Healing with Voice

My unexpected, sacred gift to restore your energy bodies to natural harmonic resonance.


me chanting CreationCelebration 1In our most fundamental form we are light and sound, so it is no surprise that we gravitate to harmonious tones. They have the capacity to stir our passions, touch our hearts, soothe our souls, and heal our bodies.

Sound healing often takes the form of using instruments (Tibetan singing bowls, tingshaws, bells, drums, rainsticks, crystal singing bowls, shakers, etc.)  to shift energies in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies, or bring our energies back into balance. I most often use only my voice for therapeutic healing.



The use of my voice came very unexpectedly. I sat in stillness for a few months meditating on my bliss, when one day I spontaneously chose to connect to Mother Earth’s crystalline grid and I began to chant. I never had a “singing voice” and had no education in music. But this day, the sounds that came forward were other than my own. Of course, I was only the vessel for these sacred tones. Within a day, Spirit was guiding me to use my voice in the healing of clients, and opportunities flowed to me. It also became clear that my voice was also to be offered in service for the healing of wild animal kingdom.

People have often asked me where I studied or how I developed my voice. At first, I would respond “nothing”, but I now tell them that I spent years healing and clearing the path to my authenticity. I know first-hand what it means to allow Spirit, and receive Her gifts effortlessly.


I set an intention to follow Spirit’s guidance, and then surrender. I don’t know what effect it will have on you or where it will lead. I trust. Moment by moment, I allow tones to come intuitively through my voice to shift energies and activate higher frequencies. In allowing these healing vibrations, the sounds are inspired through me to you. Free of words, they are authentic expression, offered to you to receive with intent, but without expectation. Your Spirit knows how to bring the benefit to you.


These sacred sound transmissions serve to shift dense energies and activate the higher energies. The sounds can be very specific in purpose, a melodic chant of healing tones, or harmonics.

This service is synergistically integrated with other techniques within a healing session, but can be the primary healing technique in a session, if appropriate for your intention.

I have used the vibration of these sounds with clients to:

  • reignite stagnant energies in the body for healing
  • release old energies from chakras
  • release energies from past timelines
  • stimulate repressed emotions
  • shatter limiting emotional shields
  • repair auras

If you wish to hear & experience a healing activation please go to FREE Healing Chants.

“The tones plucked the strings inside of me and after that, nothing was the same.



* The 7 original tones of creation that organically emanate from the monad when Christ consciousness is embodied. These are the Krystal tones being returned to the Earth now.



The chanting I offer can also bring sacredness to soulful spaces. If you have a special event, it can be presented alone, combined with sacred ritual to set sacred space, or accompany a guided meditation. I chant without music or with the accompaniment of my Tibetan singing bowl, crystal singing bowl, bells and soft drumming, or meaningful and soulful, instrumental music.

Most appropriately, these sacred sound transmissions can be used at group gatherings to catalyze the higher frequencies and call in Spirit at the beginning of an event.

I have offered chanting to large and small groups in various settings:

  • Ottawa Sound Healing Conference
  • Fire the Grid global meditation event in Ottawa.
  • Accompaniment to gong meditation at PranaShanti Yoga Centre in Ottawa.
  • Winter Solstice Celebration
  • Ottawa Peace Concert
  • World Sound Healing Day event
  • Inspirational chanting for artistic painters.
  • Sacred toning for an afternoon social gathering that showcased painters, a writer and poet.

Other possibilities:

  • Sound energy for yoga classes
  • Peace ceremonies and gatherings
  • Wedding ceremonies
  • Soothing sounds for those healing from illness
  • End of life care

Are you intrigued? I’m open to exploring the possibilities with you.




Amaeil chanting“Your chanting fitted in so wonderfully. The peaceful and joyful feelings it inspired in us all was just magical.”

“..everyone felt your love radiating to us”

“…you really helped to create heart coherence in the audience.”

“Your voice is angelic.  You have quite the gift.  Thank you for sharing it with us.” 

“sonorous, beautiful, powerful”


Would your body, heart & soul welcome sacred sound?

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