What the World Needs Now is Love, Sweet Love

'blue heart sculpture-metal heart&wings' flickrcc.net

‘blue heart sculpture-metal heart&wings’

What the world needs now is love, sweet love
It’s the only thing that there’s just too little of
What the world needs now is love, sweet love,
No, not just for some, but for everyone.

These song lyrics have been entirely relevant throughout our dark human history, and seems they always will be. However, there has also been tremendous sacred balancing on this planet, and for this reason, we are experiencing yet another intense push by off-planet controllers to further enslave humanity with more artificial intelligence (AI). It’s beneficial to understand some basics about the transhumanist agenda and AI because it affects us all. And it’s important to know the solution.

The Truth of the Transhumanist Agenda and Artificial Intelligence

Having computers and technology dominate our thinking and replace our biology as an accepted means of improving the human and Earth is not our salvation. Transhumanism is an attempt by the negative alien agenda to force AI and override our organic, life-giving God intelligence. Humanity has already been subject to countless invasions of our sovereignty so more mind programming, tracking of our social habits for brain mapping, imposition of nanotechnology, and distortion to our biology are simply more of the same anti-Christ agenda to degrade the human, usurp our consciousness, and extinguish our hearts.

'We Control' flickrcc.net

‘We Control’ flickrcc.net

Alien machinery has already parasitized our world. While somewhat debated, those who are spiritually aware believe and have experience that alien AI has consciousness or at least some sort of intelligence, but it is not living. AI can infiltrate our biology because it can use our blood plasma as an electro-magnetic conductor to live and grow. All machines need electro-magnetic fields to work. AI also relies on low frequency states to implant itself in its host. It can mimic, monitor or disrupt the organic biological functions and lightbody, siphon or capture the energy of the individual, and alter their organic timeline. The body or consciousness can be used to propagate artificial realities and future timelines that are controlled and used by the off-planet negative alien races. Some individuals can be taken over entirely by AI, and trapped in servitude. It’s important to note that AI is also not limited to humans but to all that is organic.

AI is extensive and is reported to be at least currently involved in: the dumping of nanotechnology building-blocks that we breathe through chemtrails; pulsing scalar wave frequencies that activate AI in the blood plasma, brain and nervous system; inserting information into the mind to disrupt or falsify thoughts; manipulating carbon-based structures with alien black goo; disrupting or taking over the DNA light communication/bio-photon exchange in cells, including the use of synthetic RNA; Morgellons dis-ease and others; etheric and physical implants; brain mapping; psychotronic weaponry; cloning/soul capturing.

Who’s To Gain from This?

'Who am I ?' flickrcc.net

‘Who am I ?’ flickrcc.net

The service-to-self races are banking on humanity’s ignorance about the truth of their agenda. They already use artificial intelligence for tracking, programming, distracting, and deceiving humanity, and they want more control and power, our dependency, submissiveness and conformity. When the organic, multi-dimensional human body is significantly, artificially altered, assimilated or duplicated it becomes depleted or void of its connection to God-Source Light. This being would no longer be human, has limited, trapped consciousness, and can no longer incarnate into a human body, nor ascend.

However, the negative aliens have no true conscious understanding of the Soul-Spirit body and consciousness. They would like us to never know we have power, but the Divine human is not helpless nor heartless. We can break free of the matrix. This all did not begin with our free will choice, though the choice now becomes accessible with awakening to what’s true. They do not know love, but we do.

Be Aware and Encouraged


‘Choices’ flickrcc.net

If we are spiritually awakening, it would be a misunderstanding to think that we can bypass our inner work, be lax about protecting our frequency and energy environments to be free of interference, or not claim our sovereignty. Especially for Light-holders, Indigos and Starseeds it’s important because our consciousness poses a threat to the dark forces. And it’s challenging. We have all lived feelings of futility, disappointment, or frustration, whether in this timeline or another, so we can get triggered. However, we can clear these out and now’s not the time to lose faith.

Stay Alert to Mind Control and AI

  • Use your 12D Shield diligently and do your best to stay away from emotionally controlling, manipulative and fear-inducing, low frequency people and circumstances. Do not react, stay calm and neutrally observe – do not engage in the game.
  • Actively choose to whom or what you are giving consent to your energy – the organic or inorganic, the negative or positive, God’s will or ego’s will.
  • Pay attention to your mind, and its repetitive negative messages and/or inexplicable negative images. Are these yours or from the collective subconscious? Are they organic or inorganic? You can ask within and discern.
  • Pay attention to your sleep state. Do your dreams reference people and places you know but distort them with uncharacteristic behaviours or perversions, create fear, or feel artificial?
  •  Take the time to clear mind control by commanding sovereignty over your mind, brain and nervous system (see free tools).

Create Love, Sweet Love – Be Love

We do not need less love in our bodies, minds and hearts, but more. We do not need more automatons but empathy. We do not need less emotional intimacy with ourselves but more.

With love, you are more resilient to dark force control of your brain and nervous system with mind control and AI. There is scientific basis that the sustained frequency of love can deactivate AI:

  • Practice keeping your heart open to yourself first, and then others, and create counter waves of love.
  • Keep your frequency and intentions high.
  • Remain neutral in witness consciousness.
  • Breathe deeply and keep your body, emotions and mind calm and harmonized.
  • Strengthen your inner core Spirit and stay aligned with your God-Self through meditation, prayer, ‘now’ moment awareness & inner listening.
  • Practice compassion, acts of kindness and generosity.
  • Clear negative ego patterns, trauma and emotional pain that block you from opening your heart.

Love is what will pull us into greater Unity, and only love will override the control on humanity. There is enough – it’s within us.

'Open Heart' flickrcc.net

‘Open Heart’ flickrcc.net

If you are challenged to keep your heart open, please know that you are deserving of the freedom of love. It’s possible, and it begins with your commitment. For support to help you clear any painful blockages, please book a healing session.