Key Principles for Living a Spirit-Directed Life

'Keys 1'

‘Keys 1’

Volumes can be and have been written about the following teachings, yet they are always timeless and relevant. I share them here with my own perspective, through my direct knowing, and my experience in serving a spiritual counselor for many years. May they serve as gentle reminders to those on a conscious path. 


Live in the Moment – You can only be here now. The past can be a teacher but we often hang onto it with regret, or because we haven’t received/accepted the lesson and feel we need to replay the experience. Future thinking is often fearful imagining of what might happen and another false strategy for control.

Practice Compassionate Observer Consciousness – Simply witness your ego whenever you feel that you are triggered with painful emotions, repetitive behaviours, or fear-based thoughts. Do not entertain it by engaging with it. The moment you witness it you are aligning with your Higher Self.

Shift Into Neutral – Practice psycho-emotional mastery by bringing any charged situation, emotions or thoughts to neutrality. Intend to hold it with an embrace of Divine vibration to transform the polarities (bi-wave) to the trinitized form (tri-wave).

Accept What Is – This does not mean to succumb to powerlessness, or victim consciousness. It does mean to stop resisting or denying what exists before you, including any unhappiness of the ego, and facing the truth of what’s present to be able to make your conscious choices accordingly. Giving up means you do not care, whereas surrender means you care enough to align with Source and be supported.

Face Your Fears – Be willing to look at the story that your ego is telling you. Fear comes in many forms including blame, defensiveness, attachment, anger, judgment, self-punishment, etc. Observe your ego’s defenses, objections, tantrums and wishful thinking and drop into self-honesty, acknowledging the gift in knowing where you are still not yet free. This liberates you into new choices.

Let Go – It’s often our old stories about change that keep us in attachment to the old and familiar, and in resistance to new experiences and expressions. These future-focused, fear-driven ideas have us imagining the worst case scenarios and trying to control them from happening. This only creates struggle and stress. However, your Higher Self always knows the path of unfolding that is most expansive for your soul. Trust yourSelf.

Hold an Inward Focus – This keeps you in connection with the larger context of what’s occurring in your life. The ego will never tell you the truth so don’t give it any thought. Rather than let the concerns, questions and conflicts ramble and jostle in the mind, only let your Higher Self inform you of your next steps. Create space for this.  As a practice, stop automatically looking outside of yourself for answers and dialogue with your Higher Self.

Be Self-Responsible – Look to yourself to be the source of change. Drop outward blame, which perpetuates victim consciousness and separation consciousness. Instead, practice self-inquiry to understand your experiences and facilitate self-healing. When you need support be wiling to ask, but take full responsibility for discerning your needs and what resonates for you.

Stand in Your Authentic Power – Through healing, you can deepen into your essence,  and reclaim the truth of who you are as a multi-dimensional , Divinely powerfully free and sovereign being. It’s your disconnection from Source that allows the ego to play out dramas to vie for control, thinking it needs to steal power from another. This is a strategy based in fear and lack. Authentic power is without agenda and neutral, and grounded in truth and love.

Speak the Truth – Be courageous in expressing what feels right to you, what is authentic and what is honest. In doing so, your free yourself from unspoken agendas and inner conflict. Given that there are no accidents, you can be certain that what you have to voice just might be exactly what another person needs to hear.

Listen to Your Body – Take precious care of it, for it’s your ascension vehicle and the container for the embodiment of Christ consciousness. You are unique in the current configuration of your spiritual-energetic make-up because your soul’s experiences are unique. Therefore, only you, your Higher Self, can truly inform you of what you need. There is no right, wrong or standard answer.

Open Your Heart – The ego has a myriad of ways to justify shutting down, numbing out and pushing others away (blame, judgment, rejection, self-abandonment, self-criticism, etc.) because wounds from the past and fears have hardened the heart. This may alleviate pain in the short-term but it also shuts out joy, meaning and connection. Allow yourself to feel your own feelings so that you may empathize with others. Practice forgiveness of yourself and others. Be compassionate: everyone does the very best that they can, in the moment, as their current consciousness allows.

BE PeaceWalk softly and gently upon this Earth.


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