Other Affirming Offers

Sometimes receiving Higher Guidance is a confirmation that we already know ourselves. How beautiful to realize this truth.


In addition to one-on-one healing sessions, in which I integrate several profound healing techniques for highly-effective shifts in consciousness, I also provide these stand-alone services, if you feel they would be helpful to you.


I understand that it’s sometimes more difficult to receive clear inner guidance for yourself when it pertains to a very sensitive or deep issue that you subconsciously resist. This is why, even if you have been on a conscious journey for a while, you may seek guidance from someone like me. So I’m grateful to be able to share this gift with you.

While I much prefer integrating my intuitive abilities with healing facilitation and collaborate with you to empower you to receive your own guidance with clarity, an intuitive reading may answer your specific questions and provide the direction you feel you need for your life right now.

These sessions do not involve direct healing facilitation.


This is similar to hands-on healing, whereby energy frequencies are directed to your energy field to clear energy blockages and restore energy flow. In my case, however, I offer sessions long-distance. I work as a vessel for God-Source Light and engage with the support of Krystal Guardian Light Beings in alignment with Cosmic Christ Unity Consciousness and Universal Laws. Sessions of this nature can be facilitated in-person. (Please note that this is not Reiki)


This is an excellent tool if you are new to your healing journey. I’m happy to support you to teach you this simple but highly supportive tapping technique that helps release unsupportive beliefs  by tapping on your energy meridian points. I can also teach you how to go deeper with the process to release layers through to the core of your belief structures. If you’re working to heal a particular area of concern, we discern together what is most relevant to target with your tapping, and I can also provide a customized script that you work with on your own.


Our souls carry the energy of many lives with many experiences, and some energies continue to be limiting in this lifetime’s journey. This is when it is useful to gather information about our personal history before our incarnation into this timeline, and our contracts.

Past Life Regression may be conducted in two ways:

We intend to access a particular timeline that is the origin of the challenge that you are currently living. We can then explore parallels between your past timeline and this one with respect to unresolved issues, and learn from the past.

Alternatively, we can bring you back to the Bardo state between lifetimes, where we access your blueprint for this timeline. You will receive general direction, and often confirmation, of your purpose, life lessons, your life relationships, and where it is most helpful for you to invest your energies moving forward.

In both cases, we ask many questions in a structured format, to gather information and insights about your current journey. Each session is conducted under deep relaxation and you are aware of the experience. As necessary and possible, I can facilitate the release of some energies that are no longer serving you. Time does not usually also allow for in-depth healing with this format.

Please note that past life information will naturally surface during one-on-one healing sessions, when past life patterns, beliefs or emotions are still a part of your ego’s story that we are exploring. Intuitively, you may know, and I will know, when the energy feels beyond this lifetime. I can then easily access core limiting patterns and the beliefs that you are still reliving and release them. For Lightworkers, Starseeds and Indigos, this can profoundly release limitations that prevent you from more fully serving in your truth and authentic power in this journey.

This service is provided for healing purposes, not entertainment. If you are interested in this service, I would be happy to help you discern if structured past life regression is most suitable for your needs, or one-on-one healing.



A Living Vision of Spirit is a written declaration of your unique expression and sacred intention in this timeline.

Dancing in a partnership of discovery with me, you engage in clarifying your thoughts, emotions, values, guiding principles and desires, and what is uniquely meaningful to you that you wish to bring into alignment within yourself.

The inspirational statement you create gives power to your intention. As you honour it with attention, you harmonize with the vibrations that can transform possibilities into your probable reality.

Whether you have personal or business dreams, a Living Vision of Your Spirit can bring you the gifts to flourish. You may engage my services solely for this purpose, or create a vision for yourself as a culmination of our on-going work together.

For the investment of only one afternoon of your time, you can receive a lifetime of joy!


“Melinda is a masterful trail-blazer – she knew all the right questions to ask and areas to explore as she led me through the development of my own vision.  Her intuition and wisdom helped me to clearly define my purpose and her enthusiasm for the work was truly inspiring.

Can you do with a little clarity and confirmation?

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