How My Experience Can Help You

It’s my purpose to be Living Light, for you and everyone.



Mentoring is integrated into my healing sessions with you, in alignment with what is most beneficial for you at your stage of spiritual development. It surfaces intuitively and in a way that naturally supports your session exploration and self-knowledge, without confusing your concerns with my own.

I share from the direct experiences in my own spiritual journey, and what I’ve learned about our multi-dimensional nature, drawing from over 20 years of personal challenges and changes, and continuous learning, now focused through the Guardian perspective and the Energetic Synthesis community (

I feel that by sharing my own ascension journey as I embody sacred, inner balance, I help you to:

  • gain knowledge about your true nature as an energetic-spiritual being
  • grasp spiritual concepts and more easily apply spiritual practices in your own life as you strengthen your inner core Spirit
  • know that you’re not alone as you move through life’s mysteries and twists and turns

We weren’t given the manual on how to live on Earth, so by offering spiritual guidance and some of my gained wisdom from my dedication to this path, I hope to you to help you to feel reassured and supported as you find your own way. You can take what resonates and discard the rest.


Like you, I am a Divine being, living a conscious human experience on Earth. I have had similar feelings of joy, frustration, disappointment, wonder, gratitude, shame and so many more, which gives me the ability to truly understand and empathize. I have moved through resistance, have been challenged to rest in my own heart, and trust my inner wisdom. I have healed addiction to sugar, workaholism, losing my connection with who I was 3 times, illness in my body from severe imbalance, and anger at God. Our common connection comes from our shared struggles, fearsappreciation for the sacredness of life, and our conscious intention to allow Spirit to lead us in our lives. What I’ve witnessed in my 17 years of private practice is that what brings someone to me is synchronicity; there are no accidents. Quite often, when you reach out for support, I have experienced what you are experiencing.


I am deeply committed to the knowing the truth of who I AM; my God-Self as a healing presence of love, my multi-dimensional nature as an Indigo/Starseed, my energy architecture of light, sound and colour, my self-mastery, and my highest soul purpose. This is an on-going journey. I’m curious and love to learn, so I educate myself continually in formal and countless informal ways, organically flowing to where my heart and Higher Self takes me. This is the way that I expand and deepen into my truth to lead the way; to help individuals, like you, to shift from an old paradigm to a new energy consciousness, and understand humanity’s evolution in relation to their personal ascension experiences.

I have committed to my personal healing with regular, focused, deep emotional and clearing work, in the many past years and now. I’m fearless when it comes to digging deep with myself.  With others, I respect that each person has their own pace and rhythm to their inner awareness. My commitment to my own healing  is what enables me to be an objective, effective facilitator who is fully present to your needs; that I can listen and empathize without confusing your concerns with my own, and that I have inner core spiritual strength and clarity to be your supporter, not the one being supported.


Facilitating healing with self-motivated individuals is one expression of my service on Earth. I volunteered to assist humanity in its evolution at this timing, specifically through the rehabilitation and activation of the human DNA template to its original Divine potential. In other words, I’m here to embody the ascension changes to the human bio-computer. This has taken me a while to accept – it’s not an easy one with many physical ascension symptoms. As well, my healing codes assist humans in healing the distortions imbedded in their physical and energetic bodies, and assist the healing of the wild animal kingdom. I experience many challenges  with this soul purpose, and I’m committed to growing and staying in alignment with all that is unfolding!


When Spirit decided that it was time for me to wake up, I was in my 30’s and it was rather intense. Up until that time I was living a life of tired repetition and hollow accomplishment even though I thought I was on the corporate fast-track. Unfortunately, I was repeating the same painful patterns. Life was effortful and I kept pushing until my body became ill – I thank God for that. And I’m grateful for the magical dolphin that catalyzed the shift in my consciousness when I was ready.

When I was willing to acknowledge my pain, my life began to change dramatically. I explored my personal growth from a spiritual perspective to better understand myself – my Spirit. I began to appreciate the universal laws and new concepts that not only opened me up to an entirely new world, but also offered understanding and comfort. I addressed my current beliefs by revisiting the past, and I grew to find my authenticity and strengthen my self-worth and power. I moved to a place of new direction, abundant joy, passion, and possibility. My life changed 180 degrees.


This experience was so profoundly transformative that I chose to leverage close to 10 years experience in the performance improvement industry, change my career, resume my education, and begin my practice with the desire to convey to others that life can be more choiceful.  It was a wise and fulfilling choice that also came with lots of growth and learning.

I now consciously dance my authenticity in all areas of my life. And I’m still learning. However, I can greet each day with more optimism, choice and balance, nurturing my soul with creativity and loving kindness for myself. I hold a higher perspective and neutrality. My intention is to be an expression of God’s Light in the highest form of service, and truly know myself as the Divine, multi-dimensional being that I AM.


When I’m guiding others in session, or groups, I find joy in the absolute perfection of healing. At times, I wish I could have you see yourself through my eyes; whether life takes a dramatic turn for you, or things fall into place, I see how precisely and beautifully the Divine is holding you up, giving you every opportunity to shine. I’m fascinated by the orchestrations of Spirit, and deeply honoured to witness the courage of my clients.

It’s also the simple things that stir my heart: synchronicity, the chirping of birds, and the unconditional love, joy and consciousness of animals. While I spend a great deal of time in silence, my soul comes alive with the expression of soulful and natural sounds, the rhythm of drums and didgeridoos, and my intuitive chanting.


I’ve had an easy and natural ability to look at anything that seems disconnected, chaotic or confusing, and then see the patterns and reorganize them to make sense. This means that when you bring experiences to me, I help you see the connections so you can understand how you have been limiting yourself. You can then take that consciousness and expand on the healing that you received in the session.

I also use my higher sensory perception to cut right to the core of your issues, so your healing takes place at the deepest level possible that I’m aware of, and is efficient and thorough. It was not easy for me to become inward focused and hear my guidance with the clarity and accuracy that I do today, so if you doubt this for yourself, know that’s it possible with practice.

The most unexpected gift that I received from Spirit came from my dedication to my authentic self and my spiritual practices; allowing my voice to be a catalyst for healing.  It was a complete surprise, given that up to that moment, I did not have a singing voice. I still say that I don’t sing well, but I do chant intuitively with a calming and healing effect.


Since 2007, I have been studying ascension and the physics of creation mechanics, actively deepening my multi-dimensional awareness. Being of service to Earth and all of humanity comes through my personal clearing, and healing facilitation.

This knowledge enhances my foundational studies in Spiritual/Transpersonal Psychotherapy, which I completed at The Transformational Arts College (designation R.I.H.R. – Registered in Human Relations). I have also completed studies as a Spiritual Director.

I also obtained certification as a Basic DNA healing practitioner (ThetaHealingTM: Trademarks of Nature Path, Inc.) from founder Vianna Stibal.  I no longer offer ThetaHealing as a stand alone healing process since I find that the expectations with this healing modality lead to a misunderstanding of our true multi-dimensional nature and the inner work required for genuine spiritual growth. Rather, my learning from ThetaHealing has been integrated into my healing work in the form that is now aligned with my highest expression.

My corporate experience that lends itself to my skills as a counselor includes corporate  training, group facilitation, change management, leadership, problem-solving, coaching high-performance teams, and managing human performance. I have been instrumental in guiding employees and managers through organizational design changes and the adaptation of new standards of performance. My abilities to clearly communicate concepts for understanding have been fundamental to my success in moving teams to new learning and growth.

I integrate my personal journey experience, all my professional training and experience and all my on-going education to support you in a way that is customized to your needs.


I feel my journey has been richly rewarding and compelling in its call to choose this path in life. This is my path. Whatever path you choose, I wish for you an unfolding that leads you to the richness of your authentic soul, and brings you to knowing yourself as the infinite field of all possibilities.

Do you feel you could benefit from my experience?

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