Case Studies

It is truly miraculous that when you allow yourself to listen to your inner wisdom, speak your truth, and open to receive, amazing grace unfolds.


The following case studies describe actual client sessions and the results achieved through the various techniques used in the healing process. *The names have been changed and details intentionally omitted or altered to protect the confidentiality of clients. The results are unchanged.

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Case Study – Avoiding the Darkness, Avoiding the Light

Debbie asked for my support because she was afraid that would always be cycling into negativity with herself. It seemed that she would be drawn into the negativity, feel overwhelmed by it, and then have a hard time pulling herself out. Each time this happened it took its toll. It kept her from living authentically and expanding.

We were first guided to look at the core of this, which was her relationship with herself – a sense of unworthiness. It’s common for individuals to feel that they would be unaccepted in their truth and authenticity, and perhaps even disappoint or hurt others.

While Debbie had awareness that the darkness within could serve as a catalyst for transformation, when we looked even more deeply we could see other timelines of influence, where she experienced darkness to be harming and overpowering. She had been hurt by the use of black magic, and blamed herself for being unable to overcome it. She still felt that it was best to avoid the darkness altogether and distracted herself. She kept herself imbalanced in her masculine energy. This meant that the darkness was still really controlling her, and she would never truly heal this.

So what would help her in this incarnation was to face her shadow so she could actually see it, rather than remain in conflict with it and keep recycling it. In others words, once she was able to see its origins and the pattern, she would be unable to ignore her own delusion that hanging onto the pain was serving her better than if she actually faced it.

The true healing was in allowing an integration of these aspects of self that were in conflict: the part that felt it was futile to look at the darkness, and the part that felt she needed to keep trying to push past it. It was helpful to raise her consciousness to realize that when she simply allowed her fears and the darkness within to surface in her consciousness, and she stayed present to it by turning to this wounded self with the unconditional love of her Higher Self, then she didn’t need to be in fear, and she didn’t need to really do anything but accept it. The power of her Inner God-Source was far greater than any darkness, and she was worthy of this healing.

This healing session allowed her to acknowledge that if she continued to ignore her pain, she would prevent herself from honouring her consciousness expansion, her Light and her purpose. She could now love herself and support herself through the evolution of her healing, and this could co-exist with the emergence of her gifts and her true self.

Case Study – Fear of Business Success, synthesizing polarities through neutral witness

Lila was beginning to grow her own business and found that she was having difficulty getting any individuals to sign up for her program. They seemed interested but didn’t take the next step.

Lila became aware that she held a fear that people would actually register, which seemed very paradoxical since she was excited about her business and wanted it to grow. My higher guidance indicated that there were influences from other timelines, and that her fear was that as her business grew, things would get out of control and she would lose power in having to share what she knew.

We began by focusing into her body and followed the fears. There were several that were related to achieving success and the possibility of abusing power, but most significant was a feeling of claustrophobia that surfaced when she spoke about “more people”. This was a phobia she carried in this lifetime but never understood the source. Through the Hieros Gamos System (HGS) we were able to pinpoint that it sourced from an alien implant and underworld trauma related to DNA strand 1  – the root chakra.

We also processed more emotional layers. She feared that she might make a mistake when she was trying to help others, and therefore would be judged. We were now confronting and synthesizing the  polarity of fear of success, which is fear of failure. By holding neutral, compassionate witness to her ultimate fear that failure would lead her into darkness, we helped her to cross a threshold to see herself as infinite God consciousness. This shifted her perception to being someone who was more open and simply sharing with others in joy.

In summary, her fear was creating contraction and this was relaying a false sense of power within. She became aware that this was incongruent and her potential customers would feel this. However, seeing now that she was God consciousness brought her into non-attachment. This meant that a client could say ‘yes’ or no’ and in either case, she would still be okay.

When we finished the session, Lila felt much less fear than when we began. Still, we both felt there would be more layers to address, as is often the case. However, Lila happily reported that the same evening of our session, she signed up her first client, and the next day she signed up yet another!

Case Study – Feeling Unsafe and Powerless to Move Forward

We are evolving beings: Like many clients who find me when they are opening to deeper levels of multi-dimensional awareness, Wanda felt she had reached a plateau in her journey and was “missing a piece”.

Our higher direction was to support her monadic embodiment with the AoA Hieros Gamos System. As her chakras 7-9 were anchoring into her lightbody and biology more permanently, it required her to clear out more unhealed ego structures, and upgrade her spiritual bodies.

The body reveals the pain: Following the session, Wanda began to feel persistent pain in her upper arms, weakness in the arms, and pain and numbness in her ring and middle fingers. Our arms represent how we reach out to others in our relating, and our hands and fingers are the tools of our trade in our profession. They were having a sympathetic response to the changes required of her. Her fingers also corresponded to the axiatonal lines and the dimensional spheres of her 12-dimensional blueprint that were all immediately connected to her higher heart (chakra 8).

An unsafe Earth: The primary issue was her unconscious resistance that sourced from multi-dimensional memories in other timelines. Persecution for her power had always resulted in death, and she had a long-standing history of feeling unsafe here on Earth. So while she had agreed to come to Earth to be of service she struggled here and didn’t want to move forward in her mission. A very similar inner conflict often surfaces for many awakening clients that are anchoring the next purposeful stage of their spiritual expansion.

While Wanda knew that Earth could be beautiful, like most empaths and heart-centred journeyers, she felt great pain about the cruelty here and was disheartened about humanity! Her coping strategy had been to become more detached in her relating to avoid the frustration and judgement that would sometimes press forward.

Core to that was her self-perception. Her emotional pain was that she had always been a loving being, but here on Earth it seemed her mission was pointless and she was powerless. She subconsciously believed that she didn’t have enough love and failed.

The healing: Just bringing this information to consciousness began to bring immediate relief. Allowing emotional catharsis, releasing the pressure in her higher heart with the sound vibration of my voice, and adjusting her lightbody configuration released almost all the pain while in the session. Wanda continued to integrate and support her own consciousness with specific affirmations, tools and intention.

Case Study – Sudden Back Pain, Addiction and ETs: quick relief and recovery with the AoA Hieros Gamos System.

One day Stephen bent down to pick something up from the floor and debilitating back pain ‘suddenly’ appeared. An occurrence like this is not all that unusual since back pain is such a common complaint. But the source of it is not commonly understood. Often, issues of concern with the lower back point to psycho-emotional issues of self-support and “standing up for oneself”. However, there are other deeper contributors; this case study illustrates how service-to-self/alien entities can manipulate the human bio-computer to anchor long-term disruptions. Fortunately, with the AoA Hieros Gamos System, which is a living consciousness field, I was guided to bring Stephen exactly what was required to be cleared in his body and spiritual-energetic foundation. He was provided with immediate relief, and a very short recovery time. This session was conducted as long distance healing.

Stephen was almost immobilized; walking and his daily routines became near impossible. Going to work was out of the question because he couldn’t lift his foot to the gas pedal of his truck. He described pain in his tailbone area and lower back. Pain is a manifestation of disconnection from God-Source Light, so to address the pain and reduce the inflammation, I was guided to re-establish those connections for various positions and movements of the body. Further, the central nervous system was supported with integration of the brain hemispheres, an upgrade to the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, and an energetic boost of B vitamins.

Indeed, on the level of the mental body Stephen was holding some inherited energies from his mother; she was not self-supportive and therefore, he also learned not to support himself. Stephen confirmed that he had not lived his life from a sense of empowerment.

The 2nd dimensional instinctual body (2nd chakra) is the seat of addiction patterns, so it was not a great surprise that with his lower back pain, addiction programming was brought to consciousness. Addiction to alcohol was a pattern that Stephen had let go many years ago, however, I was guided that a relapse remained possible and it was necessary for him to address why he started drinking. Stephen confirmed that, while he no longer fed the addiction, he had to remain very mindful everyday. It was understandable why this was the case; in his 1st, 2nd and 3rd dimensional bodies were holographic audio and video inserts. These are inorganic structures that were placed into his bio-computer, through manipulation, and contributed to repeating subconscious mind control to drive his addictive state. Upon clearing this, it also became very apparent that there were alien implants affecting his personality triad (chakras 1-3) and his left hip. This manifested much like a harness that wrapped around his lower left leg and knee, which I first clearly felt energetically. Lastly, we removed an entity occupying his body. Given the vulnerability of the body and mind when someone is acting out addictions, entities easily attach and use the individual’s energy.

Several corrections were made to his body at an atomic level, his Dan Tien centre, and his Earth core chakra, strengthening his sense of stability, security and rootedness. Memories and influences, which are like residue, were cleared from the nerve impulses of the coccyx, his cellular blueprint, and his neurology. An upgrade to provide strength and endurance to his central nervous system assisted with his ability to move through the healing integration.

Stephen reported that he immediately felt 2 separate shifts of his energy take place as we conducted the clearing, making it easier for him to get up from bed. However, rest was emphasized for the next few days in order for him to fully recover. After following this guidance, Stephen said he was 90% better in 5 days, and in the next 2 days he returned to driving all day long, without any pain or problem.  

Case Study – Perfection in Healing: intelligent clearing with the AoA Hieros Gamos System.

In life, and so in healing, things are not always as they appear. *Bethany expressed much of her emotional pain through physical pain in her body, primarily in her neck and shoulders. We had been working to clear various layers of this, yet a persisting defensive posture prevented Bethany from allowing herself to feel her deepest emotions, which was essential to her healing. (This is quite common, and is especially true in men, or those with imbalanced masculine energies.) Following our session, after a night’s integration, Bethany reported that her neck and shoulders felt great. However, her hand had swollen overnight. This was not a typical outcome of a healing session; while healing always moves to restore balance, and brings to consciousness the next layer to be addressed, the good majority of the time it’s gentle, especially since I always set that intention with my clients. It certainly was a challenging time for her though she did her best to take it in stride. But the healing intelligence of her Highest God-Self knew exactly what she needed, as did the healing intelligence of the AoA Hieros Gamos consciousness field with which we worked. This was no accident and the best was yet to come.

When blocked energy in the neck area shifts in the body it is not uncommon to have it move down the arms and out in an effort to release completely from the body. I was guided that the arising symptom was emotional and sourced from T1 in the spine (the back of the heart), and we trusted and hoped that it would move through naturally. This was not the case. I was not guided to do more clearing that day, and Bethany’s attempt to see her acupuncturist on short notice was not possible. A day later, when her husband had to step out and left her alone for much longer than intended, she found herself struggling to manage with her child, and carry out the simplest of tasks because she couldn’t adequately use both her hands and arms. Her frustration had been building and now she felt alone. She reached her threshold of holding onto her feelings, and broke open in a deep catharsis of emotion, authentically and deeply acknowledging her feelings of helplessness. It didn’t last long, but it was exactly what she needed.

Her key issue all along had been feeling abandoned and unsupported by both parents, and the feelings of powerlessness and helplessness she carried since childhood. Now this experience was a similar scenario all over again, triggering the old energy that had been keeping her in physical and emotional pain. She could no longer hide behind her cynicism. Bethany told me that after processing that a bit more, the swelling in her hand started to go down rather rapidly. A subsequent visit to her acupuncturist confirmed that indeed the energy block had been at T1 and had cleared.

Further, Bethany noticed other shifts and learnings: the paradigm that she had been holding, which was that the world was punishing, was loosened by her experience that there is indeed a higher purpose, even when things look ‘bad’; she was now able to more easily receive her family’s support by being honest about how she was feeling, rather than hiding and protecting herself; she learned that when she let go of resistance she more easily moved through her pain; and while she cannot control everything, she is not powerless and can align with her own authentic power at any time, in any experience. All this crystallized within one week of her healing session.

While not all healing sessions are this dramatic, they are all perfection; they unfold with a wisdom that only the Divine can orchestrate, individualized for each client, in Divine right order and timing.

Case Study – Healing Severe Back Pain

*Eva came to therapy for several reasons, but in the last several weeks she was also experiencing debilitating back pain. Eva couldn’t enjoy her life and do as she pleased. Sometimes simply going for a walk would bring about such severe pain that her only recourse was to lie flat on her back and be still. Driving was near impossible on occasion. While she received treatments from a chiropractor she was not experiencing long-term relief.

Eva and I first used psychosomatic focusing to address a very bad episode of pain. Our exploration revealed that her pain was related to guilt and anger she was holding from a situation long ago. By the end of the session Eva felt much better, but when she resumed her physical activities the pain returned. In fact, as a result of some preliminary tests, it was thought that surgery would be necessary.

We directly addressed the pain with core pattern release, exploring the belief that she had to live with pain. I conducted an etheric body healing also. Eva and I continued to explore and bring healing to various aspects of her life that were challenging her in other ways and were indirectly contributing to her back pain. We used various methods including talk therapy, inner child work, and chakra emotional release in addition to core pattern release. At one point the pain shifted from her back into her hip and then into her leg. It became clearer that the causal pain was emotional rather than physical, and her chiropractor agreed with this assessment. It also became apparent that Eva was recreating the pain by not listening to her body’s wisdom.

As the sessions progressed gradual improvements were apparent, often the very next day after a session. By the 11th session Eva reported that her pain was almost completely gone, and she now knows how to honour her body and give herself the support she needs.

Case Study – Letting Go of Resentment

*Mark held onto a great deal of resentment, the kind of anger that lingers and builds over time. For years, the anger at his friend was regularly consuming his thoughts, draining his energy, and interrupting his sleep. I suggested that he could easily let this go. However Mark was reluctant to forgive his friend because he believed this meant that he condoned his friend’s behaviour and it would allow this person back into his life. I explained that forgiveness is for ourselves and does not mean we condone another’s actions or have to rekindle relationships. Forgiveness is about choosing to release the heavy energy we carry about another person or a situation. We hold our resentment in our liver, one of the most vital organs in our body for maintaining our wellness. Therefore hanging onto resentment is dis-ease for the body and being.

Having considered this new understanding, Mark agreed to allow the Creator to release his resentment with core pattern release. As the vessel, it took me about 15 seconds to set the intention for this healing.

For the next week Mark verified this healing to himself; he would think about his friend and check to see how angry he felt. To his surprise he wasn’t angry at all. He checked again the next day, and again and again, until he had assured himself that it was true. After all these years, his resentment of his friend had vanished.

Case Study – A Case for Living Your Own Life

The beliefs we carry come from our many past experiences, formed largely in our early childhood. They can be so subtle and deeply buried that we may believe we are living our own lives, when in fact we are living the lives of our parents and their beliefs, patterns and energies that have been passed to us. Such was the case for *Cindy in a very profound way.

Cindy shared that a feeling of being tired, depressed and hopeless had come upon her rather suddenly just a few days previously. She was unaware of what precipitated the noticeable shift in energy so we started to explore the feeling with some body focusing. As is sometimes the case in healing, Cindy resisted allowing herself to hear the truth of inner wisdom, so we followed the resistance to see what it would reveal. In previous sessions we had been exploring her career options including self-employment, and what started to emerge were limiting beliefs that directly limited her self-confidence to succeed in this way. She was holding onto the energy of both her parents. Her Dad had owned his own business for many years but had many difficulties and was currently very troubled. Her mother felt neglected by her husband early in their marriage but chose to stay with him and the children. Cindy recalled that as a child she often told her mother that she couldn’t just leave Dad. Cindy’s mother had passed at a young age and Cindy believed she was responsible for her mother’s unhappiness and therefore her death. Now, not only did she believe that it was imperative she succeed for their approval, but that she was also responsible for their lives. Cindy believed her success was her Dad’s only hope and she had to keep him alive. Further, she believed she had to finish her mother’s life and live the way her mother lived. Clearly, if Cindy were to choose to be self-employed and work from home, she would have much inner conflict with this and have difficulty attracting success.  It was beneficial to Cindy to release these beliefs with core pattern release so she could live her own life. We did so and Cindy reported that the heavy energy she had been carrying had lifted by the end of the session. It did not return. In hindsight she realized that her melancholy arose just after speaking with her father a few days ago and he had been talking about the current difficulties with his business.

Case Study – The Depth of Our Beliefs

Sasha had been experiencing hearing loss in one ear since she was a child and it was rapidly progressing. We first checked the belief “I can hear” and it was not true for her. While it seems that this is simply a fact, remember that a fact is only what is true for everyone. If not, it is a belief. With ego dismantling and core pattern release we began to explore more deeply what was associated with this belief that she could not hear. At a young age Sasha felt the need to be close to her mother; so much so that she felt the need to be just like her mother. Her mother was deaf. For Sasha, sacrificing her hearing was a way of showing her admiration and respect, and letting everyone know the depth of their bond. Sasha’s hearing did not improve yet as a result of this one session. While I asked the Creator for a physical healing for her, there is also likely more belief work to be done, as is often necessary with physical imbalances. No doubt however, we released some significant limiting energy for her.

Case Study – Money Fears

Brandon was concerned about the economic crisis and the implication on his investments. He was aware that he was caught in the fears that were being broadcast in the media and was experiencing anxiety. Our theta healing work uncovered that indeed he did hold beliefs that he will lose lots of money and he will be a victim in this crisis. These beliefs would attract this experience to him so we cleared them. We also uncovered limiting beliefs about his ability to make financial decisions and manage his money, despite already proving to himself that he had chosen his investments wisely. The messages of self-doubt were internalized from family members many years ago and were now triggered, subconsciously feeding his fears. Once this was revealed to him he was able to affirm to himself that if he managed his money well until now, he would do so moving forward as well. Additionally, through theta healing, we also gave him the feelings of living without anxiety and with calmness.

Case Study – Separation from God

Celeste was a firm believer in God. All her life she operated from the principles of goodness; if she was good God was good to her. It was when life wasn’t so good that the certainty of her faith was shaken loose. Our work together revealed that she believed in an old paradigm of God, one with which many people are raised; God rewards our good deeds, and should we choose otherwise, we will be punished. Perpetuated by her religious upbringing, Celeste carried a fear of God. Only in exploring her beliefs through talk therapy, inner child work, and core pattern release did she realize just how much of an impact this fear had in her life: she couldn’t understand why God would give her difficult experiences, life seemed random and frightening, she felt abandoned at times, she didn’t trust God to provide what she needed, God was external to her and had power over her so she felt powerless, she had to be perfect and please God, and because she felt that she had not held enough compassion for others, she would be rejected by God when she died.

Further, Celeste came to understand that God is not separate from her but within her, and so what she believed God was doing to her was a reflection of what she was doing to herself and believing of herself. For example; if God was a punishing God and she was experiencing less than an ideal life, then a part of her believed that she must be bad. It wasn’t God punishing her, she was actually punishing herself.

It’s worth noting that many, many people believe, subconsciously, that they have been abandoned by God. In truth, they have abandoned themselves and God – their Spirit. It is this illusion of separation that creates a sense of powerlessness in their lives, and serves as the foundation for many life difficulties.

Celeste’s challenge was to reconcile her old beliefs of God with her new understanding of the Universe that had emerged through her spiritual growth. While recognizing that developing our relationship with God and learning mastery over our ego is our human evolutionary experience, it was still possible to directly address and release the old beliefs she was carrying that no longer supported her new view of the world. These are substantial paradigms. Remember that these beliefs are not only held at the core level from our childhood experiences but generations past and all history of humanity. Still, it is possible to change them with theta/DNA healing.

Case Study – The Healing Power of Light and Sound

Abbey expressed concern to me about water retention in her legs as well as discomfort in her bowels. We knew that fluid retention was related to the build up of emotions, and our emotional energy centre is the sacral chakra below the navel. Psycho-emotionally the legs and feet are concerned with self-support and stability. While this was accepted knowledge, we used the process of dialoguing with her body to understand what specifically was creating this condition for her. We followed the unfolding of information and energy movement.  A dense energy was wrapped around her sacral chakra and on both her lower legs. Further, we distinguished that there were two stagnant energy spots below her knees on both legs. Abbey shared that she had experienced nerve pain in these spots years back. Her body informed her that this was the outcome from a difficult time in her life, prompting her to remember that at she had moved to this country, married and undertaken a large project all at once. The experience of all these changes in convergence was Divinely designed to shake her to her foundation and serve as a catalyst for her conscious, spiritual journey. With the higher intention fulfilled, the consequence of dis-ease in her legs could be healed.

While serving as a conduit of Light I intuitively directed sounds to her right leg.  This awakened the stagnant zone, moved the energy up through her body and into her hand, and soon she felt her leg fill with radiant light. Using harmonics I also sounded over her sacral chakra and Abbey said she sensed it was like a geyser releasing water, but she was directed that she needed to release the emotional energy from her heart. This was accomplished with more tender sounding and Abbey openly cried. She also noticed that her hand was slightly trembling, which often happens when emotional energy builds within her. After the cathartic release this trembling stopped. Once we attended to her other leg I sent more sound vibrations to both legs at once. Abbey shared that she felt the energy rise up through her and out her crown chakra releasing more blocked energy. I witnessed the power of this in the shift of Abbey’s breath and her body’s response. In closing, her body communicated that the healing had generated energy movement in her lower legs and the fluid in her body was moving more easily. Her legs and feet were now feeling much better but they wanted more love and attention. It was still necessary that Abbey continue to send love to her body regularly to continue the healing we had begun in this healing session.

Case Study – Body Dialoguing, Core Pattern Release and Sound

Stephanie had experienced chronic shoulder pain for the past 10 years. Acupuncture, physiotherapy, chiropractic treatments and massage were unable to release the pain permanently. With an understanding that the emotional layer of the pain needed attention Stephanie sought my help. We began with psychosomatic focusing, a form of body dialoguing which revealed the pain’s origin. We followed it’s evolution until we understood why it was persisting and what was required of it to heal. We used a combination of core pattern release to release the beliefs that were being held in Stephanie’s body where the pain was expanding. In addition I allowed intuitive vibrational tones, including harmonics, to shift the energy. The pain in her shoulder and neck were the first to ease, moving from intense pain to nothingness. However, she then became aware of painful energy at key points in her arm. I continued to sound tones while she gave me feedback. Within minutes she was free of this pain as well. We concluded the session by integrating the energies on the right and left side of her body and anchoring the healing with intuitive chant. At the end of the session Stephanie shared that she felt different and left my office pain free.

Case Study – Grieving Losses, and The Power of Trusting Your Higher Self.

Amber sought my support because she was feeling depressed and also experiencing anxiety for which she didn’t know the cause. As we explored her history it came to light that Amber had suffered many losses in her life. Recently she had suffered several but as she focused her awareness on them she realized that she was also connecting with losses in her life from long ago. This often happens if we have not processed our feelings at the time of a loss; something painful that happens in current day triggers painful feelings from the past. Unresolved grief can be all consuming, occupying the energy field with heavy vibrations and leaving little space for joy and love. For Amber, it resulted in a disconnection from her inner life, which branched into the related heart chakra issues of always taking care of others and abandoning herself.  She very much wanted to bypass this difficulty by finding a solution; she felt if she focused on her work it would address the problem. While clarifying her goals and purpose in work were valid, I encouraged her to persevere with honouring her feelings and processing her losses, despite the challenge of it. In one session when Amber acknowledged her Spirit, she literally felt her heart flutter in an energy opening. Her Spirit called her to trust its guidance. She had begun to reconnect with her Higher Self. Through journaling, energy psychotherapy, and allowing herself to feel her emotions Amber was able to learn to listen to her body’s wisdom, place more emphasis on self-nurturing, clarify her boundaries for giving and receiving love, and lift her energy frequency. She was able to let go of aspects of her life that were no longer serving her and bring more peace to herself. It was heart-warming to eventually see Amber arrive at session with a smile on her face and hear her laughing.

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