I DO NOT CONSENT Prayer for Global Freedom Convoys 2022

As the avatar of Christos and the Light of God that I AM, I choose to represent human freedom in God’s sovereign power on this Earth. I command that this prayer and intention, in purity and clarity, be extended to each and every human being who genuinely wishes spiritual freedom in their heart, to utilize only what is required in alignment with their highest expression and in Divine will.

Beloved God, beloved Krystal Guardians, beloved God Sovereign Free family of the Eternal Light and serving the Law of One, please witness this declaration as God would have it be. Please amplify this prayer request throughout the timelines and all spaces and places where Divine Angelic Human Beings are being enslaved through the manipulations and authority structures of the anti-human, anti-Christ agendas, and which interfere with human free will and self-determination on and within our planet Earth.

Beloved Holy Mother and Holy Father, Beloved Christos-Sophia, the Aurora Elemental Command and all Krystal Guardians serving the Interdimensional Free World Councils, I place my statement to be recorded as evidence to the tribunals of the existence and promotion of deception, genocidal agendas, malicious psyops and gaslighting, and divide and conquer agendas directed to the people of Earth.

I command that those persons playing the roles of heads of nations, states, and governments in servitude to the liars and deceivers of the negative alien agenda (NAA) be reported now for their hate crimes, deception, lack of self-responsibility, and inability to lead the nations, states, and countries for which they have claimed leadership. False authority, false leadership and abuse of power is not in alignment with the values and principles demonstrated by their citizens in all current and on-going protests reclaiming the desire for individual Sovereignty as God would have it be. It is witnessed and reported now that these self-proclaimed false authorities serve the negative alien agenda on this Earth and this is unacceptable for any leader of the humans of Earth.

I DO NOT CONSENT to these leaders or the dark forces they serve having any authority over my mind, body, emotions, and Spirit. I AM Sovereign.

I DO NOT CONSENT to receive or accept the words and sentiments expressed by world leaders who deceive humans in order to serve the negative alien agenda as they are filled with blatant lies, exaggeration, black magic, propaganda, disinformation, inversions and reversals, disdain, blatant hypocrisy, gaslighting, and the encouragement of self-enslavement, suicide and genocide, for the purpose of hiding any and all participation by global figures in the crimes made against humanity. Statements that are anti-human propaganda, are not my views and do not represent my voice.

I DO NOT CONSENT to any hatred being directed to anybody who refuses to participate in death and injury by experimental injection by being labelled as misogynistic, racist, the fringe minority, a terrorist, and someone who is “taking up space”. I have a right to my bodily sovereignty and to choose what is right for me. My way to “get back to what I love” is in my heart, not by way of imposed mandates, poison in my body, or false authorities.

I DO NOT CONSENT to any false authorities as represented by the personality or bodies of those people currently acting as world leaders while adhering to the NAA, anti-human, anti-freedom agendas. I DO NOT CONSENT to any anti-human agenda, divide-and conquer programming, mind control, evasiveness, coercion, interference, tyranny, power abuses, lies, refusal of collaboration, dialogue and creativity, and denial of rights and freedoms that is masquerading as leadership.

I DO NOT CONSENT to the lies being put forth as truth about the Freedom Convoy 2022 and its participants in any and all ongoing protests in the name of human sovereignty and freedom. I have the right to live by truth, hear truth, speak truth, know truth and be guided by truth and transparency, unity, and genuine Krystic values. In Cosmic Sovereign Law, I defend my birthright to live freely by God’s Natural Laws and I do not condone violence or manipulation by anyone. I will remember the deception and the mandates imposed upon me by the liars and deceivers acting as leaders, so that I hold witness to the crimes against humanity, fortify my alignment with truth and sovereignty, and change history.

I DO NOT CONSENT to inaccurate media reporting, and any collusion between any government and media, or the cabal and their media, to hide and distort the truth to minimize the power of humanity.

I DO NOT CONSENT to the suppression or manipulation of my consciousness in any way.

At this timing, in Cosmic Sovereign Law, I request your direct intercession to protect all those who are standing for freedom and participating with and supporting the Freedom Convoy 2022 in Ottawa, Ontario Canada, and all comparable protests for Freedom being undertaken around the World, from false leadership.

I DO NOT CONSENT to the use of invisible frequency weapons, sonic weapons, or weapons of any kind including beam-steering 5G-millimeter microwaves for the purposes of targeting Divine Angelic Human Beings, and bringing harm to Earth’s grids, her human and animal population, and all of God’s natural creation.

Beloveds, please shield the places and spaces of the Freedom Convoy with anti-5G deflection technology and neutralize and protect against all EMF toxicity. I lovingly command your full intervention to identify, locate, remove, repair and neutralize all harmful frequencies to prevent these inorganic technologies from damaging any part of the physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual bodies and consciousness of any living thing or person. Please override the grids with tri-wave, organic architecture and repair the damage through all levels and layers through to the quantum particle field. Apply the core soul protection and negative form removal for each and every being in alignment with their highest expression and in Divine will.

I DO NOT CONSENT to the use of any military grade psychological operations and false flags that are being deployed against the population to incite destruction of our unity. I DO NOT CONSENT to the deceptive methods of those intentionally orchestrating a well-funded and organized destruction of Earth, along with the goal of total annihilation of human freedoms, civil liberties, the right to livelihood, and a thriving economy. I request your direct intercession to neutralize all false flag operations, and protect all places and spaces on Earth where people are gathered in unity to stand up for their rights and freedoms. Neutralize all manipulations which create self-doubt in those who are of pure intention to reclaim humanity’s freedom. Help us all to discern truth from lies, and defend against black and white thinking that is mind control.

As the Light of God that I AM, as the Love of God that I AM, as the Power of God that I AM, as the Truth of God that I AM, I pray for your continued support of the organizers, truckers, demonstrators, and participants who protest for human freedom around the world, that they may be provided with all that is needed for their comfort and capacity to remain steadfast in their intention to bring an end to all the mandates for us all.

I pray that all human beings awaken to their power to reclaim their freedom and sovereignty, including the right to gather in unity, celebrate our true resilience and strength, express our views, respect our differences, and affirm what we know to be true in alignment with our true nature and God’s natural laws.

I pray to restore peace, truth and freedom on Earth, fully, completely, thoroughly, totally and permanently. My intent, consent and authority is with God and the love of Cosmic Christ Consciousness only, and Unity as an energetic reality on Earth now.

Thank you God, thank you God, thank you God. It is so.

♥ ♥ ♥

..and farmers, and all those supporting freedom for humanity.


I DO NOT CONSENT for Canadians in support of Freedom Convoy 2022