Are You Discerning?

mosaic of heartOne of the most beneficial qualities of the Divine Human is the power of discernment through our higher sentience: our experiences of our senses or perceptions through our energy intelligence, often called intuition. Unfortunately, this has been usurped by the negative alien agenda (NAA) to maintain their control over humanity – what we cannot clarify, we cannot change or see past, and therefore, we remain disempowered. There is a vast difference between discerning our own choices and realities with higher consciousness, and going into analysis about them with the lower ego mind, which is highly manipulated as well as indiscriminate. Our hearts, our higher sensory perceptions, and neutrality of consciousness are essential for having cellular knowing or direct cognition, which is the highest guidance. Cultivating higher sensory perception (HSP) helps us make our way in the world as we distinguish life from anti-life agendas, and sift through the confusion when they are enmeshed.

The HSP that leads to clarity can only come from knowing our Selves well, and is developed through the trusting relationship we have with our God-Selves. Often our intuition during childhood was not validated, and in fact, for many it was outright dismissed as foolishness or denied by our parents who wanted to avoid dealing with the truth that was being called out into the open. For some, there was no support to learn discernment; everything was deemed fearful, or life was viewed as black and white. And our emotions simply took a back seat to the highly-praised intellect or practicality. So many people have a tendency to look externally for validation, use the mental body to figure things out, or feel disconnected from their heart and soul-Spirit.

The most important component of higher sensory perception comes through the higher feeling center of the body. HSP can only become enabled when our hearts are open and loving, and we have the ability to feel empathically, because there first has to be a connection to the 4th chakra of the soul body. As we grow on our spiritual path and intend to expand our consciousness, we increase our energy, our frequency, our intelligence, and the integration of our multi-dimensional bodies, and assimilate new sensory abilities beyond linear thinking, to perceive more wholistically and truly connect in oneness with all that is life. HSP expands as we ascend, and activate and embody the higher mind: the soul matrix (chakras 4-6) in conjunction with the monad (chakras 7-9) that begins to bring our Christ consciousness energy into full flow. The latter is not currently activated for the majority.

Difficulty with HSP can stem from a variety of influences, but it is important to acknowledge that our higher intelligence, which is natural to the Divine human, has been distorted for a long-time. This is first visible in the lower chakras. Our unconscious mind (chakra 1), is responsible for the autonomic functioning of our five base senses, bodily functions and central nervous system, but it is also a database record of undiscerned memories and information. It can feed the subconscious mind/lower emotional body/pain body/instinctual body (chakra 2) with unresolved pain, and press up impulses of anxiety and desires for coping. The conscious mind (chakra 3), the third layer of the ego personality, can place value judgments of good or bad on these trigger thoughts of desires and fantasies, and link them with self-identity, falsely believing that this is who we are. If undisciplined, it will find ways to justify its need for control of these wants, stir anxiety due to lack of control, establish addictive patterns from the need for immediate gratification, attach to things or people, and simply put, perpetuate fear energy. Fear in the mind cannot co-exist with our higher senses. Only love expands our energy consciousness into the higher/Christ mind. So it’s clear then that the ego personality (1-3D) does not serve to guide us with clarity. It’s easy to see how cellular memories of torture, abuse, victimization, and trauma, through past, present and future timelines, have interfered with our natural abilities by creating closed or blackened hearts, soul fragmentation and damaged genetics, if we’ve been unaware of how to manage the mind and have given it authority in our lives. This is what the NAA have intended and perpetuated. So, instinct is not the same as intuition, and while the unconscious mind informs, it’s wise not to allow the ego to rule our lives. Therefore, we intend to expand our energy/consciousness, increase our self-awareness, and do our important inner work and emotional healing to clear out the lower densities of our emotional and mental conflicts, and open the heart. And, we practise observing, discerning, accepting and neutralizing what arises from the lower mind (see my Healing Support).

We also have disruptions to the higher dimensional bodies of the soul and monad. The pituitary gland (axiatonal line/chakra 6/third eye/indigo ray) is linked to our masculine energy and right side of the body, and the pineal gland (axiatonal line /chakra 7/crown/violet ray) to the feminine/left side of the body. Their portals, the locations of our wings, are at the top of our shoulders and travel down the respective sides of the body. Put simplistically, their frequencies come together, activating the first phase of inner, sacred marriage in the soul matrix of the Lightbody, by merging up through the chakra column, into the base of the brain, and through the 6th chakra. However, there have been cages put around the pineal gland, inorganic crucifixion implants on the left side of the body that “crucify” the female principle, and reversals of energy that split the unification of female and male energies. Essentially the intention has been to halt the complete embodiment of the soul body and monad. Also, the 6th and 7th chakras form a communication triad of higher intelligence with the hypothalamus (axiatonal line /chakra 9/occipital /silver ray), known as the “mouth of God” or the “occipital cup”/”golden chalice” that holds universal knowledge. However, the silver cord that unites chakra 9 with chakra 7, and the kundalini coils in the coccyx, can be severed. Pineal cages with also disrupt kundalini activation. With interference to the 9th chakra, so too is there impact on the entire monadic body, including the seed atom of Christ consciousness/Crystal Heart (chakra 8), as the two entwine with their central axis in the pineal gland. So it’s not hard to see that our access to the intelligence of our higher spiritual bodies and DNA have been compromised in many deliberate disconnections, though our active participation and clearing can override these disturbances in our individual fields as the planetary field also heals, and as the Divine Mother brings our ego/personality into higher functioning. We can assist our multi-dimensional ascension and the embodiment of the soul and monad (see AoA Hieros Gamos Healing Intelligence).

Direct knowing comes through the ability to drop into the body, be in deep stillness with ourselves, and create space for the subtleties to come forward. This refers to a state of non-action as when we sit in meditation, as well as being in a state of openness regardless of what we are doing. The lower mind must be non-interfering – a state of no thought. We can maintain inner balance and harmony in daily life by observing our inner thoughts and emotions, and outer speech and behaviours, to provide clues as to what we are holding in our minds. Doing this compassionately rather than judging them, and accepting them for the limiting ego energy they are, will help to then consciously neutralize triggers and instinctual, emotional reactions back to the still point of higher consciousness. These conscious choices cumulatively raise our frequency and sentience. If the mind is busy with self-talk or mentally reaches for answers, or if emotions are tumultuous, our inner guidance eludes us. Especially with the fields in chaos these days, the ego mind and lower emotions can get awfully dominant if permitted, so consistently making space every day for clearing the mind is valuable in cultivating HSP. In this way, the God-Self leads in life not ego.

“You need not do anything

Remain sitting at your table and wait

You need not even wait

Just listen

You need not even listen

Just learn to be quiet and still and solitary

And the world will freely offer itself to you to be unmasked”

Frank Kafka

The inner stillness we nurture helps us accurately read energy signatures. An energy signature is the rate of frequency that an object, person or even a thought holds. For example, it may be heavy or light, grey or cloudy. Knowing whether something or someone is in resonance with our frequency is not a question of right or wrong – this is a value judgment of the ego. Resonance simply means that the quality of the energy field is either in harmony or not. It’s worth noting that the “feedback” we receive about something may vary depending on when we are asking: as we ascend we change, and what we can access in the multi-dimensional fields changes.

Truth can register with a resounding signal. How this happens for us in our bodies is somewhat unique to each of us. Sometimes people feel a flush of tingling energy throughout the entire body. Recognizing our own body’s signals comes through experience and frequent, conscious witnessing.

12D ShieldOne tool to help with discernment is our 12-dimensional shield and the “I AM God, I AM Sovereign, I AM Free” (GSF) energy signature as a “filter”. The 12-dimensional energy is the first undistorted energy on this planet that is now accessible, and therefore, it can serve as a backdrop against which other energies can be accurately assessed. Once we are centered in stillness, and in our heart, we can spin out our 12D shield, counter-clockwise, declare “I AM God, I AM Sovereign, I AM Free”, and bring the issue/item/person/ etc. into the 12D field. We then ask to know the truth of it, and witness the stream of our inner feelings from our spiritually-matured sensory-emotional body. Any perception or sense of it can bring it into clarity: the impressions we are picking up in colour, size, sensation, movement, shape, etc. For example, I may bring an opportunity for collaboration with another person into my 12D shield and when I do, I can sense what energy it brings forward to me in my awareness; it may feel clear, fluid, light, inviting, or white, or it may feel thick, tarlike, sharp, static, and metallic. All of these are relevant but we do not judge or place value or associations on them. We do not use the logical, linear reasoning of the lower mental body. We hold them in non-attachment and neutrality to feel whether this is in resonance with us, as we know ourselves, or whether it is not.

To be sure of the purity of any energy we are discerning, we can directly ask whether the information is interference or has a manipulation energy signature. Energy in a 12D field that is not of 100% Light will be revealed.

We can deepen our discernment by asking thoughtful and precise questions directly to this energy and noting what comes forward. It requires patient self-inquiry to bring things into accurate focus. One can follow the energy that’s revealed. While we trust our first impressions, it’s helpful to consider more than just the first information that presents. The more information we gather, the more we have checks and balances that round out or confirm what we are receiving. The valuable information is in the nuances.

With practice, and as we embody higher consciousness, we can feel layers of deception mixed with truth. One must be astute: energies that initially feel good can still be deceptions of the dark forces, much like the astral bliss that they create as a false reality perception. Also, the dark forces can adeptly exploit our weaknesses and fears on the astral plane, during our sleep state, by using holographic audio and video inserts to project false information. We can bring these into our waking state, and think they are higher guidance, or we know that we feel “off” but assume these energies are our own and get caught in trying to find a reason for them.

Especially those who seek truth and are integrating their monadic body will often be targeted by trickery into confusion to prevent them from fulfilling their purpose and supporting the shift in group consciousness of humanity. So be mindful of negative energies that persist in distorting energies through such patterns as obsessive mind-looping, thought addiction, recurring images, painful trauma memories from other timelines, catastrophe memories and fears, or persecution/crucifixion fears. Again, these can be cleared through energy psychotherapy and the AoA Hieros Gamos System, coupled with our conscious participation.

The true intention behind higher sensory perception is to know truth – period. We are awakening in consciousness and with this comes a responsibility to use our spirit-energy intelligence wisely. In other words, it is not for purposes of viewing into another’s life, to impose our will, or to feel superior through this ability. It is to help us make decisions in our life path, and to command our space/set boundaries against interference. Wise use of our progressive sentience also requires the willingness to face what is not so comfortable at times: that which we witness in the collective and that which we uncover in ourselves. When we meet these shadow energies it requires our acceptance and willingness to follow through on the information received.

We each have our own journey with learning discernment, and sometimes the hardest lessons come from those direct experiences when we have not wisely discerned energies in trust of our intuition. However, they are the most valuable: they can be disheartening at first, but we never forget. Trust, patience and a compassionate heart is integral to cultivating HSP. Our intention and commitment to serve our Highest Power, our Christ-Self, will guide us to truth, and nothing is more powerful than that.

Source: with gratitude to the Guardians Races, my God-self, and

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