Choice Points & Purpose

When we travel though our spiritual journey we find ourselves at junctures that we call choice points. These are the defining moments that take us into an ascending consciousness or take us somewhere else. Regardless, every choice provides learning though some of their lessons are more challenging to manoeuver through than others. It’s not that we can choose wrongly. It’s that a part of us recognizes what would be most fulfilling, meaningful or expanding, but we may also feel that we’re not ready or cannot find the traction to make the movement that propels us into higher ground. That walk to the precipice of choosing, in and of itself, tells us something about our purpose.

Not making a conscious choice, and allowing life to “do to us” is a choice but it’s a passive one that still moves us. In truth, it can still move us to somewhere that we’re not yet prepared to go. It just seems that it’s the less arduous path. That less is required of us. That someone or something will decide for us. It seems to be the path of least resistance.

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For many of us, before embarking on a conscious spiritual journey, we found ourselves in just those situations, where it seemed we didn’t know which way to turn, or outer circumstances brought us along, like we were carried on a current and it just happened. It can certainly feel that way. Yet, where we travel is no accident. There is purpose in each happening. That insight though may come much later as we recognize that those experiences, in the places and spaces we travelled, were like pebbles we collected along the way, and that we would need all of them one day, when it mattered the most.

At least this is the way it’s been for me: while I was just finding my way, bumping along and just falling into chance opportunities, I was actually following my Divine plan for this incarnation: I felt the pain of being unsupported and alienated, I learned the impact of limitation and suppression, I came to understand patriarchal domination, I felt the emptiness of the educational system and the thirst for creativity, I got entangled in the sexual misery, and I fought my way out of addiction patterns. I learned to take care of my body when I was ill. I was able to see the shallow repetition in my corporate work, and the deceptions in false promises. Little did I know at the time that I was receiving the best schooling for how I would be of service.

On the other hand, when we consciously find ourselves at a difficult choice point, the process of working through our inner intricacies to get to the moment of choice, without the burden of fear, is the whole point. We can focus so much of our energy on wanting to get to the outcome, the promise of what lies on the other side of that decision, that we bypass the real opportunity. We can get frustrated by how long it’s taking to sift and sort our feelings, or deepen into our shadow, or even admit that we haven’t a clue what’s required of us.

And so there it is. The conundrum. While we want to expand our consciousness, we often don’t. While we want to feel better, we don’t want to exercise the muscle for gaining new skills. While we want to flow with authenticity, we’re putting on the brakes. While we want a new world, personally or collectively, we start to recognize, “oh boy, this is going to take some serious work!” But we’re always okay where we are as long as we acknowledge it, lifting our awareness from the subconscious to the conscious. I think this is what many don’t realize now: being aware of what is and isn’t true of our outer reality through the latest intel and our research is definitely required, but also required is our inner awareness, our ego work and lightbody integration, if we want long-term change, emergent spiritual-energetic embodiment, and lasting peace.

To be fair, there are many aspects to our inverted and distorted reality that can make our journey quite painful; it’s difficult to identify and release the trauma memories, sophisticated inorganic mind control, alien trackers and weapons, astral mirrors, toxic assaults, and hidden booby-traps that can make it feel like we’re trudging up a steep hill. The negative ego construct alone is one of our biggest obstacles to freedom. We’ve certainly been put through our paces. It’s understandable that we would rather not have to actively choose and just float on whatever current can carry us. At least for a short respite! But that’s unconscious living and we would still be missing the point.

While we might be gaining ease, we would be losing a lot. The first disconnection would be from our purpose, because while there are times our journey can ask a great deal from us, more than we think we can bear, let’s remember that we each made a profound choice to be here now. We chose to participate with the global awakening and healing. We didn’t know what it would look like exactly but we do now – at this moment anyway. We’re here, so we might as well embrace it and seize the opportunity to be free. I know, it sounds easier than it really is.

By not consciously choosing, we would also lose our ability to know ourselves. As we are being brought to a meaningful choice point, this is the time that we really need to pay attention. We’re being moved to our purpose – to some specific aspect of ourselves that we came to heal and integrate. This is how we become an expression of love. To avoid it or bypass it is to deny the gift we offered ourselves when we chose to be here. We deny ourselves the chance to see the road that our soul has travelled, and what we’re here to let go and what we’re here to complete. To build a stronger, inner core Spirit, and reclaim what was taken from us. To know the depth of our heart and our healing capacity. To know how amazingly, powerfully multi-dimensional we really are.

We can find ourselves now grappling with some of our deep fears and profound lessons. And our choice points that arrive now, can only have arrived now, after a culmination of experiences that have been Divinely orchestrated to align us into this current unprecedented time on Earth. I can’t prove that to you. I can only say that I know that all my experiences have shown themselves to have prepared me well as the next step unfolded, and have always given me something valuable to help me through the next phase of my journey – sometimes with great surprise. So now would not be any different. I may still feel pressure, discomfort, and even discouragement at some moments, as we wade through the harshness of the surreal and unreal, but I now know the only thing to do is align my will with Divine will, and I pray that I have the courage and self-honesty to meet what shows up. I trust I will. I have always been supported. I AM always supported. And so are you.


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