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My one-on-one healing sessions are a highly effective integration of healing techniques customized to your needs to create a profound shift in consciousness.


You already have everything you need within you. As healing facilitator, my role is to help you clear the obstacles, distortions and wounds you carry in your body and energy field, so that you remember the truth of who you are, and allow your core, inner Spirit to lead you in your life. This process returns you to sacred, inner balance, the neutrality that rests in God-Source zero point (non-polarity), and the joys of your soul expansion.

My approach in facilitating healing with you is to follow the intuitive guidance I receive from Spirit for the direction of our healing work, based upon the intention for the session. We focus into one issue in a session for meaningful and effective healing. I seamlessly use whichever techniques and tools I feel most effectively support you. Once we set sacred space and open to Spirit, the rest naturally flows.

All you have to do is tell me what’s not working well in your life that you wish to change. I’ll help you find your clarity and freedom.


There are 4 main healing techniques that I integrate, as described below. Please follow the links to each of their respective pages for detailed descriptions. My blog posts and case studies can provide you with further understanding of how they can be applied to any type of personal challenge.

ENERGY PSYCHOTHERAPY (Transformational or Spiritual Psychotherapy)

Energy psychotherapy is the foundation for all the healing facilitation that I offer. Having trained as a counselor, which not all healing facilitators have, I am adept at helping you to move from your limiting experiences to liberating choices, and releasing the root cause of your concerns with self-inquiry. This sound platform allows me to hold space for you, and intuitively stay in step with you no matter where our exploration takes us, no matter what the issue. This work is focused on bringing you to listen within for your own inner wisdom, and to open to your emotional self, which is key to healing. As appropriate, we incorporate:

  • inner child work
  • dialoguing with the body/psychosomatic focusing
  • hands-on/off energy healing
  • guided imagery
  • soul journey guidance
  • spiritual direction


AoA HIEROS GAMOS SYSTEM: Holographic, Multi-dimensional Healing Intelligence

Healing with this system is very precise and profound, taking healing to new levels. It works directly with your 12th-dimensional spiritual-energetic blueprint, the foundation of your being from which all life manifests. Many other healing techniques work only with the 7 planetary dimensions (7 energetic bodies and chakras). We take into account a truthful understanding of our vastness of consciousness and star origins, the long-standing negative alien manipulation of the human form, the current state of our collective ascension, and your precise ascension needs at the time of healing. It’s been made newly accessible to Earth to help humanity reclaim its sovereignty and freedom, by helping each person restore their original Divine blueprint and return to sacred, inner balance. Through resonance with the AoA Hieros Gamos System, we clear ANY energy blockages of any nature that are currently interfering with the ability of your physical body, subtle energy bodies and Lightbody to connect fully with Source, as originally intended and as is naturally your birthright. This system serves anyone who is sincere in their healing. However, it’s especially helpful for Indigos, Starseeds and Lightworkers whose purpose on Earth at this time is to assist humanity and Earth through its spiritual evolution, and who, therefore, are on an accelerated ascension path with more intense experiences and clearing needs. This includes children.

Our sacred animals are also deeply impacted by this ascension experience. Please know that the AoA Hieros Gamos System can be applied to healing your beloved animal companions.



In an easy, gentle and yet powerful way, we unravel your subconscious belief structures and identify the core pattern that cause you to keep re-experiencing your challenge . We uncover them to the root level where thorough shifts can take place. Interfering, repeating influences from past/parallel lives spontaneously surface for clearing. You shift energies from your childhood, past generations, past lives, and soul – simultaneously – for lasting change. You can feel the shift in your perception, and/or in your body. You’ll be amazed at how simply you can let go of the past and what limits you.



Using intent, the sound tones created with my voice serve as a carrier wave of consciousness to effect vibrational change in your energy field. Beyond words, it effects change through the multi-dimensional layers of your being, restoring harmonic resonance. I have used the vibration of these sounds with clients to reignite stagnant energies in the body for healing, release old energies from chakras and past timelines, stimulate repressed emotions, shatter limiting emotional shields, and repair auras. Follow this link to FREE Healing Chants.


* any life challenge * any goal *
* feeling stuck * lack of clarity * career * illness * self-esteem * relationships * stress * grief * physical pain * fears/anxiety * emotional pain * astral body distortions * karma * miasma * trauma * attachments/fixations * archetypal influences * addictions * phobias * astrological influences * sexuality * relationship with God *

……………and much much more


In addition, I offer the following stand-alone services.


Healing your relationship challenges whether you’re moving toward a healthy, conscious relationship, or a peaceful parting.


Giving you Higher personal guidance and direction for clarity and confirmation.


Gaining insights to your current life contract through past life information.


Creating a written declaration of clarity for aligning with what you value and want in your life.


For conscious group gatherings

Please note that the healing that I offer is not a substitute for physical or mental medical care or treatment.

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If you don’t make the choice to heal now, where will your life take you?

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