Counseling for Conscious Couples

Is your relationship effective?

Do you keep repeating the same patterns?

Do you have difficulty communicating with each other?

Are you ready to create a kinder and more supportive relationship?



This offering is for conscious couples in a committed relationship when both choose to deepen their relating. Based on the work of Harville Hendrix and imago theory, it has proven, time and time again, to create more compassion and understanding between souls who have chosen to come together for soul expansion.

Each couple will have different needs, and the sessions are tailored accordingly. Generally, emphasis is placed on getting to the root of challenging dynamics, resolving old hurts, improving communication and trust, and restoring the heart connection.

It is emotion-focused therapy. The same healing principles of energy psychotherapy that are used for individual healing are applied to explore ineffective patterns. We examine the limiting perceptions that each partner brings to the relationship, however, the focus is placed on how those wounds are mirrored by your partner, how they get in the way of your connection, and how you can support each other to heal.

The tools you learn in the course of this work will also empower you to help each other in your respective healing, feel safe with each other, and have meaningful and healthy exchange on an ongoing basis.

You will also be given numerous exercises to complete, both individually and as a couple, outside of the healing sessions.



Please note that if you wish to improve your relationship, but your partner is not interested in this inner work or approach, you can still be supported with this intent in individual counseling. Ultimately, your relationship serves as a potent vehicle for your spiritual growth, so attending to your personal healing, with the intention of relationship change, is an effective pathway for expanding your consciousness. Your personal inner work will impact the energy dynamic between you and your partner, and provide clarity about the effectiveness of your partnership.

“We are drawn into partnership with someone whose needs we cannot meet.
We actually have to grow ourselves in order to meet those needs.”
“This is a spiritual discipline.
You use your partner as a tool for your own spiritual
strengthening and development.”
 Harville Hendrix & Helen LaKelly Hunt


Sometimes the purpose you have served for each other in your growth simply comes to an end; consciously you acknowledge that you are no longer resonant with one another. If you are in the process of moving apart, and wish to part peacefully with respect for one another, counseling can provide a safe space for bringing you closure and releasing energetic attachments. You may honour this transition alone or with your partner.

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If you’re choosing to share your life with someone, wouldn’t you want your relationship to be effective, supportive and joyful?

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