The Practice of Allowing Truth

When there is chaos in the outer fields it isn’t easy to hold centre. When there is curiosity in the heart and mind it’s much easier to move through the dross and the density. When there is Light in the core of the Lightbody, then there is a unity with Christ consciousness that supersedes all darkness and creates energy flow, through and above that which intercedes with harm.

This is the time to come into practice with these three principles: to know them, understand them, apply them and experiment with them. In doing so, the discernment increases hundredfold. Meaning, if there is a way to train your Lightbody to know truth, and to discern truth, this would be it.

So let’s examine each of these three statements to understand what matters in each.

When there is chaos in the outer field it isn’t easy to hold centre.

This type of frequency generation is a magnet for more chaos. It creates a vortex of energy that will descend the energy in the body and throw it into instability and fear. The first important step would be to recognize that this is happening! When it is, the idea is not to try to push through it. If you do, you’re creating an opposition that creates a battle. Instead, the idea is to recognize that chaos is afoot, to know that it’s not natural to be in this kind of energy. To do so is to say, “This is not what I choose to align with. It‘s not serving my highest expression, so I choose to disengage.” This does not mean to ignore it nor indulge it with drama. It means that you acknowledge it, focus, and then decide to observe it rather be in it and caught up in it.

It also means to discern what this energy is. Where did it come from? When did it appear? What instigated this? This component is rather challenging at times because it’s in the non-physical layers, the subtle layers, and so the discernment doesn’t require mental deliberating, but rather a connection through the heart and higher consciousness, the higher sensory perception, which is able to intuit and trace the causation or the origin with some precision. It’s not always easy if you’re triggered and have lost your inner balance. This is a practice, so do not place a burden of expectation on yourself to be able to do this in an instant or the first time around. The underlying practice to this is the practice of stillness – to flow with your breath in ‘now’, breathing God in and out, so that Spirit is the leader of this exercise in discernment. You build this relationship with God-Within so that it’s more readily accessible in disruption. If the ego is the leader it will only pull in more chaos.

The third component of this then is to accept what is happening. This is perhaps the most difficult because people want to push through, struggle against it, blame somebody or something, try to immediately change it, get angry about it, and fight it and decide that they will triumph. This is all ego. Instead, acceptance is to understand that only your God-self is going to change what is happening. This means surrendering to what is, in Universal trust and non-attachment, and then allowing God to do the work. It does not mean you condone what is occurring or give away your power. On the contrary, ego has to step aside and let your God-Self take the reins and do the clearing. This acceptance is about allowing Divine will not asserting ego will. This then clarifies why negative ego clearing is so vitally important.

When there is curiosity in the heart and mind it’s much easier to move through the dross and the density.

I’ve spoken of curiosity in the past. It’s a remarkable antidote to mental complexity, and the mind getting busy with solutions. In curiosity, the mind doesn’t have to find the answer. It only needs to stay open to what is being observed and follow that energy. The curiosity is not about fixing. It’s about waiting to clarify what’s being presented and brought to consciousness. It’s not about judging the energy as right or wrong, or good or bad. Instead, there’s a patience with this and not a push and pull. There is a freeing of the mind rather than an engagement. The curiosity actually comes from the heart, with some enthusiasm if the exploration is joyful. When the heart leads, it welcomes what comes next, and trusts that what comes into view, sharpens into focus, or crystallizes with clarity is meant to be – it serves a purpose, and it’s revealing. So when what comes about is dense, difficult, or painful, the heart does not ignore it, disregard it, battle it, or insist it can be changed. The heart allows it, without condition, and lets it be. However, it is named for what it is, called out, and witnessed. This then opens the path to God consciousness, to enter into healing, to bring higher frequency to the density and to let it be transformed through you. In this neutrality, it is done. While there are tools for this, the key is your I AM Presence and love.

When there is Light in the core of the Lightbody, there is a unity with Christ consciousness that supersedes all darkness and creates energy flow, through and above that which intercedes with harm.

Light in the core of the Lightbody implies many things. It means that there is no dead light, or dead issues from old. It means that the core is clear of that. It means that within the Lightbody the flow of God-Source Light is freely present, organically and naturally. It implies that there is stability to the core of the Lightbody, enabling the body, the being, to hold steady amidst the greatest storms. This can look like calm on the outside, but it also means calm on the inside of you. Once again, there is Universal trust. It requires conscious attention and conscious healing for your core to be all this, and to live from your Essence. The work is to reclaim memories and the learning while leaving behind the pain and trauma, and to clear that which is unsupportive to increase the inner strength. It requires clarity within the life stream to discern what to keep and what to let go. The core of your Lightbody is the foundation upon which all life manifests. As such it is to be treated with great respect and care. It is the basis for your life force and your love.

In this reality, tending to these practices is one that requires some diligence and dedication. This is not because you are deficient in some way, but because it has been a dark age and humanity’s blueprint has been usurped and distorted in many ways. In this phase now, the Universal Light is brighter than ever, shedding the old with great speed and intensity. This can feel like pressure but it’s with higher purpose. To trust in this dismantling and repair of the Lightbody, during this time when we more visibly see spiritual warfare in the dark, outer landscape, requires frequent alignment to God. This is really the only option. And while we each have to find our way as to how that comes about, how we create that, what makes it more easily accessible for us, there is still only one unifying intention – to choose to rise into the certainty of this and be the peace.

G ♥ S ♥ F ♥

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