Energy Psychotherapy

When you need support to hear the whisperings of your inner wisdom, and clear the path to the love in your heart. The invaluable foundation of all my healing facilitation.


  • Are you feeling anxious, confused or worried?
  •  Do you do things that even you don’t understand?
  •  Are you repeating painful patterns?
  •  Are you in a relationship, which you personally would like to improve?
  •  Have you had a radical change in life situation and need support?
  •  Are you coping with loss?
  •  Do you feel like there must be more to life than what you’re experiencing?
  •  Are you a wholistic business owner seeking clarity and support?
  •  Do you know you have untapped potential and something is holding you back?

Then be kind to yourself and commit to making the changes you wish to make.
You can collaborate with me to make it easier. Together, we explore how you are experiencing yourself now, how you want to be experiencing yourself, and what is getting in the way.

This is an exchange that leads to your self-discovery.  It is a very personal experience and highly respects the uniqueness of your experiences. As we get to know each other, we build your trust in me so that you can feel safe, because when you feel safe, you can be truly present and be honest with yourself.


As you talk about your issues of concern, I ask powerful questions. Your thoughts and emotions that surface in the ‘here and now’ of the session are used as gateways to enter into your past experiences. Our early childhood experiences create many beliefs in us. They were formed with a positive purpose, to help us cope, survive or protect us from hurt and pain. But as we grow, these beliefs can feel painful and create limitations to our living. They no longer support us in the truth of who we are. We acknowledge that in addition to the light in your life, those aspects that are healthy and thriving, there also exists the darkness of old programming. It is the unhealed aspects of you that are not aligned with the authenticity at your core Spirit, which create the challenges in your life. So I guide you to the root cause of your perceptions and bring your conscious awareness to them. Once you become more aware of what you truly believe about yourself, you can make new choices and transform your paradigms to more supportive ones.


Spiritual Psychotherapy operates from the key principle that our humanity is balanced with our divinity; our wholeness is comprised of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects, and they are all interconnected. As an example, when you release your emotions, it frees up space in your physical body and energy field, and creates movement for you to become more authentic in your nature. This process creates lasting changes.

Further, this spiritual approach holds that you are more than what you experience through your five senses in the physical world. You are more than your ego and are also evolving as a soul. As such, you, as all others, are connected to a greater universal energy. Engaging non-ordinary states of consciousness, we may include:

  • inner child work; inquiring with the wounded younger self to understand and heal his/her perspective at the moment of wounding
  • psychosomatic focusing: shifting the emotional, mental and spiritual causes to physical pain and illness through hands-on energy healing and dialoguing with the body
  • dream analysis; exploring the messages of your higher self in the symbols and stories of your dreams
  • guided imagery; using all the senses to heal the body, imagine new outcomes, or transform painful experiences
  • soul journey guidance; exploring the joyful expressions of your soul
  • spiritual direction; addressing your relationship with the Divine and clearing old paradigms of God and religious wounding

Please read Healing Support to understand how this healing approach is synergistically integrated with other powerful techniques for your healing.


It is trusted that whatever arises in the session for you is guided by your God-Source inner connection, and is for your highest good, in alignment with your Highest soul purpose and evolution. It is understood that you have the wisdom to find your own answers by accessing your Higher Self that is your connection to the Universe. For you, the process is very empowering. Over time, with my intuitive guidance and skill, you learn how to access your wisdom by yourself, and find the relief you are seeking. In turn, you learn to become very self-directed and do not come to depend on me to seek answers. Instead, you become more powerful. My coaching and encouragement can help you to sustain your new choices and apply them fully as you expand who you are and keep moving forward.


Viewing your daily dilemmas from the perspective that you are on a journey of your soul’s evolution, and have chosen your path in this lifetime to work on your higher purpose, provides a broader understanding of your life experiences. This perspective can give you comfort as you grow. It also holds you to greater responsibility for your own life.

In addition to embracing your challenge of living as a human living on this earth, there is also opportunity to explore what it personally means to you to be spiritual.

[HB_testimonial]“After struggling with a food addiction unsuccessfully for years, I decided to get help. Melinda listened to my problems, asked specific questions to help me identify my feelings and gave me tools to use every week to build my self worth. Her suggestions were simple, effective and life changing. As a result of my work with Melinda, I discovered personal strengths and courage that I had always failed to recognize. Now I live in the present and I no longer use food to disguise my problems.[/HB_testimonial]



* career change * illness * self-esteem * relationships * stress * grieving loss *
questions of faith * finding clarity * emotional eating * addictive behaviour *
* significant life change * vision *

Unresolved issues can lead to imbalance—

  •  joyless living
  •  poor physical health
  •  extreme highs and lows
  •  excessive emotional reactions
  •  inability to make clear decisions
  •  distorted or limiting thoughts
  •  behaviours based in fear
  •  spiritual crisis

The longer you wait, the more potential there is for your unresolved issues to
gain greater control of your life, until you feel you have no choice.

Take better care of yourself now!
There is only one you.

Are you not tired of tolerating the discomfort?

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