Dark Night or Depression?


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As Earth dissolves in its ego-driven reality and shifts into the soul body, a global ‘dark night of the soul’ is currently occurring. Many more individuals are awakening.

Spiritual emergence often comes through a significant life change or crisis. When those things in life that we use as identifiers (marriage, career, job, health, financial wealth) begin to fall away or are lost, we are often pushed to look within, and we can enter into a period of re-assessing our values and seeking the truth of who we are. During spiritual awakening the questions that press upon us are questions like, “What is life?”, What matters to me?, “Who am I?” and “Who/what/where is God?”. It’s from this soul-searching that a new sense of self emerges. (You may also be interested to read: How Do I Trust When My Reality Turns Upside Down?)

It’s important to distinguish the dark nights of the soul from depression for they carry some of the same symptoms but have different outcomes. In a dark night journey, people’s experiences can include chaos, despair, disconnection from the outer world, shame, grief, fear, anxiety, aloneness, and feeling unsafe. These seem to be similar to someone who is experiencing depression but there are differences. Depression can also bring sadness, emptiness, diminished interest in outer activities, insomnia, difficulty focusing, and even thoughts of suicide. However, the distinct difference is that during more severe depression a person feels worthless and stops caring altogether. Instead, during the dark night of the soul there is a pull toward expansion and a desire to know oneself or “figure it out”, and on a deeper level, there is a sense that everything will be okay. Further, during a dark night, non-ordinary states of consciousness/heightened sensory perception can open abruptly. However, if the dark night of the soul is left unattended because the resistance to allow this organic spiritual process is so great, it can lead to depression. Having clarity and insight as to which is taking place for you can direct you to the appropriate support.

Humanity’s evolutionary path right now can seem confusing because it is uncharted territory. There is so much change occurring on our planet and it’s impacting individuals in so many different ways because people are at various stages of spiritual expansion and have undertaken different depths of healing. Some are experiencing fairly abrupt and intense awakenings, and others are seasoned travelers, clearing energy for the collective. But nobody’s journey is black and white, and nobody is ever finished in their personal transformation. Our personal experiences can be indeed layered with ego death without a dark night, and also possibly stir a sense of unworthiness from unhealed, core shame and the shadow self no matter how long we have been on the ascension path.

So if you are unclear, or if you feel stuck or confused, it’s wise to reach out for support. Is any of this your experience now? I can help you clarify which is taking place for you and provide you with the most helpful spiritual guidance and healing.

A special note about children: depression can lead to thoughts of suicide, and it’s important to first acknowledge that suicide ideation is not natural. Please consider healing support for your child.

Supportive Reading:

Dark Night of the Soul, Thomas Moore

Spiritual Emergency, Stanislav Grof

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