Light Up the World

You cannot move forward by simply wishing it to be so without some consideration for where you are now. You cannot hold yourself where you are now and expect that nothing will change. Nor can you sit idle without some consideration of how the planet is moving ahead. You can however be present to what is forefront within you and pay close attention to what is arising and what is falling away, because now is the time to Light up the world.

This message is once again being brought forward to truly draw attention to how the energies are working during these end times – the end of the old ways and the end of the archontic control over this Earth. This includes the control it has had over you personally.

This is a time of liberation and it’s something we have to actively choose – to align with a whole heart and say, “I am ready to align with my truth”. Because it’s this clarity that brings you into unification with all the Divine support that is available to you for your Highest Expression.

This isn’t some random wishful platitude to make you feel better. It’s truly not. It’s meant for everyone to understand that the support that is available to you is truly support for YOU. Not anyone else. It is a relationship that you are engaging with – an exchange with your highest self that is bringing you into a timeline that is most freeing for you.

It may feel like one that’s a long-time vision come true. Or it may feel as though it’s something unexpected. But focus on the feeling that is emerging. The liberation will feel as though you are being taken into a new you. Not someone that your ego wants to be. But truly a genuine expression of your heart and soul that has traveled far and long through many incarnations, often fraught with difficulty but blessed with endurance, to be here now and to take advantage of what is unfolding. And it is unfolding in ways that have been inconceivable.

There has been a Divine Plan for now and you’ve been a part of it. You have worked to bring yourself to this place and it is now holding open for you to accept more fully. To realize and acknowledge that you cannot simply say “thanks” and walk away. You are now in an exchange of a grand scale. Meaning you are being taken into an expression that is not who you were, nor the person who has carried immense pain, nor someone who has only to live in bliss. You are being taken to purpose. That comes with such graceful support, and it also will still bring challenges. But the way you can meet them is different than in the past. It is less burdened, and it is steadier and more stable than in the past.

As you strengthen your relationship with God and your connection to humanity’s Founder consciousness, your creator, that moves with you into every aspect of life, and aligns you to the Natural Laws. Look to yourself now and ask within:

  • “What am I noticing is different with me?”
  • “What has become stronger, more solid, more graceful, or more loving?”
  • “What aspects of myself or my life can I look at and say, ‘that’s become lighter.’ There is less resistance and more flow.”

These are some of the markers, but your personal evolution is unique.

You may think that what’s being said is for other people: someone who has been on the journey a long time, or more dedicated, or more anchored in their multi-dimensionality. There can be many arguments from the ego. But this message is for everyone. For those who choose this, who sincerely want to be in their hearts and have this personal relationship with the Divine, with personal support, it is being offered.

No friendship, no genuine partnership is without reflection, change and repatterning within the self. None. Even the most loving relationships require that there be growth, and so that is always present in a relationship that wants to be upheld in sacred trust.

As you discern changes in the quality of your life, you may be aware of the changes happening in your lightbody. Perhaps there is a new aspect that you’re building. It can feel like you are returning to the basics, when in fact, you are looking back to the basics to understand how that basic skill is now being enhanced. For example, if you 12D Shield daily but now find that it feels different, this may not be because your shield has weakened. It’s perhaps because the shield, your lightbody, is moving into a new configuration. Perhaps more emphasis is now being placed on your merkaba spin and how your ascension vehicle is supporting you. Or you may be focusing into the vertical, feminine principle staff alignment, or clearing up the mental body and timelines through the rod of the masculine principle. These are just variations that can be considered.

You can inquire as to which spiritual practices you now can embrace in order to be more expanded into your true self:

  • Is it feeling like you need something to stabilize you?
  • Do you need to strengthen your resistance to dark attack?
  • Is it the practice of surrender you need to help you flow with your higher sensory perception?

Of course, it’s essential to heal the negative ego and traumas, and clear the negative alien machinery, ancestral/genetic influences, reversals, karmic imbalances, mind control, and the various manipulations behind the Black Sun and Belial agendas to control and enslave the world.  As our Christos-Sophia consciousness becomes more accessible through the Emerald Order awakening, and now the Amethyst Order return, these are becoming less oppressive, helping to restore more cohesive patterning in the planetary grids and lightbody.

Your path holds no more or less value than any others’. Please heed that because you were created to be here now and are highly valued. This is the accentuated realization for everyone: that you hold a value to this world that nobody else can offer.

If you’re feeling that you don’t know what that is exactly be willing to simply ask, “What is it that I bring to this world?”. Don’t be shy. Don’t judge. Answer the question with honesty. Discard what no longer feels resonant to you. Keep and amplify what feels expanding, what draws you forward with some enthusiasm and willing participation because it is naturally a part of you and always has been.

Now, everyone has the opportunity to light up the world like never before!

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2024 (Amâeil) Melinda Urban