Healing Children


Let the Children Love

‘Let the Children Love’ by Amâeil

Dear Parents,

If you have a child who is finding it difficult to be in the education system, is expressing self-hate or low self-worth, feels very angry, has digestive sensitivity, is swinging back and forth from very low energy to very joyful energy, and especially if s/he is speaking of suicide, please reach out.

Please see these pages: Healing the Targeted Children, Case Studies – Children, The Transgender Confusion, and The Dangerous Impact of Social Media on Children

I may be able to help you and your child by offering you support with:

  • understanding his/her needs and consciousness
  • providing you and your child with energy education so s/he can manage his/her energies
  • provide energy clearing and energetic upgrades for your child so s/he may feel more balanced, accepting and purposeful
  • provide clearing from addiction programs and entity manipulation
  • receive guidance for your child’s physical well-being

In situations where children are struggling in this way, the causation is immensely supported through multi-dimensional healing: the AoA Hieros Gamos System, which has been benevolently provided by the Krystal Guardians since 2012 for the exact purpose of supporting souls of higher consciousness who are here to assist humanity’s ascension. The consciousness technology is extensive, intelligent and precise in providing your child with exactly what he/she personally needs to clear, in order to cope in this incarnation. It is unlike other healing approaches.

A child does not need to be severely struggling to benefit from energy healing. Nor does your child need to consciously understand or participate with the clearing to receive the benefit. The clearing can be facilitated long distance without your child’s presence or yours, for any child of 2 years and older.

To book an appointment, contact me.


Beloved God, may the manipulations of the deceivers fall on the protected ears and hearts of innocent children. May ill-intentioned, words, thoughts, and behaviours be deflected by God’s light. May parents trust their own intuition and protect their children from the imposters and deceivers of God’s Eternal Light. I AM your compassionate witness and pray with all of my heart for the protection and liberation of all children from tyranny, abuse, torture, and all harm. I pray that each and every child is seen as the Light that they are, loved and cherished. I pray for leadership in this country and all countries to be aligned with the Law of One, for the sake of the children now, in the future, and through all timelines, dimensions and realities. Beloved God, thank you, thank you, thank you. It is so.