Surrendering to Your Authentic Power

receiving lightYour authentic power – it is your certainty of yourSelf as a multi-dimensional being of Source energy. You are this already so you don’t have to go looking for it, find it, increase it or even connect with it. But there are usually numerous blockages to deeply knowing yourself as a vast, luminous being. You may feel that despite your efforts, willpower, changing your thinking, establishing new disciplines or setting intentions, you are still holding yourself back from your fullest potential. It can be frustrating. Having worked with countless individuals who seek my support for this complaint, the message I offer you is this; considering everything your soul has experienced, through all timelines, have immense compassion for yourself. And do not lose hope; we can help you release your stubborn obstacles.

There are barriers to your power that stem from group consciousness, and from the fragmentations that have been put upon our planetary energetic architecture. For example, in my last two articles the case studies illustrated the insidious nature of victimization that has been carried forward through history by the controllers’ agenda of patriarchal domination. (see “Releasing Patriarchal Domination” and “Releasing Self-victimization in Patriarchal Domination”.) Yet, it can be quite simple to bring victim energy to consciousness and empower you with choice.

Your personal experiences, whether in this life or carried forward from parallel/past timelines, can also dictate the relationship you have with your authentic power. Those who are on a healer’s path commonly fear their truth because they have been persecuted for it in some past life. Sometimes the fear is so great that objective facilitation is helpful to get to the root of it. But, of course, everyone has authentic power. Unraveling your personal ego’s story through core pattern release and intuitive guidance can reveal the subconscious energies that thwart your awakening to your power. Here are a few that surfaced for my clients and were easily released.

  • Denial of feminine energy manifesting as repeatedly taking action without listening to intuition.
  • Resisting power due to the belief that being in human form is less effective than formlessness.
  • Fear of being alone if one’s power is evident.
  • A fear of becoming entrapped in black magic again.
  • Shame for failing to assert authentic power that resulted in the loss of lives.
  • A fear of having to be solely responsible for the transmutation of all darkness.
  • A fear of the responsibility inherent in owning one’s power.
  • Needing to be perfect and therefore being unwilling to explore and open to authenticity.
  • Being denied the right to be powerful in a past life, such as living as a nun.
  • A fear of being Light because that would attract dark forces.
  • Feeling abandoned by God.
  • Not trusting to use one’s own power effectively.
  • Not knowing how to set boundaries with one’s power.
  • A distortion in understanding ‘power’; confusing abuse of power with authentic power.

Will you choose to live as the love you are or resist yourSelf? Your limiting beliefs and fears, whether formed long ago or more recently, or inherited through mass consciousness, are simply energies. Each layer of illusion that you release is surrender to your original Divine blueprint. Ask yourself what you want to let go. If the answers remain obscure seek support. But be patient and be exceptionally kind to yourself as you fall in your love with your authentic power all over again.

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