Ego Dismantling & Core Pattern Release

Highly effective for unraveling your ego’s unconscious, limiting belief structures and liberating you from your illusions – at the root.


Based on the understanding that we are all energy and Divine Light, one with the Creator of All That Is, we can shift our paradigms of what we consider improbable, permanent and unchangeable. God is the Source of the healing and, therefore, anything is possible. I, as the facilitator, am only the clear vessel for Its power.

As with most things sacred in our Universe, its form is simple and efficient, but miraculously powerful, profound and lasting.


Woman feeling joyful and free.[HB_testimonial]“Immediately after the healing I was a different person; the heaviness lifted off my shoulders and my pain was no longer visible in my face. Pain and sorrow just didn’t exist for me anymore. Instead, I felt happiness and joy move through me.”[/HB_testimonial]


Core pattern release is integral to energy psychotherapy, providing a systematic process to dismantle the false egoic stories in your subconscious mind that cause you to repeat your limiting experiences. We unravel your precise limiting beliefs until we arrive at the root of your illusions. You’ll be amazed at what lingers in your subconscious mind that is driving your life – my clients are often surprised. Over the years, I’ve customized the way I work with this technique to help identify the energy signature of a pattern, and integrate it with other techniques for a very thorough exploration of your issue. You’ll feel the shift almost immediately.



Applied kinesiology, commonly known as muscle checking, is the means by which your body can provide feedback as to what it holds in its energy field. In this application, it is used to identify the subconscious belief programs that we bring to consciousness before the healing, and then verify the change after the healing. Muscle checking can be done over the phone with some simple instruction.

For the release of the limiting energies, as the client, there is nothing for you to do but be quiet, still, and allow. It’s extremely simple.

As your belief and emotions are changed, so too is your DNA. Therefore, the healing of the body is also affected. As you change your DNA in a positive way, you increase your frequency and deepen your alignment with Spirit.

As with any change to your beliefs, you must then support them with your conscious actions. For example, if you release the belief “I am incapable of attracting money” you must then speak and act as though you are capable. However, changing your behaviours after the healing is much easier. Sometimes, clients can shift so profoundly that they have no recollection of what the problem was before the healing.



  • release and change many beliefs in one session that would typically would take weeks or months.
  • get to the underlying causal/root beliefs with greater ease and grace, allowing many beliefs in the same belief cluster to simply release
  • change beliefs simultaneously on multiple levels; from your childhood, past generations, past lives and soul
  • resolve stubborn patterns carried over from past lives
  • release vows and commitments you made that are no longer necessary
  • release fears
  • quickly raise your awareness to underlying related issues that need to be healed
  • heal physical illness and dis-ease
  • change your DNA
  • change your genetic history or any predisposition to dis-ease
  • instill feelings you may have never truly experienced or known such as joy, peace, balance, love, etc.
  • help you to know how to live without some feelings such as struggle, suffering, unworthiness, etc.
  • support you on your path of ascension by directly addressing fundamental shifts we are being called to make as self-sovereign beings (see below)

Heal mental and emotional difficulties, such as:

  • abandonment
  • addictions
  • anger and rage
  • control
  • co-dependence
  • depression
  • difficulty making decisions
  • emotional eating
  • fears
  • feelings of unworthiness
  • feeling stuck
  • forgiveness
  • guilt
  • grief
  • hurt
  • inability to feel empathy
  • lack of boundaries
  • lack of discipline
  • loving ourselves
  • low self-esteem
  • making decisions
  • perfectionism
  • people pleasing
  • trust
  • self-care
  • shock and trauma
  • scarcity and money concerns
  • shame
  • speaking one’s truth and expressing oneself
  • repressed feelings
  • victim consciousness
  • workaholism

We can address spiritual issues such as:

  • blaming God
  • dark night of the soul
  • developing intuitive abilities
  • feeling separate from Spirit
  • forgiveness
  • knowing unconditional love
  • letting go
  • living in the flow
  • trusting in God
  • believing in suffering for spiritual evolution
  • recalling soul fragments

We can address issues that are directly related to self-mastery in the ascension process:

  • learning how to listen to your own inner wisdom to surface the contents of your inner being, and empower yourself with conscious choice
  • living in observer consciousness: end the replaying of past memories or regrets, and stop rehearsing fears
  • uniting masculine and feminine energies: for many this appears as identification with excessive doing and resistance to being in stillness with one’s Spirit
  • integrating polarities: moving out of any patterns of opposing forces into unity consciousness to live in the neutral field of Intelligence
  • releasing karmic patterns or vows that continue to replay themselves through numerous lifetimes
  • redefining your definition of God; with eons of distortion many still hold old beliefs of a rewarding and punishing God
  • letting go of religious dogma that keeps you in separation consciousness and powerlessness
  • healing past life experiences from Lemuria and Atlantis that stir cataclysmic fears
  • relinquishing identification with the 3D egoic mental body; old ways of strategizing and mental pre-planning will become more challenging, as operating from the sensory functions of the emotional body and sacred heart become critical
  • releasing attachments, staying out of control dramas, and ending relationship co-dependencies
  • facing your shadow; any aspect of yourself that is out of alignment with your core harmonic expression will become difficult to keep hidden
  • addictions: you can no longer deny aspects of yourself that you have ignored or abused with destructive or unconscious behaviours
  • recalling soul fragments
  • reclaiming authentic power; many people are still carrying programming of victim consciousness, or live in fear of power due to confusion between authentic power and power over others

Physical ailments, such as those listed below, can also be healed as layers of beliefs and emotional and spiritual wounds are healed. These ailments may be physically manifested or may be inherited and exist in unmanifest states:

  • arthritis
  • colds
  • cancer
  • candida
  • cataracts
  • diabetes
  • fibromyalgia
  • headaches
  • hearing problems
  • insomnia
  • irritable bowel syndrome
  • MS
  • near-sightedness and far-sightedness
  • pain
  • Parkinson’s
  • stress
  • toxicity
  • weight issues

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This technique was formerly named ThetaHealing and over the years I have customized and integrated its use in alignment with my healing gifts. For a series of published articles visit my blog.

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