Main Archontic Deception Strategies

no more deception

‘No more deception’

The inhumanity on Earth is a stark contrast to the love that we inherently know. Each time we step out into the world we can find ourselves engaging with a myriad of deceptions, crazy-making complexity, a demanding pace, manipulations and money schemes, and we can feel the drain of those lower frequencies! It is no wonder that straddling daily life with higher consciousness is a challenge and that we can feel unsafe or want to pull back.

For Starseeds and Indigos some healthy retreating is necessary to be able to hold a higher frequency when our purpose is to do just that; we can be in this world but not of it. In the same way that we can spot a lie, we can support the Earth’s change in consciousness by recognizing the false programs that hold this particular reality in place with the intention of occupying, consuming, confusing and thwarting the evolutionary brilliance of a Divine human. This is not so that we can feel discouraged by the games being played, but so that we can see past the deception to what is really going on, and choose not to participate with them.

The over-arching anti-human, anti-life, anti-Christ agenda by the negative service-to-self forces (NAA – negative alien agenda) is to gradually take over Earth’s resources and human resources and create a reality they can control with minimal impact on their own off-planet resources. Humans enslave themselves through several calculated strategies. These are the programs behind the collective pain that we feel:

  • divide and conquer: bloodlines of elite, ruling classes with ties to off planet negative controllers separate themselves from rest of humanity, receiving material rewards and false power for their worship of false gods; stealing and monopolizing physical and energetic resources from humans through war, poverty consciousness/debt enslavement, sexual abuse, mind control, satanic ritual abuse and blood sacrifice; the few control the many.
  • victim-victimizer addiction patterns: recycling of abuser patterns from one generation to the next that is intended to enforce the acceptance of loss of respect and feelings of inferiority (victim) through those that abuse and need to steal their power (victimizer). A “win-lose” control and false authority dynamic initiated in childhood and perpetuated with psychotropic drugs that effect the brain and mind into repression of emotions and conformity.
  • sexual abuse and misery programs: enslavement through torture and trauma of sexual abuse, black magic, and sexual confusion, dysfunction, pain and addiction in order to siphon energies or create bindings to negative entities
  • child abuse and child sacrifice: using the blood of sacrificed children to cleanse or gain power; genital mutilation; child sex slavery and trafficking; child pornography; child soldiers; slave labour
  • misogyny: promoting the hatred of the feminine principle in women and men in a patriarchal society to prevent the embodiment of Christ consciousness through inner sacred marriage and Divine union; sexual objectification; treating women as breeders; diminishing intuition and emotional intelligence and intimacy; denying education to women; unequal treatment of female children in families; inequality in the workforce/religion/government; suffrage; sexual harassment; domestic violence; honor killings and blaming women for their mistreatment by men; interference with reproductive rights; championing women for holding masculine distortion/imbalance (aspects of feminist movement)
  • invasion of human species: through genetic modification and experimentation, abductions; hybridization programs; alien machinery; implants (to create fear, hate, phobias, polarity thoughtforms, patriarchal hive mind, trauma, DNA damage, sexual distortion, crucifixion memories, and track, harness, siphon, reverse and block the lightbody); psychotronic warfare and mind control; consciousness traps (disrupt dominion over directing our individual consciousness); artificial timelines; spiritual possession/soul occupancy

Behaviours to watch for that arise through these strategies and are imposed upon humans to become normally acceptable. On the right of the table are the anti-dotes:

Archontic Deception Behaviours Christ Consciousness Behaviours

Aligned with Law of One

detached, dissociated, narcissistic engaged, heart-connected/empathetic, compassionate
rigid thinking/black and white thinking/closed mind open, receptive, accepting mind
emotionally unstable (highs and lows, drama, reactive) emotionally stable (no drama, calm, choiceful, non-attached, neutral)
careless/irresponsible self-responsible
dishonest/deceitful/manipulative honest/transparent
dependent on external authority sovereign/in command of your own body and consciousness
delusional/perceiving false realities due to mass hypnosis/mind control accurately assessing reality
competitive, divisive, separate co-operative, unified, harmonized
Source: adapted from with gratitude

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