Manipulation Awareness

This an important time to stay alert to who or what is driving your behaviours and thoughts, so that you remain choiceful and empowered.


I’m hearing from more and more individuals that there is an increasing amount of chaos and manipulation of energies, psychic attack and entity harassment in the field, and I’ve certainly been aware of that myself.  In response to the return and continued anchoring of the Krystal/Christos Consciousness, the dark forces are warring with their own controlling agendas.

One way negative extra-dimensional energies do this is to act as parasites: take advantage of a person’s weakened body or mind and usurp their energy. They exist beyond the limited visible light spectrum which the human body typically sees, so they can easily manipulate. If you are not alert to them you will wonder why you, or someone with whom you are interacting, is behaving inconsistently or uncharacteristically. Particularly when someone’s ego-driven behaviour is magnified, inconsistent or persistent, it’s quite possible that behind the veil of the 3D visible light spectrum and the human form, there is an extra-dimensional dark entity driving the behaviour.

Anytime that we are not in alignment with Spirit, and give our power away, we are feeding the negative alien agenda. So, whether you wish to see the described behaviours below as ego-driven, the surfacing of the shadow self, or service-to-self ET manipulation, it matters not. Ego structures are dead energies, disconnected from God-Source Light. The root of these distortions are generated by the negative alien agenda.

Signs that you are perhaps being manipulated, especially if they persist:

  • your behaviour suddenly changes – you feel centred and calm one minute and flooded with fear, shame, anger, etc. the next.
  • you feel like a series of circumstances around you are irritating you, trying to throw you off balance, or creating chaos
  • you find you are obsessing about something and you feel you must act on it before the thoughts will subside
  • even though you were 100% clear on your position about something (example, not taking the jab/genetic experiment), you suddenly find yourself having the opposite thought and taking the opposite position (“I think I’ll get the jab, it’ll be okay”), and possibly also feeling a very positive emotion, such as relief or joy
  • you don’t know “what got over you” when you behaved out of character
  • you find yourself at surprisingly odds with someone even though, for the most part, you always get along
  • you suddenly lose control of your negative emotions
  • you are acting on an addiction, whether or not you have already ‘healed’ this pattern
  •  you find yourself being noticeably inconsistent in your behaviours or thoughts
  • you’re feeling suddenly drained of energy
  • when interacting with someone, you feel afraid, pressured, wronged, uncertain, negated, monitored, suspicious, guilty or confused, and have difficulty regaining your centre, perspective or clarity

You may witness the same type of behaviours in others.

It is of most importance to take responsibility for your choices and energies at all times. Even if you do have experiences of being manipulated, there is opportunity to learn about your own ego structures and shadows, and support yourself in the Higher purpose of your spiritual growth. Trust that you are given what IS assisting you in your spiritual growth and what you are able to handle.

The antidote to manipulation is applying your knowledge, staying grounded, knowing yourself and your values, ego healing work, and developing mastery of your own energy field. See Quick Spirit Re-alignment.

Please note: removal of an entity may require deeper focus and healing to change what is allowing the entity to be present. The AoA Hieros Gamos System is helpful in such cases.

If you feel that you are easily manipulated, or have an old pattern of such, and you wish to step into your authentic power, please know that this old pattern can be changed.

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