Releasing Self-Victimization in Patriarchal Domination



In my blog, Releasing Patriarchal Domination, I shared that the distorted male principle on our planet is being transformed at an atomic level, and the release of patriarchal domination is rising to the surface in the collective consciousness. This is shifting out elitism, power-mongering, abuse and victimization. While we witness the control structures tumble, it’s important to remember that our responsibility to assist in this transformation lies in our own healing.

Many people hold unconsciousness perceptions of themselves as powerless victims. In this way, they deny their authentic selves. This statement is not news because, for all of us, reclaiming our truth as self-sovereign, powerful beings is the ultimate purpose of our inner work for our ascension. Yet recently, for each of my clients, their healing uncovered a unique manifestation of the patriarchal, victimizer-victim architecture and its impact on their relationships with themselves.

One of the most typical ways we see people victimize others is by usurping their victim’s power through fear tactics such as aggressive intimidation. However, the moment the controller initiates this drama they declare themselves a victim because they believe that they do not have authentic power of their own. Often in the process of ego dismantling, we will find that the intimidator has a root belief that s/he is weak due to a painful emotional wound. My client Mark was even more deeply entrenched in a reincarnational pattern of victimization; he experienced both intimidating and manipulating others, and being intimidated and manipulated himself. Unconsciously, his ego’s strategy was to experience the helplessness of the victim in order to perfect the art of victimization. As with many males who only know intimidation and aggression, Mark was unwittingly used to perpetuate the controller’s agenda on this planet and felt trapped. Thankfully, his awakening provided an opportunity to liberate this patriarchal energy, restore his authentic power, and contribute to rebalancing the collective energies.

If you deny the victim consciousness in yourself and on the planet you act as the enabler in this illusion that you are powerless. For my client Sam, the denial of this shadow caused years of self-abuse. Sam became deeply wounded as a child when his father suddenly died. His mother felt she was a victim of circumstance and Sam unknowingly took on this energy. He coped by becoming a victimizer; whenever he felt hurt he wanted revenge so others would feel his pain. This made him feel less vulnerable and more powerful. However, what you do to others is a reflection of how you relate to yourself. Despite his protests to me that he was not a victim, his limiting beliefs revealed that he was ashamed of being a victim. In a subconscious effort to erase the victim and shame in himself, he pushed to prove himself in countless, unhealthy ways. Unfortunately, he did not realize that in doing so he was only deepening his victim consciousness. Again, with the core pattern release we were able to shift the self-victimization.

Taking full responsibility for yourself can put an end to this massive manipulation by the controllers. This polarity of victimizer-victim is brought into unity consciousness when you stop projecting blame on others or circumstances, and drop justifications for your control dramas with others or yourself. Energy healing can help you to uncover the limiting beliefs in your subconscious mind that keep you in resistance to owning your healing, and help you reclaim your authentic, powerful, Divine Self. Now is the time.

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