Evicting Imposter Spirits from Your Spiritual House

There was a 1990 movie with Michael Keaton called “Pacific Heights”, and it was a dark story about a deceptive tenant who moves into the upper floor of a house and wreaks havoc on the lives of the unsuspecting Landlords and the other tenants below. From what I can remember of the movie, his only intention was to create chaos and fear. And he succeeded. This is essentially the state […] Read more »

Are You Discerning?

One of the most beneficial qualities of the Divine Human is the power of discernment through our higher sentience: our experiences of our senses or perceptions through our energy intelligence, often called intuition. Unfortunately, this has been usurped by the negative alien agenda (NAA) to maintain their control over humanity – what we cannot clarify, we cannot change or see past, and therefore, we remain disempowered. There is a vast […] Read more »