Prayer to End All Wars

Beloved Holy Presence of God,

I thank you for the Divine Mother within me who offers me assurances of self-trust,

by knowing my own heart with clarity.

I thank you for the Divine Father within me who extends wisdom to my actions,

to move forward with natural authority and compassion.

I thank you for their sacred union within me as Christos-Sophia,

anchored in the Divine love that protects me and sustains me.

I know this to be true

and pray to carry this graceful balance with me throughout each day.

I pray that this great remembering ends all internal conflicts for everyone.

I pray it ends all wars:

the war to bring peace,

the fight for freedom,

the invasions to liberate,

the battles for sacred knowledge,

and the holy wars to lay claim to your holy name.

I do not consent to these inversions of truth.

I do not consent these lies.

I give my blessed intention to Unity.

This is the path to our peace.

Thank you, thank you, thank you God.

It is so.