Expressions of gratitude for release, en-lighten-ment and joy.

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“Amâeil is not just a gifted and masterful healer.  She is also a razor sharp intuitive guide, and a powerful and compassionate coach/mentor.

This “holy trinity” of talents in a person is unusual.  Within one session with Amâeil, I cut to the core of a persistent pattern, felt immediate empowerment and received relief from chronic pain in my hip (and more).  Amâeil is the real deal!” (A.A., Ontario, Canada, via phone)


“I am a dedicated student of my own spiritual development, as well as a guide for others while being on the faculty of one of the world’s oldest and largest in-person coach-training and leader-development companies….

I can say that working with Amâeil has provided some of the most impactful and transformative healing I have experienced.

Amâeil has unique gifts; she integrates several healing methods, and works multi-dimensionally, which has supported me to have some of my greatest, life-changing break-throughs. I’ve called on her support in times when I have felt stuck; when I have ‘done my work’ on the issue of my concern and I’ve exhausted it on this plane, but I am aware that there is something deeper to be released or healed, and I do not have the consciousness to access it. With Amâeil, we don’t stop until we’ve found ‘it’ and then we dig 10 times deeper in order to release the self-limiting beliefs, blocks, traumas, and various influences once and for all. If you are serious about your spiritual development, healing and evolution, and willing, open, and ready to be an active participant in this process for life-changing results, then work with Amâeil.” – Christie Mann, Director of Co-Active Organizational Transformation & Faculty, CTI, California, via phone)


“I appreciate all that you have given in terms of my growth ….

“You are excellent at holding space for this very delicate type of trauma.”

(Florida, USA, via phone, Focusing & Multi-dimensional clearing)


“I noticed a profound and immediate shift for me after our session.”

…even my husband responded openly to what you recommend for him. I already observe a positive shift in him:))) (Toronto, Canada, via phone, AoA Hieros Gamos System)


“…today, I’m a totally different woman”

“On so many levels and layers within my being today, I’m a totally different woman…I feel such a huge difference.  I’m lighter, relaxedfeeling at peace …..feeling pretty much back to my happy center. Bravo!” (B.C. Canada, via phone, Multi-dimensional clearing)


 “…my finger is now straight!”

I have worked with Amaeil for the last three years. Working with her has been rich and very helpful. I feel that each session has created within me an awareness of greater spaciousness, more peacefulness. I am a family systems therapist and am used to doing a lot of personal work. I contacted Amaeil to help me look at some remaining challenges. There were places where I had done all I knew to do already and continued to feel stuck.

I write today because of an unexpected experience after our last session. I have a growing awareness that healing can happen in an instant once energy shifts direction. We touched upon this and my relationship to faith during our work together last week. For the last 6 years or so I have had a painful contraction in a finger on my left hand. I saw a hand surgeon when I first got this who explained that surgery is used to correct the condition. I decided to wait. Yesterday I noticed that the condition had worsened. This happens periodically and I try to stretch my hand out when it does. I did this yesterday and I heard/felt a loud plop. Suddenly I felt a lot more space available to me in my hand. As this happened I had a strong sense that what was unfolding was directly related to the work Amaeil and I had done 48 hours before. My finger is now straight! This was not only a very welcome and unexpected development but a reminder that as we step into each new moment it is important not to be bound by what we have known to date. In each new moment anything is possible. (New York, via phone, AoA Hieros Gamos System)


“…fear has subsided”

“I feel more relaxed and open.  I noticed a change for the better in my relationship with my boyfriend especially – there is some sort of fear that has subsided.” (Toronto, via phone, AoA Hieros Gamos System)


“I can feel my sparkle come back.”

“I had a dream: all of the people were all telling me how amazing and talented I am…I felt their love and support and with that I could feel my power and confidence build, so much so that I didn’t doubt myself at all.  I woke up with such a warm, peaceful feeling. That confidence in myself has been growing and deepening all week. I can feel my sparkle come back.” (Toronto via phone, AoA Hieros Gamos System)


“The mind chatter stopped….”

“I wanted to share with you my experience after our last session.  The next day felt extraordinarily peaceful.  The mind chatter stopped and it felt so good…..Now I feel how powerful staying in my own space is.  I also did the 12 dimensional shield meditation at night and sometimes in the morning.  That helped a lot as well….. I was able to see the impact the pattern of not believing in myself has had and turn it around; I caught myself feeling a need for recognition, which I have been doing for some time now. Once I became aware of that, the need was released and I detached from the outcome. The next day that person welcomed me with more of an open heart than ever before. That was an awesome experience and knowing that this actually transpired on energetic level was even more amazing.” (via phone, AoA Hieros Gamos System)


“I’ve never worked with anyone who can lead me right to the core of things like you can.”

(Toronto, healing long distance by phone, integrated services.)


Immediately after the healing I was a different person; the heaviness lifted off my shoulders and my pain was no longer visible in my face. I was beautiful. “Pain and sorrow” just didn’t exist for me anymore….
I feel like somebody again and I’m happy

“The healing I experienced with Melinda was amazing.  I was always seeing so much pain and sorrow on people’s faces and feeling their sadness in my heart that I wanted to help everybody. With Melinda’s guidance however, I learned that the pain and sorrow was actually my own. My Dad passed away 4 years ago and my Mom in 1985 and I was missing them so much. I felt like nothing inside and that I had lost everything when they died. Knowing I would never see them again was like a knife going through me. But with theta healing I was able to let go of the pain and sorrow. Immediately after the healing I was a different person; the heaviness lifted off my shoulders and my pain was no longer visible in my face. I was beautiful. “Pain and sorrow” just didn’t exist for me anymore. Instead, I felt happiness and joy move through me. As I worked with Melinda, she made me feel important. She is an angel. I am now a different person thanks to her. I feel like somebody again and I’m happy. This healing that Melinda offers is beautiful. I would pick up the phone and call right away and have a session. You will be glad you did.” (via phone, ego dismantling and core pattern release)


“….healed my severe back, hip and leg pain- pain that other treatments could not alleviate at the causal level….
no longer debilitates me.”

“Through core pattern release we were able to uncover why a dark depression consumed me exactly the same time each month. We shifted the underlying beliefs and emotions so that it no longer debilitates me to the point of feeling so out of control and lost. We also healed my severe back, hip and leg pain- pain that other treatments could not alleviate at the causal level. Now I feel much lighter, can enjoy life more fully, and know how to listen to my body. This healing is powerful.” (Perth, Ontario, energy psychotherapy)


“…I was procrastinating and …afraid to step into my power. We were able to get to the root belief in one sessionMy awareness has heightened and so has my intuition.”

“I knew I needed to find a full-time job but was procrastinating and quite didn’t know why. Melinda used theta healing with me in a phone session and helped me to uncover some beliefs that were blocking me and making me afraid to step into my power. We were able to get to the root belief in one session. Now I feel more at peace, lighter, calm, safer.  I have more confidence in my self and I know that nothing bad will happen to me.  This was an incredible experience.  I hear my ego that much more, especially the saboteur, but I work with it.  My awareness has heightened and so has my intuition.” (Toronto, via phone, integrated services)


“Melinda has a natural gift for healing that is wholly remarkable.  Her entire being seemed to resonate with a gracious vibration easily putting me at ease and in a state of complete trust in her abilities to help me.”  

I had never experienced healing like this before, but a few moments into the experience I knew that it was the right thing for me, and that Melinda was the right person to introduce me to this practice. Her kind counsel helped me to deal with an issue of physical health that had a deep psychosomatic origin, and she elegantly guided me with a wisdom and gentleness that gave me renewed faith in the powers of positive intentions.  Even though we conversed by phone, the healing energy she exuded was palpable and very effective.  I highly recommend energy psychotherapy to anyone who seeks a greater sense of physical health, emotional well-being and spiritual fulfillment.” (Ottawa, energy psychotherapy)


“I’m not sure how core pattern release works, all that I know is that it does….the belief holding me back or not working for me just goes.
It’s gone!”

“I’m not sure how core pattern release and ego dismantling works, all that I know is that it does. During the session, when Melinda is transforming a belief I hold, I feel a surge of energy and sometimes I can’t help smiling with delight. And then, the belief holding me back or not working for me just goes. It’s gone! My conscious work is that sometimes I have to reaffirm that I no longer want that belief to be part of my life. But it’s just a brief moment in which I can catch myself and make a choice, and it’s very easy to do. I no longer accept that my beliefs cannot change. They can! ” (Ottawa, core pattern release)


             “I can’t fully express how grateful I am to Melinda for her professional guidance, support and emotional healing. ……I am still amazed at what great strides we met in such a short period of time……I was stuck in an unhappy relationship and dealing with issues of emotional eating and low self-worth… her guidance and theta healing helped alleviate my anger and create positive changes in my diet and attachment to food.”

I just have to share some experiences. Although we didn’t get too deep into my relationship issues in the very first session, Melinda knew I had a lot of hurt and anger and did some emotional release to help release that. I didn’t really think much of it at the time.  Like most of my sessions with Melinda I ended the session feeling at peace and happy. The next morning while getting ready for work I started thinking of all the hurtful events that happened with my partner—usually this would put me in a deep depressive spiral or I would feel so angry I would want to physically hurt him.  Instead I noticed that I felt a “hot flash” in my heart chakra and then those negative thoughts were gone!  I was quite surprised at the time and stood there wondering what just happened. I felt at peace and a strange mellow calm which lasted the rest of the week.  Let’s just say after working with Melinda, I’m now a total believer in this healing—I’m not sure what is going on but it works!

When I was happy, stressed or depressed I would eat—usually junk food or takeout. I felt that  food was the only thing that gave me happiness in life.  I would have to eat the whole bag of chips because I wanted to “hide” the evidence, and tomorrow was going to be a “new day”. I could not believe the immediate results from the healing and through Melinda’s guidance!  First I noticed that I could have junk food in the house and I wouldn’t eat it all. I could actually have treats in my cupboard and they lasted all week!  This eventually stretched out into several weeks, and then I just didn’t feel that urge or desire to buy that junk food anymore!  I am now also equipped with the tools to handle my emotions when I’m upset or stressed instead of turning to food.  I’m still amazed that I can do that now!!

Each week, through her perceptive guidance and focused attention, Melinda just kept peeling away at the layers and uncovering some unhealthy beliefs I had been carrying around for years. Each week I felt my confidence grow and old belief system crumbling. Thank you Melinda for all your help. I am so blessed to have met you!” (Toronto, via phone, integrated services)


“She listens and does not judge.”

“I enjoy working with Melinda and am blessed knowing her.” (energy psychotherapy)


“I no longer react in the same old ways to the same degree, or at all!  Life has become easier somehow.”

“I give great thanks to Melinda for the positive changes in my life. The healing methods that she used with me are a great part of that.  I feel different and know I am different since releasing old, invalid beliefs. My situations have not changed, but I have. I no longer react in the same old ways to the same degree, or at all!  Life has become easier somehow. Whereas I had been uncomfortable in some situations before, I can now very comfortably allow them to just be. I am able to process them better by witnessing them and feeling my way through them. Then I choose more appropriate ways of dealing with someone or something. In the past year, after taking classes on relaxation and meditation with Melinda, and then healing with various other services she offers, my life has changed only for the better!” (Kemptville, integrated services)


“You have such an amazing gift”

I feel very grateful that I have an opportunity to work with you.” (Toronto, integrated services)


           “Thank you for acknowledging me, my story and my pain….Thank you for teaching me to breathe, to connect to myself and to forgive myself. You are a huge part of my new awareness of me and the passion in my heart.”

“Melinda, thank you for being exactly who you are. You are someone I respect and admire, and I aspire to achieve the calmness and contentment that you project. Thank you for opening your home and your heart to me. Thank you for really listening to me and for knowing when to push and when not to. Thank you for knowing your gifts and abilities and sharing them with me. Thank you for overcoming your own pain and giving back to women that need your strength and wisdom. Thank you for acknowledging me, my story and my pain. Thank you for teaching me to breathe, to connect to myself and to forgive myself. You are a huge part of my new awareness of me and the passion in my heart.”(Toronto, energy psychotherapy)


“I now live a much more conscious and guilt-free life, looking inside of myself for my own happiness.”

“When you’re ready to get rid of years of buried, painful emotions, Melinda can help.  I never knew that releasing them could be good for your soul, but with Melinda’s encouragement there were no more reasons to keep them bottled in. When your life is not working for you and you’re tired of that dent in your forehead from hitting the same wall again and again, go talk with Melinda.  I now live a much more conscious and guilt-free life, looking inside of myself for my own happiness. Thank you Melinda for making my life’s journey so much better!” (Merrickville, energy psychotherapy)


“Her suggestions were simple, effective and life changing….I discovered personal strengths and courage that I had always
failed to recognize.”

“After struggling with a food addiction unsuccessfully for years, I decided to get help. Melinda listened to my problems, asked specific questions to help me identify my feelings and gave me tools to use every week to build my self worth. Her suggestions were simple, effective and life changing. As a result of my work with Melinda, I discovered personal strengths and courage that I had always failed to recognize. Now I live in the present and I no longer use food to disguise my problems.” (Merrickville, energy psychotherapy)


“Every time I have met with Melinda in person or for a phone consultation she has been professional, present, focused, and committed to the work.

“I recommend her with confidence to anyone who wants change in their life, who is struggling with a decision,  or who wants to hear more clearly the voice of their soul.” (Toronto, integrated services)

“I was in a very confusing and painful space and you helped me to clear the forest somewhat so that now I can see the trees.”

“Thank you for the wonderful afternoon we shared.  I love my Living Vision that you assisted me in putting together for myself. Your compassion, warmth, and desire to help me came through. It was a great experience.” (Toronto, Living Vision of Spirit)

 “I’ve gone from treading a slippery, crumbling slope to walking on solid rock that offers firm footing without looking for others to steady and validate my existence.  Thank you!”

“Melinda, I want to express my deep appreciation for your guidance during the work we have done together.  I feel that I have finally faced and banished old ghosts, some of which I didn’t know haunted me, yet steadily took their toll.  I’ve also come to know and acknowledge my inner child, understanding for the first time the beliefs he formed that have coloured more than five decades.  The beliefs too have been banished, or at least modified, with the result that I feel more comfortable with myself than ever before.  Overall, I feel that as a result of your efforts and insights I’ve gone from treading a slippery, crumbling slope to walking on solid rock that offers firm footing without looking for others to steady and validate my existence.  Thank you!” (Merrickville, integrated services)


“Working with Melinda has been nothing short of a transformational experience!  Within a safe and supportive environment, Melinda assisted me in reconnecting with ‘my inner essence’, allowing me to live a more meaningful and abundant life.

“As a fully satisfied client, I would definitely recommend her to those who are committed to their own continuous self-discovery, spiritual awareness and development.”
(Toronto, energy psychotherapy)

“I was anxious about life and afraid to make decisions. I carried a victim mentality, was dependent on others, and afraid to face the unknown…..Melinda always tailored our healing sessions in the best possible way…..ensuring that I always took responsibility for continuing to heal myself…I have finally begun to step into and
live my truth.”

“Two years ago, I realized that I was at a point in my life where I felt I needed to change. …I started to search for an answer and I came across Melinda’s website. She supplied a wealth of information about the services she offers and I was immediately drawn.

In the two years that I have been seeing Melinda, she has helped me empower myself so that I could break free from negative patterns that were no longer serving me. She showed me the power of energy; how to work with it and attract the things that would best serve me. I became aware of the confidence, trust, and strength that I already had to move forward and to embrace my independence.

Her healing practices are such that it allows one to not only benefit from a single session, but to also learn tools to continue with the healing process. After listening to the issues that had surfaced,  Melinda always tailored our healing sessions in the best possible way. I found this of great benefit as every session could be a combination of her different skills, or centered on one healing practice that best served the session. She truly is the guide; ensuring that I always took responsibility for continuing to heal myself and continuously encouraging this process.

My life has changed in ways that I once thought were impossible. I could have never envisioned such a change in perspective within myself and my general outlook on life. Through ego dismantling, core pattern release, energy psychotherapy and sound work, I have finally begun to step into and live my truth. She has helped me to embrace the person that I truly am. There are no words of gratitude that I could ever express for the amazing gifts of healing Melinda has given.” (Ottawa, Integrated Services)

“After the coaching session with Melinda Urban, the issue I brought to the table was clarified and resolved.”

Melinda was able to do this by asking the right questions, so I gave myself the right answers that brought light into the situation. Now that is good coaching.” (via phone, energy psychotherapy)


“…wonderful sensitivity…”

“Many thanks again for your wonderful sensitivity during our phone consultation, a few weeks ago.  I truly benefited from it and want to acknowledge your precious support.” (via phone, energy psychotherapy)


“With Melinda’s guidance, my Living Vision of Spirit that emerged will be a tool that I reference when I face decisions.”

(Other Affirming Offers, Living Vision of Spirit)


“…very intuitive and perceptive, fully present and focused.”

“I found the experience of working with Melinda to be enlightening. She was very intuitive and perceptive, fully present and focused. Her capacity to be an objective observer, allowed her to effortlessly outline themes in my life, of which I was previously unaware.” (integrated services)


“…asking all the right questions…to realize these new possibilities.”

“Thanks for the coaching session the other day….you really have a way with words and asking all the right questions!  Today I had even more insights. If I hadn’t had that coaching session with you, I don’t think I would be in the right frame of mind to realize these new possibilities. I just wanted to say thanks! ” (energy psychotherapy)


     “…my knees often caused me severe pain…expertly guided me in uncovering the beliefs that were the root cause of the pain……the severity of the pain is gone because of the psychological weight that’s been lifted away.”

“Throughout my adult life, my knees often caused me severe pain, and I believed this was due to the many years I had played soccer.  A medical doctor had recommended reconstructive surgery on both knees, which entailed a six-month period of traction and intensive rehabilitation per leg.  Only upon working with Melinda did I discover that the severity of the pain was in large part psychosomatic. She astutely helped me identify the metaphor that accounted for the discomfort, and expertly guided me in uncovering the beliefs that were the root cause of the pain.  Her unparalleled assistance provided me the opportunity to reconstruct the psychology of my beliefs instead of the physicality of my knees.  The discomfort now returns only occasionally because of the accumulated physical toll of playing soccer, but the severity of the pain is gone because of the psychological weight that’s been lifted away.  Melinda offered me the gift of her insights, and demonstrated the courage of her convictions in using her natural talents in the service of others.  I highly recommend her to anyone who feels discomforted in any way and who wants to improve the level of wellness in their life.” (Ottawa, psychosomatic focusing)


“Her intuition and wisdom helped me to clearly define my purpose and her enthusiasm for the work was truly inspiring.”

“Melinda is a masterful trail-blazer – she knew all the right questions to ask and areas to explore as she led me through the development of my own vision.” (Living Vision of Spirit)


“…intense lower back pain for nine months…physical treatments of all kinds have led to very little improvementpsychosomatic focusing…brought about the most dramatic and lasting shift in reducing my pain.”

“I have suffered intense lower back pain for nine months following a serious car accident. Physical treatments of all kinds have led to very little improvement. Thank you for inviting me to experiment with this body knowledge approach (psychosomatic focusing). It’s brought about the most dramatic and lasting shift in reducing my pain. Since our session it has been reduced from 1/2 to 1/3 the severity I was living with. I heartily recommend your services to anyone experiencing both physical and psychological/spiritual pain.” (Toronto, energy psychotherapy/psychosomatic focusing)





“Thank you so much for all your time, focus, energy and voice in doing the sound healing on my wrist. Your gift is awe-inspiring and your voice is magical!”

“Well, you just have to experience it!  Melinda’s ability to use her voice for healing is simply extraordinary!  Melinda is able to achieve a specific tone that creates a certain harmonic resonance within the cells of the body that I could actually feel. I experienced a gentle tingling and warmth in the injured area and I knew it was healing.  Again, you just have to experience it!” (Toronto,via phone, healing with voice)


 “The peaceful and joyful feelings it inspired in us all was just magical.”


“Your chanting fitted in so wonderfully. It was so beautiful!  Your presence and participation added a unique flavour to the experience – a true gift to us all.”


”…your solo spontaneous song was beautiful.”


“As we were about to leave the Herb Garden, I heard a melodious, soothing voice and told my daughter I would like to find out which CD it was so I could purchase it. Then we saw you chanting. It was a treat. Thank you so much.”


“I think everyone who attended felt your love radiating to us.”


“…your chanting and guided meditation really helped to create heart coherence in the audience.”

Your voice is amazing. It’s very easy to feel the energy you give and translate it into shapes and colors. It seems simple and comfortable; your voice instantly creates a peaceful space and helps me to feel safe and protected. Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to paint the beauty of your voice tonight. That was a privilege.” (Chants of Paint and Colour)


“Absolutely wow.”


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“Melinda, an absolutely beautiful piece….”

“I so enjoy reading your emails. You definitely have a gift……”


“I like reading your newsletters, Melinda. Grounded, personal, clear, invitational, practical, inspiring. A good read! Thank you.”


“…They remind me to look inside.”


Beautiful and powerful words as always. Thanks Melinda.”

profound and inspiring …. really learned something from it.”


“Thank you for these wonderful thoughts. Reminders and guidance thru the journey of life.”


“How beautiful was that!!!! Thank you for your gorgeous sharings. I feel blessed to receive them.”


“Love your article.  It left me speechless.  It shows a mastery of thought and sentiment that only you can express.”




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