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Looking for healing to support you through these challenging times?

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We’re all doing our best right now to cope with the lockdown and all the changes, and keep life manageable.

But if we’re honest, the uncertainty of change can be unsettling, and stir lots of emotions, questions, and worry about the future.

We may even find ourselves on an emotional roller coaster, feeling fine one day, and then quite fearful or discouraged and resistant the next.

We can feel
out of control * overwhelmed * powerless

That’s okay. It’s understandable.

And still, we have to face it: we would like to believe that life will return to the stability that we knew, but things are not going to be the same. These are growing pains, and humanity is moving through a dark night of the soul. Somehow we have to find a way through these changes and more ahead.

What if you could learn a simple, practical tool to help you
do better than cope:

  • manage your fears
  • clarify the reason for your emotional triggers
  • regain healthy perspective when you’re overwhelmed
  • uncover limiting emotions, thoughts and behaviours
  • redirect your attention to a genuine lighter focus
  • make choices that feel right for you
  • take action with more self-trust, wisdom & inspiration
  • create stability and feel safe

Learn a simple, self-supportive 3-stage process for
managing unpredictable changes in your life
– minor or profound –
with more power and choice.

1 pm – 3:45 pm EDT/Ottawa, Ontario Canada, by Zoom

[to check your time zone]

What you learn will support you your entire lifetime!
Support your family too!

You’ll have an opportunity to consider a personal experience of change that you experienced in the past, or a change that you’re experiencing in the present.

This workshop is for you if:

  • you want to have a strategy to support yourself through change
  • you’re willing to take responsibility for yourself
  • you’re willing to change your limiting emotions & thoughts



INTRODUCTORY PRICE $115 CAD/person (incl. tax)

Registration deadline Saturday, May 2nd, 5 pm. Registration payment is non-refundable. Please ensure that your payment has been completed and that you receive your Paypal receipt. This is the only official confirmation of your payment and registration. If you have any difficulty with the Paypal button above please contact me at

I’m very happy to be offering this workshop at this timing, and a great deal of energy and time has been put into creating it. I also had to overcome a great deal of dark interference that did not want this workshop to occur. I acknowledge that this is a difficult time for many, and though this is an accessible online format for multiple viewers/household, I kindly ask that you honour the per person fee if at all possible. It’s appreciated if you can.

This is a live session and a recording will not be sent to you after the session. As a registered participant you’ll receive a workbook by e-mail the day prior to the workshop in a pdf fillable file format. You will be able to open it and fill it on your computer by using Adobe Acrobat Reader. While many people have this free software, if you do not, you can download it for free here: You’ll be able to save yourself a copy. Alternatively you can print the workbook and complete it with handwritten notes. Please check your e-mail the day prior to the workshop. Sorry, I can’t support any technical issues as I just don’t have that expertise.

The workbook, and Zoom meeting link, will be sent to the e-mail address you use for payment with Paypal. Please add to your contact list to ensure that you receive all correspondence. Please check your “junk mail” folder if you do not see an e-mail from me. When you follow the Zoom link you will prompted to download the Zoom platform – it’s typically easy.

Here’s what previous participants had to say:

“Tremendous value. Thank you Melinda! Your workshop was very helpful and provided me with many insights. Your style is very warm and supportive.”

“I enjoyed the workshop. I highly recommend it.

“I knew that my divorce and my upbringing in a traditional family were affecting me.
I didn’t realize how much until today. Thank you so much.”

“I was only vaguely aware of the personal work I needed to do, and was profoundly moved by Amâeil’s ability to get to the core of the matter.”

Don’t miss this opportunity to bring more
freedom and choice into your life.

Please help me to share this event and tell your friends.
Invite them to register and join us.

I look forward to connecting live and supporting you through these challenging times,

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