Quick Spirit Re-Alignment

When you need to come back to your centre….


The following are various helpful suggestions for bringing yourself back into alignment with your inner core Spirit, anytime that you feel pulled off your centre, and/or you are operating in negativity or fear-based thoughts, emotions and behaviours.

Choose to pause and take several deep belly breaths, to bring yourself into the ‘now’ moment. Compassionately witness what is taking place. Feel your energy – does it feel peaceful, chaotic, pressured, ‘right’, loving, anxious, ‘off’, ecetera? If it doesn’t feel 100% supportive, loving or spacious (or whatever indicator is true for you), honour yourself and your feeling, and set an intention to shift the energy into neutrality.

  • Shift your perspective: pause and remind yourself that the Divine is working through this challenging experience to offer you the opportunity for consciousness expansion. You may not understand it all, but accept and trust that there is a higher purpose. With intention, align with your Higher Self.
  • Put your right hand on your stillpoint (between your heart chakra and solar plexus, where your ribs start to part) and say “stillpoint”.
  • Acknowledge that you are operating from fear, and choose love.
  • Change the focus of your attention to a higher vibrational energy: go for a walk, meditate, listen to some music, etc.
  • For persistent, repetitive thoughts, tap the back of your head where it meets your neck, about 20 times. With your intention, align with your Higher Self.
  • If you are feeling afraid, pressured, interrogated, bullied, wronged, uncertain, negated, suspicious, guilty or confused in your exchange with someone, and you cannot seem to regain your centre, you may need to step out of the energy exchange entirely and move into your own energetic space without any interference. It would feel like needing space to breathe and think.
  • If you have your 12D Shield up, intend to amplify and fortify it, and declare with conviction, 3x, “I am God, I am Sovereign, I am Free!” . This will release your space from any energies that are not of 100% Light and aligned with Unity Consciousness.

You may wish to see Manipulation Awareness to understand the indicators of whether your energy field, or the field of someone with whom you are engaged, is perhaps being manipulated.

If you have difficulty standing in your authentic power, or find yourself often manipulated, thrown off centre, or mired in negativity, please know that these patterns can be changed.

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