Prayers of Surrender

let go

‘Sage Advice’

Dear God,  I AM a Divine being in need of your benevolent support. I lovingly command your kindness and ease and grace at this timing to bring me all that aligns me to my highest expression as one with love and truth. Clear my path of all interferences and illusions. I surrender my need for control as I open to all processes and experiences in neutral witness and humility. I know that I AM one with the eternal Light and trust in the higher purpose of all that comes to me – both which is visible and invisible. I know that my gratitude with you now makes it so. I AM God, I AM sovereign, I AM free.

Repeat this meditation as often as it intuitively feels helpful. Use it as a guide to support you when doubt and fear arises. Just automatically say the prayer, whether you feel like it or not.


peace dove flying into the Light

‘into the light’

Dear Spirit,

My deepest desire now is to surrender to You
but I don’t know how to help myself with that.
I surrender to not knowing.
I’m tired of living from my ego,
trying desperately to control the outcome with my mind,
believing that I know better than You.
I’m tired of trying so hard to do what is right,
when I know that all You willingly offer me is everything that my heart holds.
I’m tired of resisting You.
I’m tired of the fight.
Take me now Spirit into Your embrace.
Help me to feel You cradle me in Your love,
that I may soften my body and rest my mind, trusting in You to carry me.
May I be like the Divine child,
vulnerable and trusting in You.
May I receive You in my heart,
with every beat,
and with my every breath.

And so it is.


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