Healing Chants

My gifts to you- authentic sacred expressions of my healing voice.

me chanting Chants of Shape and Colour Oct2009When you listen to the chants below, please be still and listen in a quiet, meditative state, with your eyes closed and an open heart.  When the sonic meditation is complete,  allow yourself the space to sit and receive the vibration.  Each healing activation is imbued with an intention as described.

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For more information about how healing is activated with my voice and how it is used therapeutically as well as ceremonially, please go to Healing with Voice


Melindas Song Oct 2009

Melinda’s Song by Terry Sarchuk

“Chanting with such eloquence and purity of spirit!”

“Absolutely wow.”

To listen to each chant, be sure to turn off the website’s background chant (In Mother’s Heart Womb). This is found at the top of the right sidebar and under the menu bar.  With each audio file below, there is a normal, brief delay as it buffers and loads to your computer.

Let There Be Peace

A prayer for Earth’s liberation and to honour our loved ones.

Total Run Time: 2 mins. 35 secs.


Earth’s Sacred Heart

A moment to pause, breathe and pray for Earth, all of humanity, our children, the animals, and all of Nature.

Total Run Time: 1 mins. 33 secs.


Summer’s Song for Amplifying Love

May this intuitive chant help your heart to flow with purity and amplify love. In a meditative state, bring your awareness to an idea, person or thing that evokes a feeling of love. Allow the feeling to anchor in your heart. Intend to generate and expand this vibration of love as a pure white wave (not green or pink). Visualize, intend, or sense a white light frequency and flow this energy outward to the rest of your body and auric field. Enjoy as long as you wish. My gratitude to the birds for their joyous collaboration!

KA RA YA SA TA AA LA (KRYSTAL) are the seven tones of original creation, assisting in the re-encryption of the DNA, and supporting the Krystal/Christos Blueprint.

Total Run Time: 6 mins. 50 secs.



12-21-12 Healing Vocal Meditation

This is the chant featured as the background music of this website. On December 21, 2012, the core of our beloved Mother Earth came into direct alignment with the Sun and our Galactic Center – the Heart of all Creation. Many had already been feeling the push from the Father God principle to personal inner transformation, and to join with Mother God.  This continues, and it is a never-before-on-this-Earth opportunity to come into deep alignment with your Essence. Being still and in quiet receptivity is highly recommended.

May this sound meditation help you to surrender into the cradle of the Universal Mother’s love, and allow you to remember the truth of who you really are – a radiant vibration of Light, Love and harmonic tones, united with everyone and everything, All That Is.

Total Run Time: 5 mins. 44 secs. For this meditation, I recommend increasing the volume to its fullest.



This peaceful chant is intended to bring you into surrender with your deepest truth: you are Source/God. Inside you, in each atom, is a tone of purity, a crystal clear frequency. Prior to listening, please take a few minutes to enter into a meditative state. Sink into your body and focus on your breathing. Let your consciousness be tuned to your God-vibration. Welcome it. Surrender to it, and let it rise and swell within you. Allow yourself to simply follow the softness of the chant as it fades to silence. Remain in your stillness to bask in the vibration of your Divine peace.
Total Run Time: 3 mins. 17 secs.


[HB_testimonial]“Your voice is amazing. It’s very easy to feel the energy you give and translate it into shapes and colors. It seems simple and comfortable; your voice instantly creates a peaceful space and helps me to feel safe and protected. Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to paint the beauty of your voice tonight. That was a privilege.”[/HB_testimonial]



This soft healing activation is intended to take you into your centre where you vibrate with your truth. It is a simple toning of “ah”, the sound of the heart. Dive into your Essence as though it were the pool of all peace, for it is this. It is recommended that you centre yourself into stillness and play this recording at a relatively low volume to avoid hearing distortion from the rubbing of the crystal bowl (begins at 3:15 secs.). Allow yourself to bask in the gentle sound, and then afterward, rest in the vibration while you sit in silence and stillness.
Total Run Time: 5 mins. 59 secs.



This healing activation is intended to assist you in letting go – even if for a short while. It begins with a guided meditation for breath transformed into an intentional sound and sigh (approximately 4 mins.). It is followed by a soft, sound healing with crystal and Tibetan bowls, and chimes.
Total Run Time: 12 mins. 46 secs.



This healing activation is intended to release the ego’s illusion that expansion of Self is satisfied by more (quantity), and transform the greed to movement inward, the only place expansion can occur, the soul (quality). Before you listen, set the intention with yourself to release greed and embrace Oneness. You may wish to be specific by intending to relinquish something that you already know your ego repeatedly wants more; for example, more clothes, more entertainment, more sweets, more denial. As you listen, please first focus on your root chakra at the base of your spine, and then as you feel the shift in the chant, focus on the crown of your head. You will feel expansion from this so feel free to listen anytime you desire more.
Run Time: 5 mins. 43 secs.



This healing activation is intended to dissolve polarities that you hold within you, and release any aspect of yourself that you compare with others. It facilitates the strengthening of your sense of power and opens your heart. Before listening to this sonic meditation take a few minutes to centre deeply into stillness and the voice of your inner wisdom. Ask yourself, “How would I like to receive this dissolution of polarities within myself?” and/or “What do I wish to release of my comparisons?” Use whatever arises from within you as your intention. For example, if you receive the guidance that you have a tendency to see yourself as wrong and others right, make it your intention to release this polarity. If you find yourself constantly comparing your own appearance with that of others, set the intention to release this critical assessment. Then place your awareness on your solar plexus and heart, the upper two-thirds of your torso, and simply hold your intentions as you listen. When the chant is complete  be still in the vibration for whatever time feels comfortable.
Run time: 7 mins. 17 sec.


* Melinda’s Song

The image on this page is a stunning painting by Terry Sarchuk, Stittsville (Ottawa) artist and friend. She painted her canvas as I chanted for two hours, and visually birthed a medium for awakening and connectivity in love. The moment I saw this painting, even before it was complete, it spoke to me through its colours and shapes; I saw mammoth crystals and an angel watching over them. Months later, in a healing session, the truth of this was revealed; in a past Atlantean life I was a Light Guardian for these crystals, conscious beloved beings. These friends returned to me in gratitude and appeared to me as orbs of soft multi-coloured light, each carrying crystal sound tones. Their essence was conveyed by Terry in the soft, transparency of pastel colours she intuitively brushed into this work of art months earlier. These tones are always with me now when I chant, and they grace me with their purity. There is so much more that could be said about this painting and the gifts it continues to give to me, Terry and its appreciative, loving owner who connected me with Terry at the start of this journey. But in this moment, let me just say that this painting reminds me of how miraculously our moments and our lives are one, entwined by rich synchronicities of grace. I am deeply honoured and touched that Terry chose to name this painting “Melinda’s Song.” My loving gratitude to Dianne and Terry for appreciating the sacred sounds that they heard channeled through me, and setting all this beauty in motion.