Multi-Dimensional Healing Intelligence (HGS)

AoA Hieros Gamos System (HGS) for the deepest healing possible, and sacred, inner balance of your inner feminine and masculine energies.


My intention always is to provide healing sacredly and effectively at the causal level. So, I am very grateful to now offer you healing facilitation with an exceptionally comprehensive healing intelligence that works directly with all levels of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, DNA and Lightbody to provide the sacred Divine union of your human self with your Inner Spirit: the Avatar of Ascension (AoA) Hieros Gamos System.

This living template was made newly available by the benevolent interdimensional Guardian Alliance through the very dedicated Lisa Renee, Emissary for the Guardian Groups and Planetary Ascension Guide*, and anchored for the first time on this planet in August of 2012. I personally have been actively studying and practicing the Guardian ascension teachings since 2007, have received training through Lisa, and have been using this specific system since its availability.

* Lisa Renee is not a channel but receives all information from Light Sources through direct knowing and experience.


This particular system takes into consideration a detailed understanding of our 12-dimensional blueprint and the mechanics of creation, as opposed to the 7-dimensional /7-chakra model still used by many healing techniques. The 12th dimension is the first undistorted dimension on Earth. Hieros Gamos also considers an accurate understanding of the negative alien agenda (NAA) for our planet and humanity, resulting in the consumptive model that has hijacked and distorted our planetary matrix. Bringing our awareness to the dark forces does not attract them nor give them more power. They’re already present in everyone’s reality, and this has been known for thousands of years. By gradually learning and understanding their controlling agenda and the impact it has, in the timing that it feels supportive, we can empower and protect ourselves.

The human body is an expression of both spiritual and energetic life forces. Our foundation is multi-dimensional, and interfaces with our planet and Universe. As our planet is ascending and undergoing massive changes, so too is each and every human, whether one has conscious awareness or not. Active participation not only gives you a context for what you are experiencing, but eases the journey of awakening, both personally and collectively.

However, the energy architecture of the human form has been distorted with inorganic, artificial energetic structures that interrupt the alignment of each person’s original Divine blueprint with Source energy/Living Light. Every living thing has a blueprint and access to Source Light, and from which all things manifest. But the distortions have intentionally blocked humanity from understanding this about itself, and its vast possibilities.

The forms of these disruptions are extensive, damaging and insidious. The dis-eases on this planet, emotional pain, addictions, and mental illnesses, and challenging life experiences are all outward manifestations of the manipulations of our Divine blueprint by the dark forces, who are using our life force for their own perpetuation. We are intricate human forms and beings, and our healing encompasses both ego structures, and far beyond that to our spiritual-energetic foundation. When we enter into ego-driven behaviour, and give away our power, we feed this siphoning of energy. However, there is much more to consider, and the majority of people on Earth do not have conscious awareness of these interferences, which are often just accepted as reality on Earth. Yet, they can be accessed and cleared through the holographic, multi-dimensional healing that I offer. This system is highly beneficial to those who intend to reclaim their freedom and sovereignty.


In a healing session, working with our co-created specific intention, and resonance with this system, I am intuitively guided to identify and clear very specific items that are interfering with your multi-dimensional Divine blueprint and your connection to Source. Further you are provided with whatever upgrades and repairs are required for your optimal physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. The selected items are brought forward from a very extensive array of possibilities through the Hieros Gamos consciousness field, taking into account the current state of our planetary evolution, and your precise ascension needs in alignment with your Highest Soul Purpose. Those possibilities include the very tangible expressions of your energy like your beliefs, emotions and physical body, and those beyond the time and space of your everyday reality, like your quantum connections to stellar bodies, and the detailed mechanics of creation of your chakra system. To say that this Living Template Technology is profound in the opportunity it provides for your transformation, is rather understated.



  • any type of interference, imbalance, conflict, or compromise of any part of your physical body, chemically, structurally or energetically, including any pain, dis-ease or misalignment, synthetic medications, bacteria/virus/parasites/candida, etc. (chakra 1)
  • any density of emotions in the instinctual body such as anger, feeling trapped, despair, disappointments, shame, suffering, lost faith, rejection, etc. (chakra 2)
  • fears and anxiety: of being homeless, hospitals, family safety, old age, commitment, etc.
  • mental distortions and beliefs that are triggering you in any area of your life: work/purpose, health, abundance, relationships, sensitivities to sound, learning disorders, archetypal influences, etc. (chakra 3)
  • distortions in your astral and spiritual bodies, such as entity attachments, trauma, cording, ritual abuse, dead energy, parasites, alien software, etc.
  • attachments, obsessions and fixations to money, food, materialism, having babies, status, career, materialism, family, etc.
  • addictions (food, gambling, lying, internet, ego, alcohol, war programs, victimization, rescuer, empathic to human race, etc.) and phobia links (panic, doctors, drowning, post-trauma, open spaces, God, learning, confined spaces, etc.)
  • ancestral and genetic blockages such as family name, adoption, ethnic demographics, human race seeding tribes, etc.
  • DNA distortions and inherited disturbances such as shame, vaccines, cancer, etc.
  • soul disconnection
  • traumas such mind control, abduction, abuse, heavy metals, false memories, explosions, war, black magic, etc.
  • miasmatic and karmic influences: birth, life cycles, planets, other selves, leylines, repetitive injuries, chakra waves, etc.
  • any fragmented, stolen or misdirected parts of you related to Star Gates, historical timeline trigger events, planetary grids, etc.
  • planetary and astrological influences of any nature
  • galactic distortions, memories and traumas of victimization, torture, pain and death, race wars, enslavement, cloning, etc.
  • alien implants, reversed polarities, holographic inserts, disruptors of any sort, enslavement devices, mind control
  • distorted past life artifacts and symbols
  • psychic attacks and cords, rituals/spells/curses
  • etc.

Repairs  and upgrades to:

  • central nervous system, skeletal system, organs, blood, brain, adrenals, endocrine system, and any body system or body part down to the sub-nuclei level
  • vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, etc.
  • crystal keys and seals of your chakras
  • feminine and masculine energy channels
  • system to system co-ordination
  • black/white holes
  • merkaba spin
  • universal harmonic tones
  • stargate locks
  • axiatonal lines
  • chi regulation
  • brain balancing
  • chakra colour waves
  • seed atom
  • biological rhythm
  • time/space reorganization
  • future dimensions
  • EMF disturbances
  • radial codes
  • etc.

[HB_testimonial]“Jason’s fear manifested as weakness, sudden chills and sweats, right hip and back pain, and no appetite. After the Guardians gave me a brief, specific affirmation to give to him, here’s what he had to say: “Wow! Following your guidance, I focused on my breathing and said the affirmation for the first time; it brought up my profound fear about going out into the world, sending shudders and shakes through my body. Then I got a startling wave of electric tingling all through all of limbs and digits. After that, some dizziness, but then, for the first time all day, I felt like I could eat something and semi-function. THANK YOU again – that hardly covers what you have helped me with all this time.[/HB_testimonial]



The overall intention in receiving healing through the Hieros Gamos System is personal freedom, empowerment and sovereignty: as you reconnect more deeply and directly with your Essence and your spiritual core, you return to a state of inner balance and harmony with the natural laws of Creation. You gain both self-responsibility and mastery with your higher sensory perception and the outward manifestations of your life experiences.


This system may be used exclusively for a healing session or synergistically integrated with other techniques, and depends on how I am guided on your behalf. As with all healing, clearing occurs in gradual layers to allow for integration, therefore one session clearing is aligned with one specific intention for clearing your concern. It is most suited to those who are have consciously invested in their healing over time. It’s suitability is discerned for each client. A calibration is required to ensure that one is stabilized prior to engaging with this field, and this may require preparatory inner work. In all cases, self-responsibility is essential, and core spiritual practices are highly advised.


If you are a Starseed/Indigo, Lightworker, change-maker, peace holder, Earth steward, conscious leader, spiritual being or world server who is consciously serving humanity and Earth at this timing in our ascension, this system is gifted by the Guardian Alliance for you, to ensure that you are given every possible opportunity to fulfill your higher soul purpose.

This healing intelligence can also be very effectively applied to the healing of animals, and the healing of children.

You are needed. You are loved. You are supported.

Are you willing to let old and ancient patterns, and dark energies stop you from stepping into your power?

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