner work necessary to create change.  My role is to guide and support you in session.

The healing session itself is only a small part of your life, so your continued awareness in your day-to-day living will help you to deepen what you learn about yourself in session, and will inform you of how your life has been positively effected by the healing.  In addition, you will be often provided with exercises that you can do on your own to further raise your consciousness.

You may recognize yourself in the whole of the description below or in part.

If so, you will find that partnering with me will be truly transformative. Please feel free to call to discuss the matter for which you would like support.

  • You are conscious of your spiritual nature and you consciously allow Spirit to lead your life.
  • You understand that you are a multi-dimensional being.
  • You have experience with inner healing work and have undertaken some counselling.
  • You have established spiritual practices and rely on your inner wisdom to guide you.
  • You understand that you are on a continuous spiritual journey of self-discovery.
  • You are committed to your conscious journey and healing.
  • You are self-empowering and self-directed.
  • You are aware of the experiences that limit you and you are committed to resolving them.
  • You recognize that sometimes support is helpful to see beyond what you can access on your own, to provide you with tools, or guide you in your continued awakening.
  • You are open to change and are willing to do what it takes to help yourself; this can include releasing your forms of resistance.
  • You acknowledge your shadow and seek to release yourself from self-judgment and shame.
  • You recognize that your struggles are not weaknesses but opportunities for learning as your soul moves to expand.
  • You recognize that you have unique gifts and want to express them more fully, yet you may still be holding yourself back.
  • You may have stubborn patterns that you can’t seem to let go, despite all the various approaches to healing that you have tried.
  • You are struggling to cope with a specific change or challenge in your life, even though you are doing lots of things ‘right’: perfectionism, trying hard with little result, difficulty balancing your humanity and Divinity, loss, emotional pain, troublesome thoughts, depression, anxiety, spiritual crisis, or physical illness or dis-ease, or any other issue.
  • Life feels effortful, boring, or like it’s lacking something;  you are searching for more meaning in your life.
  • You want to live in the joy of your truth, be an agent of change for all humanity, or fulfill your mission on Earth, even if you’re not clear on what it is.
  • You bring the topic of exploration to the healing session with the most clarity you can attain with yourself, and sense that you can receive more clarity with my assistance.
  • You are willing to do conscious work between sessions.
  • You wish to be supported by someone who can relate to your feelings and/or current circumstances, and help you to understand yourself.
  • You want  support from someone who respects and understands that, while you are a conscious being, like everyone else, you have human challenges that serve as catalysts for your spiritual growth and ascension.
  • You want to be supported with compassion, and non-judgment.

 Have you found understanding here?

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