Meditation – from Crisis to Peace

Candle light

‘Vela Bokeh’

The meditation is suitable for any time we wish to have inner peace.

We have all experienced the perception of crisis at one time or another. It can be a moment or a period in our lives. This is when circumstances suddenly or unexpectedly give rise to a pivotal turning point. Its level of difficulty or intensity can bring us into distress, and we can feel ungrounded, disoriented, worried, anxious or even panicked. Our mind can get busy and clouded. We can feel pain and hurt in our hearts and we may even experience trauma during a crisis.  Our emotions can feel intense, and our central nervous system taxed, as fear and anxiety rise to the surface because we may not yet see a positive outcome. We may feel stretched to the edge of our capacity to cope: our resources and how we have managed in the past feel insufficient.  It may be difficult to accept what is taking place. Our ego wants control, to know what will happen and what the outcome will be. We want to know that we will be safe when the crisis passes. These are the times when we can feel vulnerable and unassured, and it’s difficult to trust, to hold ourselves in stillness and silence, to allow the grace of the Divine Mother-Father God and Holy Christos-Sophia to guide us and work through us, to neutralize our energies and to heal.

There are different types of crises and they vary in intensity and importance in our lives. It’s also safe to say that sometimes these types of crises overlap. Here are a few:

  • Situational Crisis: When the circumstances are unexpected and abrupt, such as in a natural disaster or accident. Trauma can accompany this type of crisis.
  • Emotional and/or Mental Crisis: Our emotional reactions and/or thoughts are overwhelming, out of control, highly distorted, or extreme, and it’s difficult to return to inner balance. Whether for a short or extended period of time, this distress can bring about pronounced changes in mood, behaviours, habits, and grounding routines in life.
  • Spiritual Crisis: When our inner self is conflicted as our consciousness expands. For example, we may experience a crisis of commitment to our God-Self and surrender to the Divine. Another example is an identity crisis as we let go of who we think we are or an aspect of ego. A crisis can also emerge when what we thought we knew to be true is thrown into question. These can manifest as sympathetic dis-ease responses in specific areas of the body.
  • Developmental Crisis: As we move through the natural stages of growth in our life cycle, we anchor our healthy self-perceptions and acquire levels of independence, competence and inner security. However, we can move through these stages and build confidence, or feel disrupted and fragmented.

In truth, anything can bring us into a perception of crisis when we don’t have the resources or the self-mastery to cope. This type of life-changing experience is an opportunity: it can take us into healing or take us into decline. Our choice is in our response and our ability to manage the imagined fears and hold ourselves in calm and compassion.

This meditation is intended to bring us into healing, to know that the highest possibility in all events, in all moments of crisis, in all life’s difficult and challenging situations, is accessible. We can uphold truth. It is our birthright.

Guided Meditation for Managing Crisis

Before you begin, please turn off the website’s “background sound” in the upper right corner of this page. If, on your browser, you have a sound icon on the tab of this website page, do not turn this off. This cancels all sound on my webpage and you won’t be able to hear the meditation.

Please prepare for this meditation by bringing yourself into a quiet, sacred space. Build your 12th-dimensional shield. For those unfamiliar with the process, you may wish to prepare by reading about this foundational ascension tool, and watching the guided video (scroll to the bottom) a few times so that you too can build your 12D Shield. This will amplify the healing and help protect your energy field.


Run Time: 32 mins. 42 secs.

My home office is an imperfect sound studio: please excuse any imperfections in the recording especially if they are disruptive to you.

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