Reclaiming Brain and Nervous System Sovereignty

Use the 12D Shielding Technique.

Set your sacred space and connect to your Highest God-Self with an open heart. Call in your guides that are of 100% Light only and aligned with the Law of One to support you in the highest capacity as one with God.

Place your focus on your body, brain and nervous system and address them with love:

“I acknowledge the sacred intelligence in my body, brain and central nervous system. I know I have the power to easily heal.

I reclaim now the sovereignty and freedom of my body, my mind, brain and central nervous system.

I command now to release all that is inorganic, artificial and unsupportive.

I evict now all inorganic mind control, all manipulating, false messages and impulses that are intrusive.

I forbid my body, my mind, brain and central nervous system to manipulated in any way.  

I accept and allow only those messages that are organic and in 100% alignment with my Highest God-Self, and my Divine Blueprint as a God-Sovereign Being.

All else is forbidden and evicted now.

All else is forbidden and evicted now.

All else is forbidden and evicted now.

I AM God, I AM Sovereign, I AM Free. I claim my Self-Sovereign God Power and Right.

Beloved God, I command now to restore 100% optimized wholeness and balance to my brain and central nervous system, in complete alignment with my Divine nature.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. It is so.”

Repeat as often as you feel called.


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