Healing the Pain of Powerlessness

'Prague' flickrcc.net

‘Prague’ flickrcc.net

Feeling powerless is one of the most painful feelings we can experience. I can say this because I have personally felt it. My sense of it comes from countless parallel lives of not being to effect change the way I wanted, of being hijacked by black magic, and from one pivotal timeline in which I made a choice that turned out to devastate many. It felt like the pain of my powerlessness was held together with crazy glue. And of course, its influence carried into this timeline, where countless times as a child I heard myself say “I can’t”. But I absolutely know that I am not the only one that has felt powerless.

Powerlessness is an illusion, not our truth. Still, it can be one of the most difficult paradigms to move past, because it’s an ancient manipulation that sits like a boulder in the collective unconscious and in every one of our cells.  But even boulders can be moved – it depends on how we think we can move them.

The polarities of powerlessness

When someone says “I feel powerless” it infers so much more than what is being spoken. Basically, it means that they feel they have no ability to change what they are experiencing. But why? Often, it’s because there are one or more limiting constructs that feed it:

  • there is efforting that leads to shame – “I try and try and nothing changes”; “no matter what do it doesn’t make a difference”
  • success is out of reach – “I can’t get what I want”
  • there is self-judgment – “there must be something wrong with me”; “I’m ineffective”
  • there is isolation and exclusion – “nobody listens to me”; “nobody understands me”; “nobody sees me”; “nobody cares about me”
  • there is self-punishment – “I don’t matter”; “I have to suffer”
  • there is self-victimization – “I’m stupid”; “I’m useless”; “I’m not good enough”; “I should be better”; “I’m unlovable”
  • there is heartache – “my heart is broken”
  • there is defeat – “it’s happened too many times”; “I’ve been betrayed many times”; “I’ve been hurt too many times”
  • there is disconnection – “there is no God”; “God doesn’t care about me”; “I’m forsaken”

The energy that lives in all this pain is victim consciousness.

If we hold this consciousness, it so then follows that we also hold the co-existing polarity of wanting to be a tyrant to get power. Any one of these can be a way to compensate for feeling powerless.

  • anger
  • dominating
  • telling others what to do
  • acting superior
  • blaming
  • trying to take charge of others
  • getting attention
  • needing to win
  • needing to be right
  • taking charge by being active
  • being cruel
  • wanting revenge

Within both these polarities, powerlessness/victim or tyranny, there is a desire to control; either can create a drama to get energy, though the former is a passive form while the latter is aggressive. These are both ego-driven.

Our conflict with power begins as a child

stubborn girl

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As part of our natural, positive ego development we learn that we can affect change. We cry and Dad comes. We are hungry and we get food. But then comes a time when this doesn’t work. Mom and Dad don’t stop fighting even when I act out. Mom doesn’t stop criticizing me even when I try to be more like her.  Dad still reprimands me for not being perfect. When I say how I feel I’m shut down. This creates an inner conflict between “I should be able to effect change” and “I can’t seem to effect change”.  When this early perspective remains locked, without any healing of the emotional pain, the egocentric “me” continues to struggle. Without spiritual development the negative ego dominates with its self-serving motivation and persists in its agenda to find power.

Other timeline influences

We also have influences from countless parallel/past lives that we carry forward into our ‘now self’. We all have lived through traumas, misfortunes, misjudgments, accidents, betrayals, soul fragmentation, invasions, wars and even participation with the darkness.  Many of these experiences have come about through the long cycle of patriarchal domination on our planet and abuses of power, either our own or that of others. Consequently we have many distorted, subconscious ideas about power, and sometimes, we fear our power.

Negative Alien Agenda (NAA) influences

Enmeshed in all these influences is the overarching NAA that has altered the human blueprint. Every anti-human archontic deception strategy is designed to keep us enslaved. Reversed systems contract, siphon and usurp the vitality of Earth and its inhabitants to make us resource-less. The undisciplined ego mind is manipulated into an artificial brain network that hijacks the neurology and independent thought into a hive mind. Spiritual abuses perpetuated by predatory acts of murder, hatred, violence, and genocide create distortions and blockages in our minds, emotions, bodies and spirits, and the Earth’s energy grids.  The deceptions, mind control, and hidden history are intended to keep us confused, ignorant and powerless. The dark force controllers view humanity as being too stupid to govern ourselves.

'Dead Tree' flickrcc.net

‘Dead Tree’ flickrcc.net

When we consider all these influences it can indeed seem like we are powerless and carry immoveable boulders. And we do in some ways in the form of planetary and personal miasma – these are the inherited dis-ease patterns that have been passed through the human DNA, from generation to generation, that take the form of dead, black or frozen light in our Lightbodies. This means that the ability to flow with Divine life force is significantly compromised in these spaces. Hopelessness could easily accompany our sense of powerlessness if we let it. And this would take us all into more of the same.

It’s worth asking

If humans are so incapable why then has there been a need by the controlling forces to invest so much effort in controlling Earth? Why has the control needed to be deceptive? If humanity is powerless why are the negative aliens fighting so hard to try to maintain control now? How is it that our inherited family of origin patterns and collective human miasma patterns can be cleared? Why then are we seeing the distortions dismantle? Why then has it been possible for us to spiritually awaken despite everything thrown at us?

The truth

'Invincible' flickrcc.net

‘Invincible’ flickrcc.net

Humans are powerful. It’s not human nature to be powerless. The powerlessness comes from the distortions that have been placed on humanity with the negative intention of ensuring that humans never recognize how powerful we are.

We do not live in a perfect world. It is true that powerlessness seems so often evident in suffering across the globe. We see it in the eyes of a mother who cannot feed her children. We feel it when we can’t change the suffering of loved ones who are ill. When accidents happen, in hindsight, we wish something could have been different. A natural disaster unleashes forces greater than anything we can stop. Senseless acts can simply leave us wondering ‘why?’ And uncertainties are inescapable.

Our collective awakening, and developing our personal inner core Spirit to feel secure in all this is an evolutionary process. It requires our participation, which is not always easy, nor quick. However, if we want our freedom and want to heal any feelings of powerlessness, we have to be willing to look at the ways we currently try to gain false power, no matter what or who influenced us. Beneath these coping strategies is the pain we have been wishing to avoid – the feeling of powerlessness. Only when we allow ourselves to be emotionally vulnerable and to meet it and feel it fully, with unconditional acceptance, will we be able to begin to heal it.

Letting go of any need to control can’t happen through personal ego will! We need to be careful to check with ourselves and ask, “Who is seeking the letting go?” If we are still engaged in the idea that we must make this happen somehow, then we are still engaged with the ego. In truth, the ego is powerless because it is not in charge!

We are co-creators

'Calm Mind Mindfullness - Credit to https://homethods.com/' flickrcc.net

‘Calm Mind Mindfullness – Credit to https://homethods.com/’ flickrcc.net

Only humility and spiritual surrender will take us to recognizing that under all the temporary illusion and pain is our God-Self. For some people this occurs in one defining moment; the veils completely fall away. For most it happens through a slow dissolving of the ego: through experiences, through trials, through tragedies, through joys, through connections and through choosing. If we blame God when we are challenged, then God is still residing outside of ourselves and we are expecting a rescue. Instead, we can be one with the God within. No matter how the journey presents itself for us, only through the acceptance of our Eternal Spirit can we experience lasting liberation. Only through Divine unconditional love can we hold neutral compassionate witness for transformation. Only through pure love can we forgive all. In this way, we reclaim our power – true, authentic power. Then the seemingly immoveable becomes moveable, and the seemingly impossible, possible.

  • We can feel powerless over our busy thoughts.
  • We can feel powerless over managing our emotions.
  • We can feel powerless over how to exist in a world where many are not yet awake.
  • We can feel powerless in the chaos and insanity.
  • We can feel powerless to protect our loved ones.
  • We can feel powerless over how to protect ourselves from negative forces.
  • We can feel powerless about changing the planet.

Or we can choose to educate ourselves, heal, and return to our sacred heart. The direction of ascension is to both transcend our ego as well as embody our Divinity within our human form. It is not to separate from our humanity. It is not separate from our living. It’s when we truly live in acceptance, and embrace the presence of our God-Self in daily life that the power of Divine will lead us out of any sense of powerlessness. This is our only certainty.

We can choose to live our truth with courage and faith. We can declare “I AM human and I AM Divine and this is my power”.

you are the heart of the Earth


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