Art as a Creative Expression of Light

painting of petals

Art is the Divine vibrating into expression. We recognize this when a photograph, sculpture, dance or poem stirs our emotions into profound inner spaces. I am grateful to have had two such outstanding moments in my life, and another when it became crystal clear that this deeply mattered to my soul. I’ve given permission to my creative self in various ways over the years, though I have very little formal […] Read more »

Tree Teaching

autumn misty morning trail

I am a tower of green set afire, pulling heaven’s sun to soil. When I drop my leaves my stillness is unadorned. I lay bare my winter prayers that you may remember. I do this in trust. I am no less a tree when my colourful alchemy ends, no less living with purpose.   Copyright 2014 (Amâeil) Melinda Urban All Rights Reserved Read more »

Equation of Acceptance

you are enough

 In meditation, I saw this clarity about ‘acceptance’:   acceptance = acceptance of being here on Earth + acceptance of purpose + (accepting all others + being accepted)   I asked “how?” for each part of the equation:   acceptance = being here in the ‘now’ moment + being Light + accepting myself   acceptance = being here in the ‘now’ moment + being Light + loving myself   acceptance = being here in […] Read more »

Are You in Sacred Marriage?

masculine and feminine

Sacred marriage is the realization of your God-Self. It is a union unlike any other in that the primary focus in the relationship is spiritual alchemy through the creational power of Living Light. It cannot be considered a union through ego for there is no place for this. In fact, the ego is the uninvited guest that will always find itself being transformed to Divine love. Many times, people participate […] Read more »

Surrendering to Your Authentic Power

Your authentic power – it is your certainty of yourSelf as a multi-dimensional being of Source energy. You are this already so you don’t have to go looking for it, find it, increase it or even connect with it. But there are usually numerous blockages to deeply knowing yourself as a vast, luminous being. You may feel that despite your efforts, willpower, changing your thinking, establishing new disciplines or setting […] Read more »

Responding to Your Own Choices for Ascension

yield sign

There comes a time when we face a challenge that interrupts the patterns of what we know and do. Often we imagine that life will be worse. Instead, difficult days can be the manna for the ascension of our soul. Our response determines how gracefully we navigate the passageway. My client Suzy is a skilled practitioner who heals the subtleties of the body with her intuition and the skill of […] Read more »

Earth Speaks Her Peace

walking by a stream

We celebrate Earth Day in April of each year. It’s a time to raise our consciousness to hers and be mindful of our relationship. Hopefully, for even five minutes, we pause to personally thank her and perhaps reflect on whether we have been friends or foes. Do we treat her kindly or disregard her needs as she meets ours?  So it felt right to let Earth speak. She reminds us that we are, without a doubt, more […] Read more »