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Amaeil April 17 2 (Small)I am currently taking new clients. Healing sessions are offered for your convenience, either by phone or skype, as always. They are equally effective to in-person sessions. Day or early evening sessions are available by appointment only, and I’m unable to offer same-day appointments. I’m located near Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Office Hours: Mon.-Thurs. 10am – 6pm & Fri. 10am -3pm (EST).

Before completing the questionnaire to book your first appointment, please follow this link to read all details:

What to Expect, Fees, Agreements & Responsibilities

Please note that appointments are booked on a first-come first-served basis
with deposit payment.


Booking Your First Appointment

If you’re seeking an appointment with me for the first time, for yourself, your child, animal companion, or for couples counselling, I kindly ask that you complete the brief questionnaire below to the best of your ability (purple button). I appreciate your time and energy that it takes to do so, so please, make your request only when you know you want to receive healing support and are ready to book your appointment. It’s common for ego resistance to arise when your Spirit wants to move forward, so your conscious choice is required. It also takes my time and energy to reply to you, so please respect that with your sincere request, and please also be prepared to follow through when you hear from me.

The questionnaire makes it easier to connect, determine whether I’m an appropriate support for you (it’s the exception that I am not), and arrange appointment logistics. Your information is kept confidential for my records only, and is sent directly to my e-mail once you submit it. Please be sure to complete all the fields for it to submit properly. The form is working. If you still have difficulty, it could be due to negative interference in your energy field or the device or browser that you’re using. If so, I apologize for any inconvenience on my part as it’s difficult to meet all the the technical requirements these days. If you have persisted and it still doesn’t work, please e-mail me with the same information as requested on the form to expedite your session request. Thanks for your patience.

I will be in touch within 3 weekdays. If I have further questions, I’ll send you an e-mail or call if necessary. If I have no further questions and it feels resonant for me to support you (it often is), you’ll be receiving an e-mail from me asking you to choose an available session date. You’ll also receive an e-mail request to provide your consent for the healing, and a Paypal invoice directly from Paypal to pay for the session within 48 hours. Please look for these and follow through. Please check your junk mail especially if you’re a gmail user. Of course, you have the opportunity to ask any questions prior to securing your appointment. I look forward to connecting.

If you have specific questions about my services, the following pages will likely provide the answers:

Booking Subsequent Healing Sessions:

Please e-mail me. Appointments are booked on a first-come first served basis, so to expedite the process, please give me an indication of dates/times that you’re available and hoping to have your appointment. I will do my best to accommodate you or suggest the next possible dates. Please be prepared to respond in a timely manner. Payment is required at the time of booking your session. See the Terms and Conditions for details.


Ensuring that We Connect

I respond to appointment requests typically within 36 hours on weekdays. E-mail communications are becoming more challenging and we are both responsible for the communication between us. If you do not receive an expected e-mail reply from me, please consider that I may not have received your e-mail at all. Secondly, check your spam/junk mail for my reply. Gmail communications often go to junk mail folders. Yahoo and hotmail accounts are particularly vulnerable to delayed and bounced e-mails, but the increasing unpredictability is not limited to these accounts. This is a reflection of the current chaotic energetic landscape, possible energetic interference and the companies that manage the e-mail and IP addresses and their spam filters, and not my particular services. I can only ensure that an e-mail to you leaves my server and after that I have no control over it. If you are asked to reply to me as confirmation of our communication please do so. Adding me to your contacts or whitelisting my address will help to ensure that you receive my communications to your inbox. Thanks for your understanding. We keep calm and carry on!

Feel free to call 613-253-2888
if e-mail communication becomes cumbersome.

I look forward to supporting you.

Many blessings for your inner peace.


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