What You Receive in Every Session

A commitment to helping you support yourself
in the most profound way.


  • 20 years of my daily, on-going, personal healing experience, and continuous study of ascension to stay current with planetary changes.
  • Professional experience facilitating hundreds of collaborative client sessions.
  • Deep listening, empathy, compassion, understanding, gentleness and love.
  • Client-focused facilitation: unlike many healing practitioners, I am trained as a counsellor so I am fully present to your needs, and guide you with emotional support.
  • Tailored healing facilitation to respond to your specific needs.
  • Addressing the root problem of a personal issue, not the symptoms. Release and clearing takes place at the deepest levels, for lasting change.
  • Higher guidance that directs us to address exactly what you most need at the timing of the session.
  • Raising the unconscious programming that drives your behaviour, to conscious awareness so that you can be empowered by choice.
  • A thorough clearing of the issue being addressed in the session.
  • Without any doubt, a shift in your energy; at the end of a session, clients feel a tangible difference from how they felt at the beginning of a session.
  • A clear, conscious understanding of what was creating your challenge; I help you connect the dots with practical application in your daily living. This provides you with substantial information to help you to continue to support yourself consciously between sessions.
  • As intuitively guided, complementary tools and consciousness-raising exercises to do on your own, to anchor the energetic shift you experience in session into your daily living.
  • Relevant education of spiritual teachings and ascension knowledge to support you in your spiritual self-mastery.
  • Tracking of continuity in your healing over multiple sessions.

[HB_testimonial]“Every time I have met with Melinda in person or for a phone consultation she has been professional, present, focused, and committed to the work. I recommend her with confidence to anyone who wants change in their life, who is struggling with a decision,  or who wants to hear more clearly the voice of their soul.[/HB_testimonial]

* patience * kindness * generosity * humility * discipline * purity * diligence *

buying a service

You receive high value in these sessions; they are life-changing.

But don’t let that be the only reason you choose to invest in your healing.

Choose freedom, sovereignty, empowerment and joy for yourself. You are responsible for your healing, and YOU are valuable.


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