Pressure to Flow with the Natural Laws


‘Flow’ by Amâeil

When we’re flowing with life we know it. Tasks seem effortless and things go smoothly. We feel light, and we take things in stride, no matter what comes our way. I distinctly remember one experience where in one afternoon I prepared a workshop, created all my materials to display at a separate conference, and wrote another presentation. I chanted and danced too! Despite the deadline, the hours of work ahead of me, and what seemed like chaos strewn across my living room and my desk, everything fell into place – joyfully!

While flow can feel differently to each of us in our unique expressions, it probably wouldn’t be too much of a leap to say that the following metaphor for spiritual flow would feel supportive for many individuals. It holds within it, some key spiritual values.

  • I’m in a boat floating down a river. The boat is an extension of me. It’s my Higher Self and my support. The waters that I’m travelling are the experiences that I have in life. 
  • I feel at ease under the open, tranquil sky. I feel my connection to the infinite Universe.
  • My body is relaxed, and my breath is in gentle rhythm with my heart.
  • I know that the boat will take me down the river. If the waters take me bumping into the shore, or come to an obstacle, I stay trusting in my support.
  • I have no fear. I’m centered and present. I know I’m responsible for myself in my journey so I’m aware, and ready and willing to respond.

Letting go of the need to control, trust, universal connection, and an open heart all matter. Still, life isn’t always a leisurely boat ride. Things change: water can get choppy, the sky can thunder, another boat crowds our path, we question why we’re on the river in the first place, our mind starts to mumble something about the water moving too slowly, and then the river unexpectedly meanders toward a waterfall!

There’s not a lot of rest these days in these intensely shifting energies. Where once upon a time our ways of being in the world sufficed, and perhaps seemed to help us really thrive, we can now find ourselves bothered by this or that. We feel out of sorts and not quite ourselves. We begin to see that the way we’ve chosen to operate in thought or action doesn’t feel good. It’s a signal that we’re outgrowing more parts of ourselves and it’s time to make new choices. This is a continuous process. If we don’t heed these nudges, the pressure builds.

losing control

‘Rough Waters’

For some, that pressure to change is precipitated by a pivotal event that turns certainty upside down and calls life’s meaning into question. It doesn’t feel like flow but rather like being tossed about in the rapids. We try to hang on, contracted with adrenaline pumping – we’re in survival mode and unsure how to steer through the waters.  We’ve never been ‘here’ before. For others, the pressure now may seem more like a steady tension that is insistent on refining the subtle layers of our consciousness that hinder our highest potential. The river of life calls us to master our navigation skills. It can still feel unsteady, especially when we thought we had done a lot of our inner work. We have to look deep into the long-hidden aspects of our shadow, reflect and tell the truth. Yet, for everyone, the direction of movement is the same – to align with what is natural in our Universe.

That’s how we consistently create deep flow in our lives. It’s more than creating a feeling. It’s also about understanding how the organic Universe works so that we can work with it instead of against it. Natural spiritual-energetic laws govern our experiences. They’re not punishing rules or limitations – those come from the inorganic distortions placed upon our Earth by anti-life controllers. Natural laws applied with love support us, help us discern the organic from dark deceptions, and stabilize the planetary energies for everyone. They’re natural to our Spirit. So when we don’t align with these principles, we can have experiences that reveal to us how we are incongruent with our inner peace. By looking to the organic laws we can be guided back to the expansion of our consciousness, and flow again in harmony with ourselves and others.

There are essentially 13 organic laws corresponding to each dimensional sphere and chakra in our lightbody, yet inter-related. There are also two other composite and critical laws. All of them extend from the Law of One/Christ Consciousness as keys to our freedom and living a life directed by truth and Spirit. They’re stated exceptionally briefly and simply, with the intention that they can be remembered and applied in our daily choices.

Law of Mentalism, Chakra and Sphere 1 – our thoughts and beliefs determine our energetic reality on multiple simultaneous dimensions. We can maintain mindfulness to uphold our connection with the Universal Mind of God. This law is the precursor to all other laws and is mastered through the clearing and discipline of negative ego and the practice of neutral Observer Consciousness. Ascension is 99% ego work. We know our mental and emotional triggers so we can transform and neutralize them, and so that they can’t be manipulated.



Law of Correspondence, Chakra and Sphere 2 – there are always multiple connected layers in our reality that form patterns: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual; inner and outer; above and below; microcosm to macrocosm. When seeking healing, we look to these relationships and the deeper cause behind our manifested outer reality, including the intention, motivation and the thoughtforms that created it. Ultimately, our inner work is to create balance, symmetry and congruency within ourselves and through these relationships.

Law of Polarity, Chakra and Sphere 3 – opposites are actually two sides of the same thing. When we experience an issue in our lives that requires healing, we can intend to identify the polarities in our shadow consciousness and fears so they can be brought together in balance and neutralized. When two people are holding polarities in their interactions, the healing is in coming toward each other and balancing the energetic forces within, so there may be greater balance between them.

Law of Rhythm, Chakra and Sphere 4 – energy is always in flow, in and out, back and forth, away and toward balance. We pay attention to this in our lives so that we know when and when not to engage, stay clear of draining interactions and activities, make efficient and productive use of our precious life force (Law of Conservation), and do not allow our energies to move too far away from centre. The farther away we are from centre, and the organic rhythm of life, the more energy it takes to rebalance. The more we swing from one polarity to another the less we have the ability to remain stable. We intend to hold balance at all times in order to strengthen our inner core.

Law of Suggestion, Chakra and Sphere 5 – we’re the accumulation of what we have heard, seen, spoken and experienced, including fears, falsities, and mind control. Therefore, we remain conscious of which story and whose story we are choosing to live, and heal that which is unsupportive. We think and speak clearly with our authentic heart to align our energies to our Highest Expression so that we strengthen and radiate our Inner Light in Service to Others.

'alara whisper'

‘alara whisper’

Law of Response, Chakra and Sphere 6 – when we ask for guidance from our Higher Self/Spirit/the Universe/our God Within, with sincere and open heart, we always receive a response. We’re willing to ask for help without anger, fear or attachment to the outcome. We’re willing to listen, clarify, and remain discerning with what comes back to us from our inquiry.

Law of Cause and Effect, Chakra and Sphere 7 – nothing is random. Energy follows our intention. Love begets love, and fear begets fear. We willingly learn from the effects of past choices to direct our focus to more positive and loving choices for positive outcomes. We choose to move past victim consciousness and enslavement from the effects of others and choose to be the power and cause of our mind and emotions. (see Law of Intent, Consent and Authority below)

Law of Transformation, Chakra and Sphere 8 – all energy is in a perpetual state of death and rebirth. Who we are, our consciousness and identities, and the timelines, are always shifting. We participate by allowing the flow of change and trust in the intelligence of all our experiences to evolve with us. Everything has purpose to help our soul to grow.


‘The birth of consciousness’

Law of Transcendence, Chakra and Sphere 9 – God is in everything (Law of One) and we’re able to experience the wonder and mystery of this Oneness through our awakened state. We leave ego behind and embrace Divine Will in our Unity with Source. Direct inner knowing, higher knowledge, truth-seeking and alignment with the Spirits of Christ serve as our foundation for living, and loving, in service to others and group consciousness.

Law of Verification, Chakra and Sphere 10 – we’re invited to apply the lessons that we’ve learned in life and demonstrate our mastery to respond in new ways through life’s challenges. By addressing those aspects of ourselves that are limiting or out of alignment with our authenticity, and applying new creative choices we build confidence, authentic power, and a stronger foundation for our spiritual core, and reach new potentials.

Law of Cycles, Chakra and Sphere 11 consciousness moves through cycles within cycles, and in our individual journey it is to respect that our consciousness descends into matter, and then spirals up through the multiple dimensions of our 12-dimensional blueprint, as we’re learning, integrating and synthesizing through our ascension process to return back to Source. We recognize that we are a part of a Universal time cycle, accepting the ebb and flow of this natural changing process.

Law of Vibration, Chakra and Sphere 12everything is energy and energy is consciousness, contracting (vibration) and expanding (oscillation) to create a unique frequency. Everything in the body has a frequency, and is amplified when stimulated by a similar or same frequency (Law of Resonance). We resonate with love, gratitude, and peace and higher frequency energies, which amplify and strengthen our life force, and are mindful to clear fear, negative ego patterns, and resistance, which will amplify those energies in our body and create disturbances that weaken our life force.

masculine and feminine

masculine and feminine

Law of Gender, Chakra and Sphere 13everything in creation is manifested through a blueprint that holds both feminine and masculine energies, including the human body. The synthesis of the inner masculine and feminine principles into harmony and zero point neutrality in our Lightbody is the ascension process of marrying the physical body and Spirit to birth into the Krystallah eternal light body/Christ consciousness body. The unification of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine is the creational life force of the Holy Cosmic Trinity (Divine Mother Divine Father and Christ-Sophia) in all things, and the same principle in the creation of human life. It is this core Solar Light that emanates from the zero point. We move toward the capacity to hold this zero point neutrality for our personal healing, and in witness to that which is to be restored to the organic life force on this planet.

Law of Intent, Consent and Authority – There is a default program on Earth, deceptively put into place by the negative alien agenda (NAA), to keep humanity controlled and operating from many inorganic manipulations and negative ego. Humanity did not consent, and most people do not know this to be the case. Therefore, we have to consciously choose and declare that we refuse to participate, and choose otherwise. The questions to keep asking ourselves are:

What is my intention? What we think is what we create. Our accumulated thoughts and behaviours create resonance with either the natural laws, or Satanic or Luciferian negative energies. Automatic thoughts, triggered reactions, and the mind control programs inherent in the planetary matrix feed resonance with the NAA.

Who or what am I giving consent to? Our intention then determines whether we give consent to the negative agenda or higher consciousness.

Who am I making my authority? We are sovereign beings with the right to be in full command of our physical body, thoughts, emotions, Spirit and our consciousness. Nobody else has the right to be our authority (and we do not have the right usurp the authority of others). The responsibility is ours to manage ourselves so that we are alignment with God consciousness.

Law of Structure – everything has a blueprint in unmanifest form, upon which is built its architecture in manifested form. Our spiritual-energetic blueprint and our intention determines how our energetic resources are used and with what they are in resonance, then creating the manifest form of our structure – our physical body/spiritual house for our Soul-Spirit. We are responsible for the intention, the daily maintenance of our spiritual house, and the clarity with which it remains aligned with Christ consciousness, i.e. evicting and clearing out that which is inorganic and lower frequency. This same principle applies to the structures of our homes, businesses and mission projects.

Therefore, it is suggested by the Guardians to make this declaration a daily practice, to align with the laws of Intent, Consent and Authority, and Structure:

“My declaration of intention is to serve my Source. I commit to serve my highest power fully, completely and totally. My intent, consent and authority is with God and the love of Christ only. I AM God. I AM Sovereign. I AM Free!”


Some of these natural laws may already be quite familiar to us either through our spiritual studies during our journey or our direct experiences. They may become highlighted as we integrate the corresponding dimension. To fortify our alignment, we can place our focus on one principle at a time so that it becomes foundational to our lives. We can reflect on instances where we previously observed that law in our lives so we have a sense of how they can present themselves to us. Alternatively, we can make a practice of meditating on our arising experiences and discerning which laws are foremost evident.

May they serve us all well for peace and harmony on Earth.

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2019 Amâeil (Melinda Urban)