Mission, Vision and Values



The purpose of my work is to support caring, actively conscious, spiritual individuals (world servers) who are committed to their ascension, awaken to the truth of who they are. The expression of this takes the form of healing facilitation, teaching, being a frequency of unconditional love, and serving as a guide in the higher consciousness being called forth during this unprecedented time of choice and change on Earth.


When one person changes, a ripple of healing is sent through the collective. I wish every person to know how truly rare and precious they are, that they may live that fully, and open to unconditional love for themselves and all sentient beings. May we all wake up one day to be in awe of the peace everywhere.


Who I am and what I do emanate from the same source; what I offer in my services is congruent with my own soul. I respect the sacredness that is in our work when you entrust me to guide you, and I feel blessed. Therefore, it matters to me that you feel honoured, and that the space I hold for you is filled with compassion, gentleness and love. However your journey is unfolding, or whatever your concern, my intention is to help you be peace.

 * patience * kindness * generosity * humility * discipline * purity * diligence *

My intent, consent and authority is with God and the love of truth in Christ/Krystal consciousness, aligned with the Law of One.

God, Sovereign, Free