Are You Choosing Courage?


‘”First they laugh at you…”

We are living in a time that calls for our courage. This is a beckoning to our hearts, not our minds. Courage wells from a deep commitment within to create change. It does not involve any pushing, only the trust of Divine support through and through.

Courage is often misconstrued. We tend to think of needing to find courage for formidable circumstances, those that we view as herculean in nature and creating an extraordinary challenge to the physical body or person. Yet, consider that courage is really just allowing the Divine Self to shine through the body, the form through which we express. It’s Source is in the vastness of who we truly are.

Who we truly are is a field of all possibility at one with All That Is. So when we allow all else to be less significant, courage manifests and brings us into an experience of ourselves as powerful. This Self is always present whether we recognize its power or not. The power is always accessible whether we open to it or not. Our power is limitless no matter whether we can see that or not.

When faced with a seemingly insurmountable experience we have choice. We can choose to fall victim to the enormity or complexity of what appears to be real, or we can choose empowerment and gain freedom in the experience by witnessing ourselves in our magnificence.

Our fears will take us to our courage if we see this opportunity. No fear can grip us more deeply than the fear of giving over to our true Selves by letting go of the many faces of our ego; our defenses, coping strategies, attachments, denials, and especially our self-definitions and roles. Most of us spend a lifetime inching through our moments to do just that. Through some growth experiences, we release false paradigms that no longer have effectiveness in our lives. Healing through spiritual psychotherapy and theta healing can liberate us much more deeply and quickly. Sometimes we take leaps. Either way, on each occasion, another view of our courageousness rises into splendor. Beyond the veils of fear’s illusion we find another reality that is more steady, creative, and intelligent in its eternal design; it sustains itself in perpetual life. Fear is its antithesis; it is anti-life and pales in comparison, even though it seems to be, at times, mightier than our courage.

To live in the truth of who we really are is a courageous act in this world. To know the truth of this planet and its many shortfalls, and still take responsibility to be fully alive is courageous. To go within and face our shadow distortions and the false mind programming that has imprisoned us personally, and all of humanity, is courageous. To see our Selves beyond who we think you are, and see others beyond who we think they are, is courageous. This is the calling; to embody unification and Christ Consciousness as a current reality, expressing our Divine Selves through our created forms. This is love made manifest.

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