Healing the Sounds of Trauma with the Divine Mother’s Tones

When sound is healing it can create unfathomable relief like the breath of life. When sound is hurtful and jarring it contracts the life force and creates pain. Sound, like many other things, can be used for the highest purposes of humanity’s living, or it can be weaponized. It has been weaponized, far beyond what most people can comprehend. Gratefully, that damage is currently being healed.

I invite you now to pause your reading and take a few minutes to consider if you have ever been traumatized by sound, and reflect on the following questions.

Perhaps there is one instance that stands out from many.

Ask yourself, “What was so hurtful about that sound?” Was it because it was too loud for you? Or was it because it was a painfully high or low pitch? Was it because it startled you? Did you hear it at a time when it didn’t belong, unexpectedly out of place? What other sensory memories do you associate with that sound? What’s lingering about that?

When I consider my experiences with sound, I recall the apartment building fire alarm that traumatized me to the point of disorientation and tears. From my childhood, I remember my father hammering and teasing me that my eyes blinked with each strike, and the loud clanking of the dishes as my mother rushed to prepare dinner. I also remember the crunch of my car during an accident. And mostly, I remember the pain of listening to the bark of distressed dogs in the apartment below me. I just have to think about them now and it contracts me.

As I sit here writing this article I’m feeling the irritation of hammering, weedwacking, and the incessant beeping of the backhoe backing up – all at once. I live in the country where it’s supposedly more peaceful. At least it was. I don’t just hear the noise, I feel the frequencies in my body. Some days this wouldn’t bother me as much as today, but after several weeks of these noises and many more, right outside my windows, all day, most days, my nervous system is jangled and needs a break.

It’s been escalating. For days on end I’ve been subjected to a cacophony of thuds, bangs, beeps, squeals, screeches, vrooms, shouts and womps, and much more. There are some valid reasons for this – a new road, a house being built, trees and brush being cleared, and people taking care of their properties. It’s active. So it is. But I heal with sound and prefer to spend most of my time in quiet. It’s my lifestyle now and essential to my higher sensory perception and my healing support of others. So the combination is like oil and water – they don’t mix well, if at all.

And I know better – there’s much more to this. It’s encroachment. Insanity intensity. The feeling of infiltration and invasion of personal space. It’s negative interference to throw me off my purpose. This isn’t the first time. But why, and why now?

What is Sound?

My sensitivity to sound is not an accident, nor a problem, but an extension of remembering my Divine nature. The first emanation of Creation is sound through the Holy Mother. Her magnetic tones are the life-giving expression of All That Is, in a collaborative exchange with her partner, the Holy Father, the guardian of light emanations. She offers her sound tones to be received by him as light, and then receives his light waves back to be transformed again to her sound waves. This exchange is the basis for the Krystic architecture that being returned back to Earth.

However, by now we know the story of the negative alien invasion. Our Divine Mother  was desecrated long ago. Her body was attacked, inverted, beaten, raped, tortured, and forced to birth grotesque parasites, and become that which she was not. And so therefore was her sacred, magnetic sound frequencies.

This is what has been missing for us. In the same way that a child falls asleep to a Mother’s gentle lullaby, in complete trust and safety, humanity longs to feel the comfort of the Divine Mother’s tones again. This is sacred to our heart and soul.

What has replaced her magnetic tones is the artificial, inorganic and unnatural. These are the grating tones, the metallic, sharp, abrasive sounds, and the discordant frequencies that have distorted the elements of our planet: the earth, fire, air and water, the very same that comprise our DNA. This is the disharmony from the absence of the Divine Feminine.

Without the Divine Mother’s magnetic tones, there is imbalance with Divine Father’s light. Of course, his light has also been distorted. This impacts every expression of Creation, for every creation on Earth holds the gender principles of both the feminine and masculine. The blueprint of Creation was made unnatural and the sound body separated from the lightbody.  What this has meant for humanity, is that the Diamond Sun body, the human form in its highest expression, could not be reclaimed. The hiero-gamic union of feminine and masculine in sacred balance could not happen. Or so the negative alien forces had planned. They still would like to destroy the Divine Mother – they hate the feminine. They are still desperately hoping that they will not lose the last vestiges of their demonic architecture. But Divine Sound and Light is more powerful than the harm intended to us. The music of the spheres is coming back into alignment.

About a year ago at the time of the magnetic peak in August, we saw an amplification of the plasma transmissions to assist in our global awakening. Here we are again, heading into the peak on August 11th, and feeling the benevolent assistance of the cosmic forces supporting the reclamation of the sound wave template. In the same way that all the Mother’s body parts are being reclaimed and reconnected into her wholeness to rebirth the Christos-Sophia in sacred balance, so too are her tones. The Sophianic plasma shields are plasma rings that are activating more of the vertical and diagonal channels running through the planetary grid and our lightbodies. This has been made possible due to the purge of lunar parasitic forces and dismantling of the satanic hierarchies. The Solar Christ Feminine is returning.

So if and when you are feeling irritated, put out, or rattled by discordant sounds, this is understandable. It’s not always natural.

Conflict with Sound

Of course, which sounds annoy us, is subjective. After all, our blueprint, our expression, and our exposure to various sounds throughout our life experiences are unique. These influence our preferences, often reflected in our choice of music. Our unhealed aspects are also uniquely distorted based on our traumas with sound, our genetics, and what we came to heal and reclaim.

How we feel about certain sounds can also vary day-to-day, depending on our state of well-being, and what we’re processing and integrating in our lightbody because vibration and frequency effects our cellular communication. The central nervous system undergoes a lot of organic shifting in the ascension journey, and additionally, is targeted by mind control programs and artificial intelligence. So more disharmony requires more self-care. Especially if we’re feeling emotionally raw or vulnerable we feel the need to be buffered from the assault on our energies.

Any sound, even the natural ones, can become an irritant. Crashing waves during a violent storm sound quite different than the lapping of gentle waters at the shoreline. They stir different associations. For me, hearing a dog bark is fine – until the barking persists and signals distress of some kind. Then, the sound takes on a resonance with pain, the same way that a child wailing with a fierce cry can be very unsettling.

Sound may come in through our ears but it’s not just our hearing that suffers. Our nervous system can move into symptoms of fight or flight.  Irritating sounds that are repetitive and constant without pause are no better than those with occasional breaks. I had both happening one day last week for extended periods of time. The constant bass beat of the music reminded me of psychic driving, a highly questionable technique of ceaseless audio stimulus that was used with psychiatric patients for the purposes of changing their behaviour. After a while, even with earplugs, ear muffs and closed windows, I was still hearing the sound. It felt like it was now looping in my nervous system. The ad hoc high-pitch sounds of the circular saw were different but equally painful and repeatedly imposing. I had no way of telling when it would start again. Knowing when you may be subjected to a startling sound allows you to prepare with your breath and your conscious awareness. But when you don’t have that advantage, the nervous system gets a work out: it gets activated when the sound begins, and relaxes when it stops. But to have it start again, without warning, over and over, can feel unrelenting.

Our conflicts with sound also involve our conflicts with others, war traumas, boundary violations and abuses of power.

When sound comes out of “left field” it can resonate with a sense of being violated and even being ambushed. This is one of the most difficult aspects of sound trauma. It’s heart-wrenching for me to know that in Japan, innocent dolphins are corralled with sound so they can be more easily slaughtered. It angers me that fireworks senselessly scare the sensitive wildlife. It sickens me that children are tortured with deafening sound in MK Ultra programs to fracture their minds. Sound has been used in this way for many, many years. The dark forces are masters at bending light and sound, and their black magic has been used to wield their abusive power. They use both energetic alien implants and covert directed energy weapons. US intelligence officers and embassy staffers in various countries have reported what’s been named the Havana syndrome: sound waves targeting select individuals to suffer debilitating mental imbalance and illness. Worse, the false media narrative has the masses believing that nobody knows what it is.

Now think globally and galactically: what did it sound like when planet Tiamat exploded? What did the alien invasion sound like?

Sound Boundaries

We have these memories in our cells. No wonder our bodies can be triggered by various sounds. But without paying attention to the healing of these traumas, humanity is destined to hold onto this pain in the subconscious pain body. It’s the lack of consciousness and self-awareness that causes many people to disregard how sounds, from music choices to simple daily routines, can be either healing or hurtful. It’s why, I believe, people don’t seem to notice how their sounds violate the peace of others, including children and animals.

‘alara whisper’ flickrcc.net

It seems that it’s hard to assert quiet in a noisy world where the majority of people unconsciously choose to fill each moment with any sound, from the television, the radio, the power tool, and talk. Keeping the ears occupied distracts from having to go within and truly listen to the inner child, and what s/he has to say, and to feel the pain: from memories of dad arguing with mom, the sound of physical abuse in the home, the unanswered cries, or the hurtful words. Maybe, it was also the silence, the absence of loving encouragement and curious interest that hurt so much. We have a lot to heal with regard to sound.

So I deeply value that I can hear and feel the difference between Mother’s tones and inorganic frequencies. That doesn’t mean I’m too sensitive, as many of us have been accused. As we embody our multi-dimensional soul layers, upgrades can increase the sensitivity of our ears, which are portals of our consciousness. While not altogether always easy to move through, I’ll gladly receive it. The natural sounds of the planet belong to our Divine Mother Earth and to our Divine Feminine Within. Thank you God for the reclamation of the magnetic wave tone template!

Suggested Sound Trauma Healing Tools

♥ Know what you can and can’t tolerate. For example, I know that I cannot be near when a tree is being cut down with a chainsaw, or when a wood chipper will be running. If I can, I arrange it so that I’m not around.

♥ When sound encroachment feels unbearable, consider it to be sound abuse. Treat it as such. Recognize that it feels like a boundary violation, and if can’t be stopped or mitigated, remove yourself from the environment for your own well-being.

♥ Use your observer consciousness to help you stay neutral. When and if you sense the sound is being used as a negative form to manipulate and trigger you into painful emotional memories, reinforce your 12D Shield, command to reclaim the sovereignty of your brain and central nervous system, and use the negative form clearing meditation.

Cleanse your energetic space from the frequencies that have come into your space, and reinforce your home and/or office energetic boundaries. Declare your intent, consent and authority to be with God.

♥ Respectfully and gently, when you feel calm, let others know when the sounds they’re creating are bothering you. They may not be aware of how it’s impacting you because their perspective is different- they’re simply not hearing things from where you are physically. You may have to bring them into your space to bridge that gap in understanding. Be prepared that they may not perceive your needs the same way as you, and may even lack empathy. They may not be willing to be self-responsible. Remember that each person has a right to live as they choose, so be considerate of that. However, you also have a right to live in peace.

♥ When the central nervous system and brain has become imbalanced by disharmony, restore your inner balance with healing harmonies. Practice deep breathing and take care of your nervous system. Experiment to find those sounds that are resonant with peace in you. Playing or listening to crystal and Tibetan bowls, tuning forks, bells, or soothing music can be very calming. Keep in mind that these tools are tuned to different tones in the body’s energy system and will resonate into these places. They can also stir emotions, and that too can be very healing as the energies are released.

♥ Using your own voice to create sound can be very supportive.  Toning or chanting can serve as a tune up and keep the energy flowing in the body, which also then fortifies your spiritual and physical immunity. Chanting the Krystal tones – KA RA YA SA TA AA LA – can be cleansing. You can also listen to the free healing chants I have on my website, especially “In Mother’s Heart-Womb”.

♥ Ear plugs are very uncomfortable for me, and for many others. Personally, I also don’t like the static sound of white noise or even brown noise recordings, especially if the device playing it doesn’t have good sound quality. So I’ve taken to running a fan in my space, and this softer sound seems to be the most effective approach yet for blocking the sharpness of other sounds in the area.

♥ I find that the more I embody in my ascension, the less I care for most music. I prefer the silence, and have learned to appreciate it even more. One of my favourite ways to feel nourished is to take a tree bath in the woods where it’s often cushioned in stillness and quiet. When you feel the need for silence, listen to that wisdom.

♥ Reconnect with the Divine Mother Within, and invite her healing comfort.

Many blessings for your quiet. Many blessings to humanity for healing peace.

G ♥ S ♥ F ♥

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