How We Partner

With clear intention and Divine grace.


Each one-on-one healing session is held in a sacred container of truth and love, and Unity Consciousness with your Highest Self. First and foremost, I follow my direct connection to Source to support you. I also resonate in being supported by the Guardian Alliance, a group of Light Beings of 100% Light, whose mission is to protect and guide human beings throughout their ascension process, so that they may realize the truth of their multi-dimensional nature.


* truth * safety * respect * understanding * gentleness * empathy *  confidentiality * ease and grace * unconditional acceptance * compassion * listening *



My capacity to be a clear and effective healing facilitator arises through several means:

  • God-Source Light
  • my commitment to my Spirit and my own dedicated participation in my ascension for many years
  • my foundational training as an energy psychotherapist and continuous higher learning
  • my intuitive nature

Serving as a clear vessel to receive the highest guidance for you, we move to the core of the issue that is currently challenging you. I follow my intuition to whichever combination of tools and techniques would be most effective to clear your path of illusions, wounds, and distortions that you carry in your body and energy field, so that you lead more of your life with the grace of your Spirit. Please see Healing Support for an overview of each healing technique.


Whether we collaborate to counsel you in the issues that concern you, clear blockages from your Lightbody at the root cause, or coach you to realize a future vision, the work we do together yields from one intention – that you awaken to the truth within and experience yourself as a Divine being, inner-sustained by your own Light. Our journey together always takes you into higher learning and expanding consciousness.


I heal from open space; whatever happens is the only thing that could have happened. We trust that whatever surfaces for your conscious knowing you are ready to receive. Our work is always sacred, valuing the gift of Spirit to return all that is unnecessary and unneeded to 100% Light.

I engage in a whol-istic partnership with you, honouring your journey in how you have experienced yourself in the past, how you experience yourself now, and the truth of who you are, through the integration of body, mind, emotions and spirit. My direct experience is that you, like every being, have the wisdom to find all the answers that already exist within you, by accessing your higher power. You can learn to deepen this for yourself, as you can remember who you are.


Every person lives with joy, pain, wonder, fear, love, understanding and confusion. Yet, your experience of these is unique to you. You lead the way in your exploration and I listen and follow with compassion, objectivity and non-judgment. I stay in step with you, remaining sensitive to your personal experiences, holding a safe space to honour your freedom to explore. To guide you I ask the powerful questions, and I act as your mirror, reflecting your beliefs in the language and actions you choose, and emotions you express. Most often, we move to understand and transform the root cause of your concern. Sometimes, we look into the unfolding path of your soul and monad.


By understanding the source of your concerns, releasing causal energies from deep within your spiritual-energetic foundation, and gaining knowledge of your ascension process and unity consciousness, you see new options to old patterns, gain insights for freedom of choice, and deepen your authenticity to stand firmly in your power as a sovereign Divine being. Together, we review your learning in each session. In addition, you will be often provided with exercises that you can do on your own to further raise your consciousness. Your continued self-awareness between sessions will directly impact the growth you experience, and help you to witness what has and has not changed. You will be able to decide your next steps.  With my encouragement, you can keep the commitments to yourself that will move you in the direction you choose. It is this genuine, collaborative exchange that creates the potential for your clarity and spiritual growth.

[HB_testimonial]“Melinda has a natural gift for healing that is wholly remarkable. Her entire being seemed to resonate with a gracious vibration that easily put me at ease and in a state of complete trust in her abilities to help me.[/HB_testimonial]


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