I Do Not Consent

Make this your daily prayer. Of course, you can specify anything to which you do not consent, for example 5G technology, mandatory vaccination, poisoning of food/GMO or DNA manipulation.

“As the Light of God that I AM, I declare that

I do not consent to the manipulation and suppression of my sovereignty and freedom or that of humanity’s.


 My intent, consent and authority is with God only, and to create Unity consciousness as an energetic reality on Earth here and now.


My intention is to serve my Highest Source only, fully, completely, thoroughly and totally.


I AM God, I AM Sovereign, I AM Free”


Declaration of Freedom for All (a very long but powerful version of ‘I DO NOT CONSENT’ – with gratitude from www.energeticsynthesis.com)

I DO NOT CONSENT for Canadian Freedom Movement

I DO NOT CONSENT for Global Freedom Movement

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