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Commonly asked questions are answered below for your understanding. If your question is not answered, please feel free to contact me.

I thought I wanted a healing session but now I’m feeling uncertain. Why is that?

It’s quite common for fear to arise from the ego when the Spirit wants to move forward. Your Spirit always, naturally, wants to grow, and your consciousness, always, naturally, wants to expand. However, your ego always opposes Spirit, because ego lives in fear, resistance, doubt, and many other lower frequency energies and influences that are incompatible to your spiritual liberation.  These are your ego wounds. Sometimes, the very issue that you want to heal will get in the way of making the choice to move forward. Be mindful of this. So, you have to choose whether your fear is going to direct your life or your Spirit. You have to consciously choose whether you want to heal and live in greater clarity and freedom. What are you choosing?

How many sessions are required?

You are unique in your desire and needs, and how you process, so that determines how we will work together and the duration of our relationship. If you wish to experience movement and create momentum, I recommend healing sessions consistently, every 2 or 3 weeks. However, it’s completely up to you. In working with me you will not be asked to commit to any predetermined number of healing sessions.

What matters most is your commitment to creating the change for yourself, and taking action. Each session is powerful, and without doubt, shifts your energy. However, your active inner work and consciousness between sessions will also directly impact the growth you experience. Sometimes, people experience dramatic changes in one or a few sessions. On the other hand, if you have done little counseling or inner work, you may find the shifts in your energy to be subtle until they reach a tipping point and you start to feel the changes. Based on how you feel and the changes you witness in yourself, you will be able to decide your next steps. If you feel you want another healing session, you will be able to provide insight for us to hone in on the next layer of healing calling to be addressed.

Remember, you have held onto your limiting patterns, at a minimum, since you were 10 years old, and at the outset, for eons longer, since you are soul travelling through many timelines and experiences. Change usually requires some investment of yourself. Stay in the moment, and ask yourself “Am I ready to shift right now?”

Please watch this video to understand the many variables that can impact healing: Managing Healing Session Expectations

Doesn’t this type of work require a significant investment?

Yes, there is an investment of your time and energy. If you want to make a change in your life you must be willing to take responsibility for yourself and be committed to what you desire. However, you choose what path the work takes and how long you wish to do the work. Unhealthy behaviours also take your time and energy. If your multi-dimensional spiritual-energetic foundation is blocked, you are compromising your ability to know your true self. You, and all of humanity have been invested in dense, limiting energies for a long time. Would you not rather invest your energy in living a more satisfying life? In your freedom?

Who is responsible for your healing?

You are. I always hold the highest intention for the most transformative healing possible for you as we collaborate. I am the vessel for the healing, Spirit/God-Source Light is the healer, and you are responsible for your shift in consciousness. Only you can be. You hold the ultimate responsibility for your own well-being. You have to participate with your consciousness expansion. I cannot predict or guarantee how your consciousness will process your inner work, but I do hold the intention for the most effective healing as your Highest Self will allow and as God would have it be.

The benefit you derive from our work together depends upon your openness to the process, and your willingness & commitment to your evolution. I am your support. Are you ready to take responsibility for what you are experiencing in your life and your patterns? 

Can I expect you to guarantee that I will resolve my issue?

It’s understandable if you feel the need to heal pressing on you. Sometimes you can be living with a challenging issue or limiting pattern in your life for so long that by the time you move forward to ask for help, you want it to be changed completely – and quickly. Perhaps you’ve even tried numerous approaches to healing an issue but have yet to shift it at the root cause and heal it completely. This can be frustrating to your ego. It’s also possible that you have been standing in the way of allowing your own healing, due to resistance, defensiveness, or fears, to name a few. There can be many reasons and the healing may seem inaccessible.

So at these times you can have expectations for a healing session that can get in the way of your inner peace. Perhaps you hope, or even expect, the facilitator to ensure you will get results in one session. This video speaks directly to this type of interference: Managing Healing Session Expectations.

Of course you would want to be free of pain and limitation. However, the healing journey is process of discovering who you are in your truth, and not just about problem-solving. It’s about being aware of your own experiences, developing a relationship with your Higher Self, and learning to support yourself. It is a journey of embodying higher God consciousness. This is the path of self-mastery, and we all continue to deepen into this throughout our entire lives.

So when you are in pain, and you want to be free quickly, please remember that I, nor anybody else, can do your healing for you. You are responsible for your healing as stated above. I can, however, guide you as we move through your inner work together. I know this Earth journey is not easy at times. Can you hold yourself in curiosity, compassion and self-love as you intend to allow the best possible healing for yourself – as your Highest Self will allow and as God would have it be, in Divine right order and harmony?

How can healing sessions be conducted over the phone/skype?

Since the healing takes place at the energetic level, with the understanding that all things are connected through the vastness of the Universe and God-Source energy, there is no barrier to our connection whether we would be meeting in person or over the phone/skype. I facilitate the healing in the same way over the phone as if you were with me in person. It’s still a sacred space. Physical distance is not prohibitive and it’s still easy to be supported at your convenience. As the client, you simply ensure you have privacy and uninterrupted time that you completely dedicate to your well-being. You would be responsible for all phone and long distance charges, and a clear phone connection is required.

Some people prefer to be supported in person. I take in-person sessions as an exception only. If you live nearby, and you feel it’s essential, you can also choose to meet in person for a session if you wish to establish comfort, and then continue work over the phone/skype. Please specify this in your first appointment questionnaire and I will consider this. Many of the case studies and testimonials described on this site are from healing sessions that were not conducted in person, and I have been offering healing at a distance successfully to many clients for many years this way. Your limiting patterns have been standing in your way. Are you still going to allow that when it’s so convenient to heal?

Can’t I undertake this process by myself?

Yes, you can. You do have the power and wisdom. However, it’s sometimes helpful to have someone guide you and show you some of the tools and skills. My intention is to do just that. As well, when we are deeply involved in our own circumstances, it is difficult to be objective, see the bigger picture, or notice patterns. As an example, oftentimes we don’t even realize that our language is reflecting some of our limiting beliefs. Have you not had the experience of clearly being able to recognize what another person needs, yet you can’t see answers to your own dilemmas?

Further, some of the distortions and wounds we carry are deep in our energetic architecture, held from the collective memory of all human experience throughout our entire history, connected to the vast stellar bodies, or inorganic to the human race, to site just a few considerations. For most people, these are quite difficult to access, depending on their degree of consciousness. Other aspects would be nearly impossible to bring to consciousness, such as the fears or blockages related to the seeding of humanity, or influences from galaxies. Often these factors are not taken into consideration in other healing approaches. The AoA Hieros Gamos System makes it easy to address all that is interfering with your Divine blueprint in profound ways.  Will you continue to allow your birthright as a Divine being to be compromised?

Why pay to have someone listen to me?

How many times have you sat down with someone you know and talked about what worries, frustrates, confuses or even thrills you? And before you can tell them how you really feel, they tell you what to do, they judge you, tell you it’s not possible or start talking about themselves. They mean well and may not even know they are doing it, but they have their own agenda. As a guide, I listen with objectivity, non-judgment and compassion. I ask to understand you better, help you to get the roadblocks out of the way, teach you how to hear the wisest answers from yourself, and encourage you to keep the commitments you have made to yourself.  Are you not worth that kind of support? You are.

Why stir up the past?

The psycho-emotional level: Your early experiences created your beliefs and perspectives. At one time they made sense and they served you well, as a means of surviving, coping or thriving. However, in the course of creating these coping strategies, you formed defenses that may not serve you now. Nevertheless, you choose the same behaviours because it’s all you know and it feels familiar and safe. In fact, if you feel that your patterns are no longer serving you, you’ve outgrown them, and they are hindering your spiritual growth. By revisiting the past you can see the same experience with a new perspective and can choose to move forward differently – in a way that now supports you. The old energy and the emotion associated with the past that you carry with you can be released or transformed to Living Light that sustains your Spirit. Have you ever had the experience of letting go of something in your past and feeling lighter? What do you want to create space for in your life?

The planetary, galactic and universal levels: Our human history is rich with experiences, both beautifully extraordinary, and highly distorted and traumatic. Those influences from the current timeline and the past/future timelines that continue to suppress and disrupt the purity of your original, Divine manifestation template are interfering with your capacity to expand your consciousness and show up in your fullness to shine your radiant Light, no matter what your particular calling. Why would you let the unneeded and unnecessary energies stop you from who you truly are?

What if I don’t have a lot of money for healing?

The majority of people have a budget to consider while living in this Earthly experience. We have this in common. Since I do not ask you to commit to a predetermined number of healing sessions, it’s easy to begin your healing process and then you choose how it unfolds. However, I strongly suggest that you make a commitment to your healing and let this focus of intention keep taking you forward. Spirit often guides us by showing us only the next step. However, that leads to the infinite possibilities beyond your current awareness. So, if it feels right for you now, take the first step and begin. Ego will often use lack of money as an excuse for not making positive choices or changes in our lives. It’s worth considering: How many things in your life do you spend your money on that are far less meaningful?

How do I know this really works?

My desire to offer this healing arose out of my own personal journey. Not only do I have an education in Spiritual Psychotherapy and ascension, but I also have the experience of having significantly transformed many areas of my own life to find more possibility, joy, and neutrality. My personal dedication to my Spirit is ever-deepening and I continually bring more of my multi-dimensional being to my work with you. It is my direct experience that gives me a credible confidence in what I offer.

Your experience will be unique to you, and I can tell you that this process will result in profound change if you are committed to your growth. Your self-responsibility will take you to your truth. Nobody can do this for you. However, I am happy to be your trusted support. If you do not make this choice to heal and awaken to your truth now, where will your life take you?

Doesn’t talking about the dark forces (the negative alien agenda) give them more power?

Many people are fearful of the dark forces, so please know that these concepts are introduced in healing sessions, gradually, when it is helpful and relevant to your healing. Bringing your awareness to the dark forces does not attract them nor give them more power. This concern often stems from fearful experiences you’ve had as a child or in other lives, but perhaps not conscious of them. Negative forces are already present and interfering in everyone’s reality, and this has been known for thousands of years on Earth. By understanding their controlling agenda, you empower yourself. You can learn to pay attention to how they manipulate your energy field and how you can protect yourself. Healing sessions are intended on bringing you freedom and sovereignty and that can include understanding how these forces and their agenda have interfered with humanity and your life already.  If you don’t acknowledge that they exist how will you know the difference between what is energy that is natural and supportive to you, and what is harmful? 

Please see case studies and testimonials to read about about my clients’ experiences.

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