How to Command Your Energy Field & Be Sovereign

♥ Claim your Divinity and multi-dimensional blueprint, and own your responsibility to heal your energies.

♥ As per the Law of Consent, declare regularly that you consent to only align with 100% Light and Unity Consciousness. This vitally overrides the default programs and deceptions of dark energies that continually violate human free will and trap consciousness.

♥ Allow only God to be the authority in your life. Affirm this empowering commitment daily.

♥ Direct your energies with the Law of Intent, and choose to serve Source only. Create your reality, not for personal gain but in alignment with service to others.

“I declare my intention to serve my Highest Source only, fully, completely, thoroughly and totally.

My intent, consent and authority is with God and the Love of Christ only.”

♥ Stay aware of who or what are directing your energies including entities, subconscious ego constructs, and multi-dimensional influences that accumulate as lower vibrational thoughtforms, emotions, and actions. 12D Shield is an invaluable tool to protect your energy field and to help you re-align to sacred, inner balance. I can also support you with the AoA Hieros Gamos System, which intelligently clears through all 12 dimensions of your Lightbody.

♥ Be clear and firm in your boundaries.

♥ Consciously cancel any agreements or contracts you have made with any entity, guide or being that were not of 100% Light and in your Highest Expression as One with God, in all timelines, dimensions and realities, here and now – past, present and future.

♥ As a sovereign being, live your life knowing that everything you need is within, and do not look for external approval, or give away your power to anyone or anything.

♥ You have a unique blueprint that is valuable to the beautiful synergy of this Universe. Be open, while honouring your own direct experiences of your multi-dimensional Self even if they vary from that of others. Respect others and their sovereignty.

In gratitude to all who are committed to serving Oneness.

CC license 88x31 2019 (Amâeil) Melinda Urban